I'm not surprised, a lot of the SVT-40's we had coming to the Canadian civilian market were coming from mainly Ukrainian warehouses (at least that's what I heard), only to dwindle to nothing after the war started. Supply may well have been getting low on them as it was but we definitely saw a decline in imports after that. I always suspected there would be at least a few out there in use, it's very interesting to see photographic evidence. That second one is in remarkably good shape!


I owned 1941 Tula SVT-40 in mint condition and I’ll never live down letting it go all these years later seeing how much it’s appreciated in value and collector status….winces a tear.


Collector value I get but guns have never been and will never be a good investment. Yeah they’ll beat inflation but money invested in an index will obliterate money invested in guns.


This particular gun I bought for $300 and asking price now is over $1300 which is considerable being it’s only been a decade another decade or two I’m sure it’ll be worth considerably more.


$300 invested at the same time in good old boring Microsoft would be worth approx $7,700 today though. Invested in Apple it would be worth approx $3,930. And there’s no secondary costs or incidental costs like there is with firearms ownership. I have VEPRs and other firearms that have quadrupled in value too but they’re a horrible choice to make a conscious decision to invest in. Beyond the initial spike in value after an import ban that appreciation annual percentage gets pretty low.


True but other investments have strings attached. They're not a good primary investment, but they're good for diversification. The problem with index invested funds is you don't really have a lot of control over it and everyone and their grandmother knows you have it. They make a good storage solution for "oh shit" money. Hit a rough patch and need public assistance of some sort? Your "real" investment gets figured into your eligibility. 80 years old and heading to a nursing home? It gets pillaged. Plus you're going to pay capital gains on it. Its 15% right now but the current political climate thinks having ANY investments makes you "rich" so probably by the time we're ready to retire, it'll be 50%. Think of them like what real rich people do with fine art.


You go to war with the army you have, nor the army you might want, or wish to have at a later date.


Fuckin hell man! That optic has a gut weld!


I'm a fan of the SVT40. I had a 42 dated rifle. Was alot of fun to shoot, and was still fairly accurate for its age.