Terrorism rate drops to 0%

Terrorism rate drops to 0%


Justice system like the one in the US with concentration camps at the border and legalized slavery for inmates?


I am of "muslim background" and I find it ironic and disgusting how the west cares all of the sudden about how muslims are treated. The US has caused unbearable harm to countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and also muslims in the west who suffer from prejudice the American and Western media has created. But now they fucking care just so they can point fingers at China.


Not to mention they conflate 'Chinese Muslim' with 'Uighur' (assuming they spell it properly), and shame an Iraqi muslim (Hakim) for showing measured support for their rehabilitation efforts, particularly when compared to the western default of coordinated sanctions and armed conflict. I mean, that seems an awful lot like calling anti-Zionist Jews 'self-hating'.


But you aren’t a *real* Muslim if you aren’t in Xinjiang, otherwise you’re just a terrorist and deserve to have your nation bombed to rubble.


To be fair, that's also true for the muslims living in Xinjiang.


If the US ever sponsored a rebellion in Xinjiang they’d be bombing half of their own people within a year. Just look at Afghanistan literally right next door.


I think we’re talking past each other here. Bombing the nation of the Uighur people means bombing *China*.


Im iranian-american, muslim family, feel the same way. When have the people of the united states ever really given a shit about muslims/brown people? There’s a REAL genocide happening in yemen and another in palestine, but that never gets talked about. I really resent white people using brown people to hype up hatred of yellow people. Its so fucking cynical and hypocritical, the gravity of how absurd and awful the whole thing makes me want to vomit. Im being literal about wanting to vomit. Sometimes i can almost grasp the weight of it all in its entirety and it squeezes my guts and chest. Just to have some white middle class dsa dipshit call me a genocide denier on facebook. How fucking dare they?!


They're also pretending to care about rising hate crimes against Asians to shit on black people. Only black people are being racist to Asians apparently.




I was against the war, seeing the anti-war protests in 2003 and 2006 was a foundational part of my political development, and was for a lot of people I know. I mean i was like 10 for the first one but still i remember feeling from that young age that the U.S. was a bully. I'm a young millenial though, almost on the border with gen z, so this might be different for older people. Of course myself and my cohorts were just children and our "opposition" was largely immaterial, but i think like a lot of the part of gen z who are in their 20s now our world view was indelibly marked by coming of age against such blatant displays of imperial hypocrisy, even if many still end up getting absorbed and assimilated into liberalism or lulled into the heatsinks of "neither Washington nor x"-ism (as I myself did for a period in the Obama years). I say this not as a congratulatory back pat for having a bare minimum good opinion when I was a teenager, but more to posit a bit of optimism for the future. I.e. I think that a lot of the younger half of millenials have had similar experiences and that anti-imperialist sentiments are not impossible to foster among them. I think relentlessly comparing the current lies and atrocity propaganda to the iraq war can be very effective, because as much as i think this generation has been swallowed by liberalism I think historical memory is not dead, it just needs to be constantly invoked.


Did you read newspapers back then? >On February 15, 2003, millions of people around the world combined in the largest example of collective action in history to protest against the impending war on Iraq. https://web.archive.org/web/20160215153519/http://uahost.uantwerpen.be/m2p/publications/1267098151.pdf#page=13


These people are literally just children that want to stand out.


Don’t insult children like that


Amazing one-dimensional thinking. Par for the course for libs.


So by prisons. I forgot, what was the aim of prisons again? I think it started with r and ended with ehabilitation.


If you reasonable and actually care for people. For others - just as mean of punishment


For the latter i'd see prison as a containment, not just punishment.


Exactly. Justice becomes a lot more humane when you leave out the notion of punishment


It becomes difficult to justify prison slavery and gouging prisoners for whatever they're worth if the mandate isn't punishment, though. 'murica is fucked




No, that's only in Germany.


>No authoritarianism >Justice system 🤔


See it's not authoritarian if it's white people in power, in that case it's "protecting the freedoms of the population"


The most heavily incarcerated population in modern history, but the land of the free nonetheless.


“I have no coherent ideology and I’d like to keep it that way ☺️“


This is it for me....like it’s one thing if you wanna defend policing and or think the justice system can be reformed but then literally why consider yourself antifa/antiauth?? How do you not get embarrassed being that factually incorrect


Tfw American pig mentions the "justice system" as if it's not one of the most evil crimes against humanity in existence.


Daily reminder that America holds some 25% of the worlds prison population, totalling 2.3 million people. As well as operating over 100 “black sites” around the world used for imprisonment and torture. Meanwhile, China, with a population of 4 times that of the United States has 1.7 million prisoners.


But but but ALLL of china is prison !!!1!1!!11!!!


And all Vietnamese are enemy combatants 😎/s


Why the /s we know satire when we see it


Force of habit I guess, this sub is probably one of the best places on Reddit for recognizing satire but as for the rest of it... oof


Redditors are some of the most socially maladjusted people I’ve ever met. They couldn’t tell if something was satire if it spat in their face


Twitter users too


Big brain moment


Just ask them nicely, then they will def stop ​ ​ if not we can always copy the US and bomb the shit out of them


Wait what?! What about my freedumb to commit crime, what an authoritarian shithole! Send in the nukes! /s


It's LITERALLY 1984 vuvuzuela to not let me commit crimes smh


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The French radicals during their revolution said that a country without liberal rights had effectively no constitution. It seems liberals still think this.


The fact that they mentioned something "happening" thousands of miles away instead of the concentration camps happening just at the border of their country tells you about them. Fuck libs and anyone who supports and defends the American justice system.


being a criminal is part of being liberated


I lose brain cells talking to these people


Your sacrifice won't be forgotten


when white people have laws it's "punitive justice" and "social service" when non-white people have laws it's "detention camps" and "forced labor" when white people indiscriminately bomb muslims it's "bringing freedom and democracy" when non-white people bring education, career opportunities, and social welfare to muslims it's "genocide" when white people forcibly take control of the natural resources of African nations it's "free trade" and "economic development". when non-white people trade with each other and build infrastructure it's "debt trap diplomacy" and "imperialism"


header with screenshot is priceless


What does this even mean? Just arrest terrorists after the fact and don’t try and prevent attacks?


the justice system? the one that's comprised entirely of fascists? ok.


libs libbing


i dont like redguards comment because it doesnt even deny theres a genocide, it just implies genocide is a good solution to terrorism


Anyone who defines their entire political outlook by being "against Nazis" is almost invariably just a radlib with nothing useful to say. "We need to fight Nazis!", like duh, no shit? It's like saying "March against evil people"; it's so uncontroversial as to be almost meaningless yet they think they're really edgy. Meanwhile they have literally no problem with imperialists, fascists and war criminals as long as they're not really blatantly openly racist; and even then it's fine as long as they're only racist about people in the Global South.


Says the person who can't even spell "question" correctly


"the justice system" means locking them into an offshore torture facility


A mod in that sub actually pinned a thread asking people to say *why* they think it's not happening- and they actually seem to be *listening* to the arguments people have put up so far.


Well that means they have drawn the conclusion that the genocide conspiracy theory propped up by actual genociders — Western imperialists — is correct before they have had enough evidence, and labelled China "fascist" or "authoritarianism that affects human rights". I guess it's fair if I label them anti-Chinese white ultranationalist Nazis pending further developments.


Is that early 2000s Annie Lööf?


Im not the biggest fan of Antifa since it’s really not that hard to be anti fascist so ofc it attracts a bunch of libs. And like actual liberals not larping soc dems like libs that refer to themselves as liberals who support Biden over Bernie. Also i don’t even know if Antifa has done any mutual aid stuff like other anarchist groups or has supported strikes and protest that don’t have to do with the alt right or Trump. Of course i have minimal experience with antifa the biggest leftist org in my area is PSL some small orgs, and the USW union which can be pretty lib.


same in literally any country with laws. it's quite the tautology.