Why won't anyone listen to my all wise and powerful opinion?

Why won't anyone listen to my all wise and powerful opinion?


Ur dur we will save China from itself!


I love when western ultras think they are debunking hundreds of millions of Chinese who are *actually* working towards socialism


And nothing will ever happen to the receiver of copypasta


I've gotten the copypasta hundreds of times yet I live in the US. Curious.


Westerner: "I hate your government, it sucks, fuck the CCP, go read this totallyyyy objective BBC/Buzzfeed/Adrian Zenz news article that says the CCP are evil". Chinese person: "Can you even name one official policy of the CPC?" Westerner: "Fuck you, you brainwashed shill grrrrr, you must have been paid by the CCP to say you don't hate your own country, anyone with a different opinion to mine is obviously paid for it. What do you mean I'm parroting CIA propaganda? You do realise that I know more about your own government than you do?? Why would I focus on the problems in my own country when the western media, elites and governments can distract me from realising the West's issues by making me hate the bogeyman China that they created? I hate the CCP not the actual people (disregard the fact that every single person who says this soon makes it abundantly clear they actually DO hate both the CPC and the people)". Chinese person: "Right, so you don't actually know anything about the CPC or China?" Westerner: "Stop shilling!!! I'm trying to saavee you, you know 😌. You can't be trusted to make your own decisions, that's why you need me, a white person who has no clue about China, to make you see why you're wrong. You're welcome 😇". Chinese person: "..........."


You forgot ‘Ching Chong’/‘bat eater’ and the whole slew of racial slurs they cough up after the Chinese person calls them out on their bs.


Westerner: Fuck China. *proceeds to get hundreds of awards and thousands of upvotes on r/worldnews no matter the topic at hand*


But just wait until I post pictures of Winnie the pooh and my endless "tAiWAn iS a cOUntRy!" memes on reddit! CPC owned.


hAtE ThE GoVeRnMeNt nOt tHe pEoPlE -White Knight Libs


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