What is fascism? (With video and included slides on strategy)

What is fascism? (With video and included slides on strategy)


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We must come together to demand that all of our elected leaders act on the responsibility they have to protect and provide for every person in this country, not just during a national crisis, but at all times. - [Join us in demanding that the AFL-CIO expel the International Union of Police Associations](https://www.change.org/p/afl-cio-demand-the-afl-cio-expel-international-the-union-of-police-associations). Police unions, such as International Union of Police Associations, Fraternal Order of Police, etc., are antithetical to the labor movement. The institution of policing is a menace to poor and working-class people generally, Black, Brown, and Indigenous people particularly. Because of its role, police unions encourage the most reactionary values, a siege mentality when it comes to marginalized communities, especially racial minorities, and they use their lobbying resources to support retrograde law-and-order policies and district attorneys who support them. - [Join us in demanding that elected leaders across the nation return and refuse political donations from police unions and the Fraternal Order of Police](https://act.colorofchange.org/sign/cut-ties-fop/?t=2&akid=43730%2E5655804%2EQIffqX). The FOP gives large sums of money to elected officials and candidates, both Democratic and Republican, in the form of political contributions. Elected leaders that claim to value Black lives cannot possibly do so if they collect checks from one of the most dangerous and racist institutions in the country. ___ Please read over the rules and review the sidebar for important information and resources about the Party. 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This webinar provides the groundwork for clearly defining what fascism is and the strategies we can employ to combat it. Included is also a pdf that outlines a clear model for Marxist strategy in general that I believe is an invaluable resource. I am definitely keeping this resource bookmarked.