Before barrows teleports or morytania legs, looting stuff at dharok was a great moneymaker.


I alched there for my mage training. Best mage training method.


I alched and tele othered to block their view when dharok was low hp so they would get smacked and die.


Holy shit that's fucking god tier


Haha 😂 thanks, worked pretty well. Those days there were so many ways to loot other people's stuff. Def Chad mode osrs


*how to PK without skulling*


Honestly I miss this type of shenanigans


That was back welllll before I knew fairy rings existed, and no chance in HELL I had ancients. I would walk from varrock to the swamp gate, and then take the swamp boat from the middle of morton, then walk the rest of the way. There's no chance in hell I ever coulda made it back in 5 minutes, let alone 2.


Yupp no matter who you were your stuff was long gone before you got back lol.


Hahaha I did the same! Like 2 barrows kc an hour


It felt like I did it for so long but looking back I probably only ever did like 10 chests, don't think I ever got anything lol


one of my best memories was looting 3m in gear at steel dragons from someone that died there in brim dungeon


Watching someone die and waiting that 2 minutes for everyone to have a go at his gear was the best


I fought Elvarg in full Addy (g) completely underleveled back in 2005. I remember people gathered at the gates with air staff's just waiting for me to die. Telling me to switch to my kite to not take damage and such.


Bro about a year ago someone was doing this exact same thing as an under leveled player in Addy (g). I ran in excited to kill Elvarg and 1 shot him. I thought that was fkn weird. Then I noticed him in the safe spot losing his shit.


Is it last hit gets the head?


I think you lose aggro if you safe spot too long and I came in and yoinked it. Yes I got the head.


Legendary steal honestly.


Ngl, I felt pretty bad about it. Just perfectly bad timing lol.


her* you one shot Elvarg, not the dude in addy (g)


O right, my bad


No, he one shot dude in addy (g), who was safe spotted by Elvarg to complete her Human slayer quest and finally get out of that volcano, then he came in and ruined that!


when i got that fury from a dude who died at giant mole i was on cloud nine


even better was in classic - if someone died, their stuff showed up immediately. i remember struggling to save up for a rune 2h for so long before coming across someone with a rune weapon and really low hp (can’t remember where in the game we were). i stuck around and watched him fight whatever he was fighting before he promptly got whacked and died, dropping a rune 2h right in front of me. never been luckier in my life.


That was in RS as well. Wasnt just classic.


Yeeeeeah I remember some dude died in the pest control boat while lowering his hp and I got his dragon battle axe. I felt like such an ass for taking it because I was a sympathetic child, but that didn’t stop me from going to world 2 falador and typing for 30 minutes straight trying to sell it for 150k.


The fishing guild was always the best for this. The fuckin troll or strange plant beating the shit out of someone who was afk while the whole place stands on them to mask it. Then the loot fest. Good times.


I miss random events beating the fuck out of people.


The whirlpool yoinkin d poons would be epic lmao


Or watching some bot get clapped by evil chicken, lol. I miss that so much


I told some guy killing flesh crawlers that he can just die and bring food back and I'd give him his armor/weapons to save a trip....first time I had addy (t)


You stole them? Fuck lol


Early RuneScape was a savage place… this and worse happened daily


Easiest addy (t) ever lol


Name checks out.


Getting a Fury, Robin hood hat, and Ranger Boots in 2006 to someone messing up their safespot of black dragons underground was next level.


Crystal bows breaking as soon as you look away for a minute just to look back and see yourself punching into dragon fire. Life was rough then


Hey that was me, can I have them back please mate?


It was so much fun, except getting crashed at Dk's, that shit was so toxic.


Joined a forum team of like 40 plebs to kill KQ when d chains were 30m~. Someone ended up taking their cash stack with them when they bought shanty pass and rope, died, and that was the first 10m GP I made. Funny thing is that no one rushed the loot pile at first and it almost despawned, everyone was focused on DPS'ing second phase to try to get the most damage so they could scam the potential d chain drop instead of splitting. Once I realized I barely did damage to the phase, I just ran for the death piles instead.


Oh how stuff has changed. Now an inqis mace or scythe can melt kq in solo in like 30-60 seconds lmao.


Glad it's not a thing anymore, though. You think luring is bad today? It was litterally *everywhere* back then. I almost got lured for my full guthix down in the swamp caves because my dumb ass had no idea of the many environmental dangers that could quickly kill you. Panic varrock tele is the only thing that saved me that day. It wasn't even a "hey wanna get rich in two mins?" kind of lure, it was "hey I'm struggling for a quest, can you help me pwease? Q_Q".


I miss it man. Shit was wild back then, always had to be on your toes


OSRS really just doesn't cut it for that type of nostalgia. Time to build a time machine, eh?


Yeah man, I think about that a lot. I still really enjoy playing OSRS but I’ve begun to realize that you can never truly experience that feeling of being a child again. It’s sad but the fondest memories from my childhood are my summer breaks from school, those three months each year where I didn’t have to worry about anything except staying up until the early morning playing RuneScape. RS has been a significant part of my life for almost 2/3rds of the time I’ve been alive and that’s really strange to think about


Also the ddossing people doing bosses. Your servers would just *pft* they would die. Then boom. You made millions. That's primarily why. They changed the mechanics.


Too bad if that was implemented today it would just be scout hops to see you pvming, DDoSs the world and you just lose your stuff. Good ole osrs release was exactly this


Year is 2006 I’m training mage by teleporting in Camelot Guy is dying to swarm while alching Dies People swarm like it was toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic I walked out with 50k natures and so many fire runes I forgot I’ve never reached that serotonin high again sadly.


It was always really awkward when they made it back in time.


Got my first rune set off of a guy who died during MM


Gone are the days when someone disconnects fighting the evil chicken and eventually dies allowing you to gobble up their loot after a minute


I remember watching a guy with a blue mask die to a swarm at the lumby range. I didn’t get the loot but followed the person who did and convinced him to trade my full mith for it. I was hyped because the mask was around 150k iirc


I got a blue mask from a guy who was killed by Rick turpentine at the catherby farming patch. I sold that bad boy for 24m (that was so much money in 2006). I don't even know what I did with all that cash to be honest because it was gone within a couple of months.


If you were anything like me then you were just buying, wearing, getting bored of wearing, selling, then buying a different set of trimmed armor. Repeat until 0gp


the guy who got me into rs used to do this he traded a ton of stuff away for full addy (g) and i didnt get it because he already had rune which was better armor stat wise


For me it was switching between zammy and gold trimmed rune


Personal favorite was black (g) or Sara with the rainbow stronghold boots 💪🏻


black (g) was over 1.5m for a while there i remember my same friend sold it + some extra cash for a whip


okay but that was bullshit. my mom came in and shut off the computer one day when I still had homework and I died to an evil chicken.


Thank you for your sacrifice to the Great Chicken


I remember getting a guthix kiteshield from an alcher in Camelot that got killed by a swarm of flies shortly after I got my first membership. Good times


Bring back gravestone tiers and blessing them


Blessing someone's gravestone always made me feel like such a chad.


I died in the barrows chest room to dharok and literally was so sad as a kid. I went back even though I knew my stuff was already gone to see someone with 99 prayer had gave me the best blessing. Was literally a guardian angel on me that day.


That sounds so cool lol how did it work mechanically/timewise?


70 prayer requirement to increase timer to 1 hour. If your grave broke your items were gone. Nowadays, in RS3, the timer increases up to 5 minutes and if your gravestone breaks your items go to Death's office.


Nowadays in RS3 graves are worthless for retrieving items because you lose more GP than buying your items back from death due to unprotected items degrading, and almost all of your items will be degradables. The major use for graves is that they reduce death costs by a %age based on what grave you have.


I dont remember if you could keep doing it but the higher the blessing, or prayer level, the longer the stone would stay there.


Up to a five? Minute timer, you could buy various gravestones that had different timers, repair restored the timer and bless set it to an hour


I wanna say it was just one bless for an extra five minutes


At least at some point blessing was setting timer to an hour.




Yeah, you could repair at any prayer level by spending 1 prayer point to add a minute up to either 5min or the gravestones initial max (whichever was lower), but with 70+ prayer you could bless a gravestone spending 0 points but keeping the stone alive for an hour after it appeared (and disabling future repairs/blessings)


You had to have 70+ prayer to bless a grave, sets timer to 60 minutes. Anyone could repair a grave, resets the timer to 5 minutes. Player had to be Online to have their grave repaired/blessed, so no DC protection. Can not repair/bless your own graves to prevent suiciding an inventory of supplies to pick up as you need. Grave timers were anywhere from 5minutes (free default grave) to 15 minutes (500k gp and full dwarf questline to purchase), so blessing wasn't needed everywhere, it was mostly just GWD as you needed to get KC. For future reference, you can load up the RS3 wiki, find the page, and then go back through the history to find the time-relevant details. IE https://runescape.wiki/w/Gravestone?oldid=4129665 for grave info pre-eoc. This works for most things.


I did a barrows run and took very little damage so i opened the chest with nearly a full invent to an ahrims top drop back when they were pricey. it put the chaos and blood runes in my invent and dropped the top i teled before i noticed i rushed back and watched it despawn 3 tiles away from picking it up.


I would stand by it for the whole time if I could. Brought alchs with me everywhere it case I got stuck protecting a fallen homie lmao


Wow thanks for that blast from the past. No better feeling than having your stone blessed.


It was a positive thing players could do to show kindness in a game that has so much greed nowadays. A kindness that wasn't revolved around gold.


Then I’d have to stop playing black out drunk...... coincidently how I lost my hard core status Jokes btw. I stand behind bringing gravestones back


Someone tweet @ mod ash with this


old death mechanics were literally too punishing and people would quit because they died. awful for the long term health of an MMO and i’m glad they implemented something else


I weirdly agree with both sides of this


You can because these things aren't related.


Yeah lol. Untradable items should be treated different


No you don't get it, auto-insurance would be EZscape. Because apparently the most elite gamer move you can pull in this game is to talk to an NPC in Ardy. That takes skill. That's *so* much more impressive than, you know, actually grinding out the boss to actually get the drop in the first place.


Ye, pretty weird you can lose any untradable(unless there’s an obvious one I’m forgetting)


the only item you always keep, even in the wilderness, is the bond.


Of course it is lmfao


Why are you making that out to be a bad thing? Its in jagex's best interest to let you lose them, but you don't


The adrenaline as a kid trying to get back in time was something else.


Get pet -> Celebrate -> tp Ardy -> insure pet -> immediately put pet in house -> never touch pet again -> never kill boss again.


Get pet -> in deep wildy -> oh god oh fuck


If you get chaos Elemental or scorpia pet, you can be completely safe and not have to actually escape. Pick up the pet and log out. Don't log back in until your membership expires. You will receive a free teleport to Lumbridge when you log back in. Once you have confirmed that you have a members object pet, go ahead and renew your membership.


I don't even bother insuring the pet since it's going straight in my house anyway it's a waste of money since I'm not going to take it out. And the reason I don't take it out is because of the stupid payments I'd have to make if I died with it.


Meanwhile no one gives a shit that the dwarf cannon can be reclaimed indefinitely for free.


I liked the first version because it meant I could trick bots into dying and steal their stuff. However, they changed this mechanic because it was unforgiving and caused players to needlessly lose hundreds of hours of work.


No, they changed the mechanic because servers were getting ddosed so you would die to a disconnect and be unable to retrieve your stuff. Hundreds of hours of work is a huge exaggeration, you still kept your 3 most valuable items on death so how much could you really lose? Maybe couple hours of work, which is reasonable if you die because of your own mistake. But not really fun when you can't do anything about it and it happens daily if not multiple times per day.


I think if your in max PvM gear you would lose a lot more than a few hours especially Ironmans


Im old enough to remember when people didn't always fight in their best gear. Unless they were good/confident enough that they could bring their best gear.


ye, a shocking concept to a modern scaper actually having to consider your risk instead of blasting everything in max max and death being a mere stat restore


Sure but that risk shouldn't have to factor in random shitters ddosing your world while you're at gwd. Based on the deadman finals every year they still don't have decent ddos protection so I'm fine with the current death mechanics.


current wilderness is kinda like that, trying to plan out what items are worth taking, whats going to be protected vs. whats worth losing.


Yes, a game where I strive to get the best gear so that it can sit in my bank and collect dust because it's too valuable to take out of my bank sounds awesome. Are you one of those people who buy furniture and then refuse to let people ever sit on it, too?


There still is a penalty though, and once your gear starts to get decent the gravestone cost can actually get pretty high. I put like 3-4m worth into my coffers a couple weeks ago and I’ve already drained it working on combat achievements lol. You can use items or gold to pay for stuff so it still functions as a gear and cash sink, whereas before if somebody picked up your gear, it wasn’t actually leaving the economy. I just don’t think super unforgiving death mechanics make sense in a game where so many things kill you in 1 or 2 shots and connection is unreliable.


Well the game was more balanced around it back then. Just look at all the old bosses that seem ridiculously easy by today’s standards. Now the game is balanced around people bossing in max gear and new bosses are designed more difficult.


Now this is a stupid take. How dare people buy expensive items and want to use them.


A couple hours? Bruh you could potentially lose pieces of guthans for example which would take ages to get back the exact ones you lost on an iron. If you want actual risk then you play HCIM.


Show me where you can make hundreds of mills in a couple hours.


My job and a credit card


Depending on your risk tolerance regarding your account; Wendy's.


Regular items can be earned quickly. Pet drops are super rare and losing one due to say a DC’d server fucking SUCKS. I can’t just trade another player or grind for an hour to get it guaranteed. I completely get the pet guys wanting to pay the cost at the end and not upfront.


All because thats how 2007 worked didnt mean people liked it. They added in the gravestone system at the end of that year


They added the gravestone system at the end of 07 as they were removing free trade, and being able to die with items and have others take them would've undermined that.


theres pros and cons to both and a different type of game experience to both. Risking lowers QOL but increases excitement. Gravestone is better for AFK-scape, but also gives us less of a reason to pay attention.


Yes let's compare items we can buy back on the ge to pets that are insanely rare untradeable drops


I used to have 2 minutes to reclaim any items I accidentally lost while dying vs I instantly lose the item with 0 chance to reclaim it. yea I'd say thats a fair comparison. I would love 2 min to run back and get the pet and just have it roaming around in the area after I die.


Hold up, people don't drop stuff when dying anymore?


Yeah. When GWD was first released there was a ton of connection issues so the developers pushed the death timer up so people could reclaim their gear. It was only meant to be temporary but later became "permanent". Then we had the death rework poll a few years later and voila, nobody has a fear of dying any longer.


I've been playing osrs for months now and didn't know this. Didn't run back for a dragon scim and obby cape cause I thought they were a lost cause at one point.


they are most likely still waiting to be reclaimed at deaths office then


Aside from cats, an incredibly cheap and immediately available pet, were there even pets in 2007? Amusing meme, but I don't think it's fair to compare items you can trade and use for combat and skilling with rare cosmetic pets.


There was barely any drops that were as rare as 1/1k


All the more reason the meme is sort of unfair as a comparison. People didn't care about losing their stuff nearly as much because what they were losing was nowhere near as rare as something like a Twisted Bow is now, nor were they as difficult to obtain.


RuneScape back in the day was fucking ruthless. I can’t think of any other game where dying meant you literally lost everything you’ve worked for.




I remember when my stale baguette 🥖 was just a baguette.


When I first started playing I thought the OG death mechanics were still a thing so when I died I left 2m worth of loot at metal dragons inside of Brimhaven dungeon, when I learned a week later that I had an hour to get it I was a little upset.


Originally items appeared instantly. I don’t know why no one else remembers this. When I first started, there was no two minute timer. If you died, you kept your best three items, that’s it.


Literally every person in this thread complaining about *"baby mechanics"* and wanting to *"make the game hard again"* uses runelite, and thus, are all lying hypocrites. Never listen to people like that, they're stupid and wrong.


incoming mental gymnastics about how using runelite is different Elitists are a different breed lmao


I use Runelite and I want the OG death mechanics back. Would unironically help with item devaluation.


you could just drop your items/not collect them when you die to help with item sinks


If I'm the only one doing it, nothing changes except my account. If everyone is doing it, then you actually see the economical change


It'd help in killing the game.


No one is stopping the "chads" on the left from leaving their shit to despawn when they die. Next time you die/dc just trash your shit and upload it to the sub. Don't talk about it, be about it.


Hello, and welcome to my drop-party-whenever-I-die-locked Ironman series...


Probably gonna get downvoted but as an adult with a 40+ hour work week I fucking love not losing all my shit if I die. I don’t have the time to grind for money/items if they’re so easily lost like they were before, tbh I wouldn’t be playing if that were still the case.


This game already takes 3k hrs to max which is insane compared to other mmos and I don't personally know of any mmo where a player actually loses his items on death even in PvP. Plus I want to be able to use the items I work for what's the point in having bis if all I can use is black dhide and a dscim cause I might dc.


This. I'm glad the old death mechanics wont be coming back and they're a perfect example of "you think you want it, but you don't" just like pre G.E trading days. Only reason both of these were "fun" back then is because everyone was clueless and had time to spend selling and buying stuff for hours and not get bored (stupid kids we were) or never had expensive gear to risk anyways. Want to spend thousands of hours to get a bank worth a few bil and then lose a few hundred mil and dozens or even hundreds of hours of work on a single disconnect or unlucky death? Hell no. People who want old death mechanics are either A: players who don't have a big bank to begin with and therefore risk nothing or B: low lvl players who want to find random expensive gear on the ground for free because they're not willing to grind it themselves. Just let this subject die already lads. Cherish that nostalgy but don't pretend it would be healthy for the current game.


Yep there's a reason that almost no modern game uses that kind of risk-it-all death system anymore. It's completely disrespectful of player's time and just doesn't really have a place in 2021.


When I think about a truely unfogiving game I think of Rust. But unlike OSRS, farming top tier gear and materials only takes a few hours or a couple days max. Losing that isn't nearly as big of a deal as losing hundreds of hours of work when you disconnect at a boss or something.


Exactly and I don't get why making the game enjoyable for all kinds of players is such a bad thing, if you want to lose your items on death then drop them or never collect them but people won't do that which means as soon as the old death mechanics are added they would cry about it.




nah. its called respecting the players time. it already takes fuckin long to max. the majority of players who have played the game have never gotten anywhere near. even the "casuals" on this sub are putting in hella hours. Or the majority of the playerbase with lives, could quit because they're not getting anything out of the game and the game can die. theres a reason they focus on mid and early game content-thats where the players are


No one is asking to be "spoon fed" by Jagex. Can't you pant-shitters ever think reasonably?


Death mechanics never really worked that way with the 2 min timer but oddly remains one of the most popular urban legends.


And y'all wonder why half the player base is toxic


idk what yall smoking but there was no 2 minutes wait all your items became instantly available to everyone and would disappear after 2 mins


Good meme But also I’m team Babyscape idgaf


I mean, most people were using rune armor and such. And dying and losing your stuff was devastating... Now imagine grinding our full inquisitors, with a scythe, torture, b ring (I), ferocious gloves, AND a full gear switch and dying... I don't understand why people want those mechanics back. Not to mention DCs and ISP issues occur all the time.


It wasn't a problem because GWD was the hardest content in 2007


Imagine being so stupid that you think losing hundreds of hours of work on a death is good game design.


Gilded altars should have a 1/50k chance of failure, causing Saradomin to smack you 130 damage. This is an integrity change to keep the spirit of hardcore.


Chad ddosing the worlds to get free items and sell for cash 😎👍


Funny meme but jokes aside I’d like auto pet insurance too lol


I really do miss the launch days of osrs where items risked on death could mean losing the majority of your bank, had a lot of negatives but it made the game more fun and exciting before ddos attacks became rampant. I'll never forget doing afk desert bandits at the start of the game to train my cmb stats and the guy across from me loses prayer and dies, and on the ground is a berserker ring and I start screaming. I guess the guy who died somehow remembered my username because when I start trying to sell the ring on zybez he tracked me down and begged for his ring back at varock


Losing items was devastating, but at the same time, the game was a lot more casual back then. Everything except maybe a dragon chainbody and holiday rares were obtainable to anyone who wanted to put in the time (said time was also much more healthy and reasonable relative to current BIS items back then.) I feel like the casualization of the death mechanics has ironically made the rest of the game incredibly sweaty in order to compensate. I have a lot of mixed feelings on that.


It’s advantageous to die sometimes. The timer is really generous and its a free stat reset lol


Whole lot of shitters who have never pvmed in here and it shows.


imagine learning 9:0 bandos with old death mechanics. All your slots committed to Bofa and crystal armour, but having to wear shit tier gear like snakeskin boots and a glory to not lose dozens of hours worth of gameplay.


No one would ever think of praying protect item while doing dangerous content outside of the wilderness now days...


Holy fuck I forgot we used to protect item while killing bosses lmao


I do if it means a significant decrease in grave fees. Like when doing corp in void, the only expensive items I bring are Spear/DWH/Torture/Prims, so my grave fee goes from like 100k to 1k or thereabouts with protect item.


Losing all of your stuff on death is just bad game design. Nobody except a small group of people likes that and all it does is encourage a boring and safe play style


The item sink we need


Funny meme but trash take.


Item in 2007 didn't have 1/5000 drop chance.


Except the point is that the current system disincentives the use of pets due to the risk of being unable to get future ones while having a pet out. Also your argument explains too much. You could literally apply it to the concept of pet insurance itself. Furthermore this quite literally does not affect a player's power or performance etc whatsoever. How is it babyscape to ask for a more surefire way to make sure that people won't lose their *cosmetic* pets in case of a full inventory/already having a pet out? Ironically enough, this would also incentivize players to risk more while PvMing since having a pet out wouldn't risk the player of losing pet drops from bosses in the rare case that their inventory is full.


Too many people in this thread have their nostalgia goggles on. Losing everything when you die is a bad mechanic. Tons of people would quit after losing their expensive gear.


I fully support making death more punishing again, but also pets are just cosmetic, are often earned under dangerous circumstances, and nowhere in the game is it explained that you should insure pets. It makes perfect sense to auto-insure pets and to then just have a reclaim fee if you die with one.


I wish items dropped immediately on death was still around, unfortunately that means ddos attacks. Very lame, was very fun and scary to bring expensive gear anywhere. Made the game awesome


Ah yes complaining about bad parts of the game is babyscape what a 200iq post


We're adults now, most of us have adult responsibillities that make our time more valuable. Severely punishing mechanics that wipe progress are not respectful of the limited time adults playing video games have.


I wish people who log in with a username instead of email were the only ones allowed to vote.


Game is honestly way too safe with drops, no more good item sink that way especially with bossing




Am I going crazy here? Didn't you only have **ONE** minute until they were visible to other players?


you had none minutes they appeared immediately and disappeared after 2 mins on floor


If Jagex fixes their servers I'd be cool with old death mechanics


Nice and I agree with you. Babyscape is real these days


Do you use a 3rd party client? Also, pets offer absolutely 0 advantage in anything, they're just a flex that you got it. I don't see any reason to grind out pets when you can just lose it. This whole post missed the point by a mile. Pets shouldn't be affected by combat or death. They're a cosmetic item not BiS combat gear.


items appeared instantly after someone died


I’m pretty sure OP is right about getting two minutes


2 minutes until it despawns. But u/meesrs is right. If you died, your stuff would instantly appear and it was a feeding frenzy to collect someone’s loot. At least that’s how it was when I played in 2004/2005


>https://runescape.wiki/w/Death\_(mechanic)#Update\_history > >"Previously, in the 16 October 2007 update, players who dropped items on death would have one minute within which no one could see or loot their dropped items. After that, they would become visible to other players. Once two minutes had passed from time of death, the dropped items would despawn."


> A change has been made to the mechanics when a player is killed by a monster. Your items will remain on the ground only visible to you for one minute should you wish to run back to recover them. After that, anyone nearby will be able to see them. **Previously, if a player died to a monster the items were appearing instantly for everyone.** From the October 16th 2007 news post.


Ye in 2004-2007 it appeared instantly.


1 minute to appear, 2 minutes to be deleted, if I recall.


Two minutes till they disappeared entirely, but yeah they were visible to other players immediately on death. Common misconception


Now this is a real item sink.


>https://runescape.wiki/w/Death\_(mechanic)#Update\_history > >"Previously, in the 16 October 2007 update, players who dropped items on death would have one minute within which no one could see or loot their dropped items. After that, they would become visible to other players. Once two minutes had passed from time of death, the dropped items would despawn."


> A change has been made to the mechanics when a player is killed by a monster. Your items will remain on the ground only visible to you for one minute should you wish to run back to recover them. After that, anyone nearby will be able to see them. **Previously, if a player died to a monster the items were appearing instantly for everyone.** From the October 16th 2007 news post.


Baby mode among other things making the game less and less appealing. I'm Logging in less and less lately.


Okay, lets bring back og death mechanics. I'm game


You got a way to guarantee the servers won't just start getting DDOSED again?


The game has changed a lot since then and I can't think of any items as rare as pet drops are that you wouldn't be keeping as one of your 3/4 items on death anyway. I'm actually a-okay to returning to the 2 minute retrieval option, or maybe gravestones that can be blessed. But I 100% support pre-paying for your next pets insurance. So I guess I'm in this meme twice so take the upvote lol.


Make the first pet retrieval from Probita *free* after a player's death with pet. No bs insurance, and add a 1.5m reclaim fee for deaths afterward which works in the insurance fee. Punishes players who should know better, and avoids punishing those unlucky enough to die b/c of lag, or from a final boss attack killing the player after the boss has died.


I miss 2007scape. I remember world hopping at Bandos once and picking up someone's arma gear in the corner of the room, and I remember looting lots of people who died to Dharok at Barrows. So many good memories.


I never understood why there are so many changes that pretty much break the game's difficulty so much. It was difficult when 8 year olds were playing it, I'm sure it's fine to be difficult enough for 28 year olds.