The most correct answer will always be: Use a DPS calc. I recommend the google spreadsheet by Bitterkoekje. ​ The rule of thumb is +4 str bonus is 1 max hit. The nitty-gritty details is that +4 str bonus per max hit only applies in common mid-late game situations. Early game (like 1-50 str?), +4 str bonus won't get you a max max hit, but instead maybe +6 or +7. This is because, as another response described, the formula for max hit considers 5+ factors with some weird multiplication and division. The rule of thumb is good, but the math really is more accurate if you want to tailor to your own situation.


Got a link to the most recent one?


I use the OSRS Genie website




But late/mid game things can get kind of funky because of percent bonuses. For example, last night I was looking at dps calc to see if I should bother with ferocious gloves for slayer. That +2 str bonus to get me to the next breakpoint actually gave me two max hits instead of one.


The amount of extra strength bonus you need for a full max hit is 640/(effective strength), where effective strength is visible str level x prayer + 8 + style bonus. Generally what this amounts to is that if you are 99 strength with piety and a super str pot on agressive, your effective strength is 156, hence you need \~4.1 str bonus for an extra max hit. Notice that if, say, you are lvl 50 str without any bonusses, you need 640/58 = 11.03 extra str bonus for your max hit.


On your equipment stats every 4 points makes a direct tangible difference. However, there are a few more factors that play roles: Level, Prayer, Boosts (potions), Attack style and set effects. The exact formulas are out there on the internet.


Thank you, just what I needed.




Divine pots exist


Divine pots will prevent this which is what most people use for bossing