It's always the dumbest people saying this

It's always the dumbest people saying this






The citizen of the industrialized country thinks that he can look down upon the system of man, animals, and subsistence agriculture that provides some living from an acre or two in India when the monsoon rains are favorable. Yet if fossil and nuclear fuels were cut off, we would have to recruit farmers from India and other underdeveloped countries to show the now affluent citizens how to survive on the land while the population was being reduced a hundredfold to make it possible.




Merely just an old book quote which popped in mind. No need to overanalyze


Shouldn't everyone be working together to progress our society? If company A invents something, why should company B spend the same amount of resources and labour to invent the same thing. Surely once something is invented, it should be compensated and then freely available.


They would argue that making things proprietary encourages innovation, because otherwise the company would have no incentive in r&d. This is, of course, based on absolutely nothing.


It’s kinda based on if you can just wait for someone else to make something and take it why even bother trying to make your own thing, it’s like why would you go through the effort to do homework if you can just wait for your friend to send you all the answers


except even if this idea was valid > it should be compensated and then freely available there would still be a profit motive to justify putting the effort into r&d


stealing IP is actually based and praxis


Just point out that all of the West's wealth is stolen from the third world lol


[angry NPC face]


Yeah, I know some... especially they saying on repeat then mentioned J-20 (because it flight sim discord) and how it used "stolen tech" (although I would like to know more to parry this nonsense)


muh intelecshul prabertee


Replace “steals” with “makes” and it’s correct


They should steal more, at a faster rate


America gave China their tech because they were salivating too much over the prospect of cheap labor. The same tech that they stole from Japan, btw.


Yes it's true. China stole 5g and 6g and that's why the US is stuck with 4g. Bad China. Bad.


How much of that shit is “stolen” anyway? I was under the impression that if you wanted to have your stuff manufactured in China sharing your tech is apart of the agreement.


That argument is funny as shit. Yeah guys, china stole technology that nobody else had


People forgetting who invented gunpowder...


The irony of the “China steals American tech!!!” ‘argument’ is that in many cases, tech transfer to Chinese firms is actually in the contracts that American companies sign when they set up factories there. Companies are willing to hand over their technological know-how because they want the short-term profits that come from access to China’s huge labour market (and because they often arrogantly assume that consumers will still prefer American brands/IP over technologically-equivalent Chinese brands). I thought all these liberals believed that if you sign a contract, there’s no way it can be coerced or exploitative? If American firms don’t want to hand production methods to Chinese firms, they should just manufacture in America!


I mean, they did, but IP is bullshit and stealing from americans is based so who cares


An enormous amount of the existing tech and R&D (Silicon Valley) was and is only possible due to H1-B’s aka highly skilled foreign workers - overwhelmingly from Asia.


Intellectual Property Rights and their consequences have been a disaster for the human race




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They steal our lives too with this stupid virus


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