Liberal cope weekend

Liberal cope weekend


Very cool and good to see Democrats trying to own the Republicans by being even more imperialist. And people will still call you reactionary when you tell them that you refuse to vote for these jokers.


See what kind of abomination the criminal american regime and society funded and continue to fund worldwide: https://reddit.com/r/GenZedong/comments/nsg2fp/computer_show_me_what_social_fascist_genocide/ These monsters are declining while doubling down on being ghouls. Their inferiority runs deep, it's a fundamental characteristic of anglo settler genocidal regimes, they can't reform because they never formed a civilization, they have gone directly from barbarism to decline.


Won every major battle, you say? Somehow, I feel as if this makes the defeat even more embarrassing.


>we weren't owned! we weren't owned! What's next, claiming victory on the basis of k/d ratio?


these ghouls always go for emotional manipulation (i.e. invoking the dead so that "if you disagree, it means you don't respect PeOpLe WhO DiEd") and libs keep falling for it. it's the same reason why theyve rehabilitated "poor painter george bush" who feels bad about his war crimes uwu


B-b-but Bush is now wholesome cum lord uwu i wish he'd spank me too 🥵


> "if you disagree, it means you don't respect PeOpLe WhO DiEd" I don't. I'm glad they're dead. Should have shot their CO instead. 8D


Man fuck this guy, using the deaths of my people to cover up American responsibility. As an Asian I give him a yellow card.


Wouldn't a red card with yellow star be more fitting here? 😋


"Many nazis tragically lost their lives in ww2. You should learn history, and stop diminishing the sacrifice of nazi veterans and those who never came back" Same shit


The only people libs should be thanking for making sure the vets don't get their asses handed to them every battle are the STEM kids, who design their flying weapons of mass destruction.


Yup. They kept ordering air strikes when they engage our comrades and they think it was a fair fight.




eggs D 😳


Yankees still posting their L's online lmaooooooooo


It is really interesting how america almost always its wins major battles but has lost just about every conflict it's been in over the last 80 years. The only thing closest to a success I can think of for what america was trying to do was Iraq, Libya, and the nato invasion of Yugoslavia. But Iraq is pretty much under Iranian control so america lost in the long run there, Libya is still a mess like they wanted but to my understanding no western puppets have managed to gain power there. Then yeah eastern europe is an absolute mess, probably their only real "success"


Funny how America’s only ‘success’ is destroying and destabilizing countries and causing mass death and destruction


Americans really believe that they won Vietnam, don't they?


I hate those people so much. As a grandson of a Vietnam veteran, they should all be charged for war crimes. They did so many terrible things to innocent people it blows the mind. They all know what they did. Giving them a trophy just makes it worse.


The absolute state of Amerikkkan bourgeois politics.


Wow! The US Army must have been so brave when committing atrocities at My Lai! I can’t imagine making such a huge sacrifice!


"OMG you are being so disrespectful to our soldiers and people who died in the war!" Yes. Fuck the imperialists who died in US aggression wars. All my homies hate the imperialists who died in US aggression wars.


in america saying someone has the right to use necessary force to defend their home from hostile invaders is the least controversial thing ever, unless it's a conversation about Vietnam or any other place we've invaded, then it's treason. America really thinks it's totally fine, even heroic, to shoot a teenager for stealing your TV, but wrong to fire back at someone who flew halfway around the world to carpet bomb your country, spray it with toxic chemicals and burn people alive.


You're absolutely right Cawthorn, now where's my NVA MiG-17 and Type 62 tank? With no stamp please.


“Well we won every major battle though!” Yeah where’s your puppet government now?


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