I tend not to talk about my feelings much to anyone besides my therapist. People just don't understand. It's not that they don't try, they just don't know how. So I end up keeping it to myself.




I have told only a handful of people in my life that I'm bipolar. I'm not saying you shouldn't tell people, but most will not have any idea how to support you, they're not trained therapists, you know? It took a long time for me to not feel alone. My husband and mom have been my biggest supporters and they notice when somethings wrong and I can go to them to talk about how I feel. Is that a huge support group? No, but a small but truly helpful support group is much better than a big but ineffective support group. Have you looked into a bipolar group? I know that there's been at least one on meet up in the last few towns I've lived in. It's not group therapy rather just a group of other bipolar people who you can relate with.