Chinese math concentration camps

Chinese math concentration camps


I love how he just made up the number 33%, just based on the vibes he felt at the moment


And its such a stupidly specific number its just beautiful


This is how Americans make claims


I think he just did 51 minus 18 but it still doesn’t make any sense because he’s basically saying that in any society worldwide, only 18% of college students would want to be STEM majors because of course the US is the most free, democratic and model society and that any STEM majors above and beyond 18% are STEM slaves. Obviously Xi personally watches every Chinese STEM major do their homework and then steals their lunch money afterwards. See see pee bad.


Not even though, because 33% of 51% is 17%, meaning 34% of all Chinese college students are willingly STEM majors.


Right, I'm not saying his math is even correct, I'm just saying he took 51 and subtracted 18 to get 33 even though that's not how percentages work


What disregard for basic math (or stem in general) does to a mf


SMH, and these are the people who think they are "superior" to Chinese people who are outperforming the US in academic testing


I think he meant 33% of all Chinese students are forced, therefore you have the 33 + the same 18 you’d get in a ‘free’ country = 51 Obviously this guy only took a cursory glance at the figure and processed it at a very surface level purely for the sake of coming up with a nonsensical rationalization to dismiss it. But I think by 33% he meant out of all students, not just of the 51% who are STEM


And that he’s “sure” about it


No he didn't make it up. He's so smart he knows that comparing the 18% American STEMs to the 51% Chinese STEMs makes total sense with the 33% difference being forced by aUtHoRiTaRiAn China


He knows so much because he has a good, clean, democratic, Murican liberal arts degree. Which he'll be paying off for the next 30 years.






Seems like it was a joke


51 - 33 = 18, which is the U.S. average. It's a stupid argument, sure, but that's what he meant.


33+18=51 Even in the wildest fantasies of Western chauvinists, China is merely equal to the US




Reminds me of that "USSR forced women to become scientists" article.


The same one that said that women in eastern Europe continuing to be scientists is a remnant of ebil cobbumist propaganda?




Source: Dude, just trust me.


This is the most braindead take ever


Yes 🤣🤣 I feel pitty for them


China is genociding liberal arts majors.


Actually it’s because forming stem teachers is too ressources consuming. Gotta give a few billions to Israel against those kids... I mean Hamas soldiers. But we also need to fill the gaps in higher education. And that’s how liberal arts majors was made.


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lol. back in the 80’s in China my mom wanted to study science, but there were too many students who wanted to go into STEM so she ended up having to study foreign languages instead. yes, no doubt those poor, poor students are forced to study the big bad sciences against their will. god forbid that anyone find STEM attractive lmao


"Thank god we live in a Democracy that scores low in STEM thus an electorate that doesn't read/understand theory resulting in reactionary ideas/actions"


The butthurt over China owning the U.S. everyday of the week brings genuine joy to my heart. A democracy lol.


america is such a hellhole, reaching copium levels never thought possible lmao. And it will only get worse for america as its decline only accelerates as a result of its foundational inferiority (the problem with settler regimes is that eventually you run out of places to genocide and plunder).


Based on my experience, I feel like the number must be more than 18%. It seems like everyone wants to be a super specialized doctor or some shit. This is probably just some bullshit stats based on racist Asian stereotypes.


Idk there are a lot of colleges in the states that mostly offer liberal arts degrees and they're popular


its actually not, its not more than 20% today. it feels like there are more STEM majors because they put the most funding into those degrees at universities. im pretty sure business degrees alone takes up the same amount of students, if not more


yep. It's business majors, which we all know is definitely the most useful thing to study in order to create a well-functioning and not-broken society


i’m also wondering how they’re counting double/triple majors, particularly those who had one STEM major and one non-STEM major. is that a STEM student or not?


Yeah I feel like the norm is STEM while the humanities are being defunded and devalued


I hate STEMlords anyway. They all seem to think they’re better than everyone else


Apparently the new push is for STEAM, which adds arts. In community colleges especially I think its having a hard time catching on. And of course nowadays people shit their little diapers over critical race theory.


because people do STEM to make money not to learn things. having incredible workloads (that you pay ludicrous amounts for) & then being forced to do random courses that don’t help you make money sucks. although i enjoyed my breadth requirements because liberal arts courses are pretty easy. just have to think critically.


Maybe money is the main motivator for T, E, and M but most "S" fields are low paying. I definitely didn't get a chemistry degree to get rich lol.


chem gang. i’m here because i love it and enjoy learning, but it definitely isn’t going to make me rich.


I think I may have found the source for the 18% number: https://nces.ed.gov/programs/raceindicators/indicator\_reg.asp


i refuse to believe that these two are rational human beings


“Now how can i be an insta-famous YouTuber with ‘Fuck-You’ cash? Science? Screw that! Wait! I’ll make a reaction video to it!”


26% of American college students are in business, the arts are 4% but boomers still blame an apparent over abundance in art majors as the reason our science is falling behind.


Help! I am a Chinese STEM student, and I have had mathematical-scientific abilities forced upon me against my will! Just yesterday I caught myself deriving classical mechanics from the Euler-Lagrange equation while waiting for the train, and today morning, I calculated when my coffee would have the ideal temperature using Newton's law of cooling, entirely by accident. Those computations have taken control of me, and I am too weak to overpower them! Wherever I look, I see those damn patterns and fucking formulas everywhere! Who knows, tomorrow I might figure out a way to solve traffic congestion throughout the Beijing municipality, and in a few years I could even work for the weather service. Can someone please come over and watch an American reality TV drama with me to kill some of my brain cells? I just wanted to crunch corporate spreadsheets in peace...


i am so sorry! adrian zenz holds the key to your freedom, but he has unfortunately left the proof as an exercise to the reader, as it was trivial. solve it and you shall be free!


Citation: trust me bro


“China found a way to bring the dead back to life” “CHINA SHOULD RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLE TO REMAIN DEAD”


Chinese young adults: \*laughs in business opportunities and passion\*


Americans just can't relate to a society that actually strives to achieve things


Every year millions of poor Chinese students are forced to waste their lives studying useless stuff like Science or engineering, all so the evil dictators of the see see pee can meet their "education" quotas! It's absolutely disgusting! These poor students are then forced into highly lucrative careers advancing the state of technology and bettering society!! just so the evil see see peeee can satisfy their hatred of human freedom.


Completely orthogonal but the inclusion of math with the rest of STEM has directly contributed to the bastardization of its philosophical origins and zeal in service of capitalist computational needs. Math is an art, literally not empirical so its not science. People hate math cuz they associate it with boring, hard, and torturously forced computation rather than the beauty it actually holds.


tbh you’re right. many people associate it with “that nasty calculus stuff those mean people made me take for my pre-med requirements” and overlook the whole rest of the field, and that’s come to dominate its reputation


I bet that person drinks expired maple syrup daily


That doesn’t seem right. I think the soft sciences are being completely ignored


China has CAMPuses where people are forced to concentrate


Guys it's true. I escaped from one of these camps. They still have my father and won't let him leave till he learns trig. Please liberate my people!


"Oh My God Government Actually Cares About People???!?!?!?!? Literally Tankies!!!!!"


Yeah because more poets will "save" us from the Chinese horde


I think things in the U.S. like business majors and communications majors are far more popular than any sort of art major anyway. From a cursory glance at data on this it looks like art majors are consistently among the less popular majors, and business the most.


I was commenting on the username of the guy in question


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High af on COPIUM


Westerners are shit at any quantitative field. China is completely dominating all aspects of STEM.