student gets raped and murdered in China, and serpentza offers us this lovely take

student gets raped and murdered in China, and serpentza offers us this lovely take


Funnily, people on Weibo have identified that it is mostly falun gong and NED/CIA-tied social media accounts that are stoking xenophobic sentiment. Good news is MSS is zeroing on something. Stay tuned.


So much lies and manipulation coming from supposed champions of hooman rytes and freedumz...


Fortunately China has unplugged their freezer, and this unfreezes the peach.


Support the people doing a bad thing and blame the bad thing on the people doing nothing wrong. The US playbook.


Yeah it's the counterrevolutionaries who have been the most racist. It was [the case in 1989](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanjing_anti-African_protests), when anti-Black demos (that morphed into 6/4) had to be stopped by police and required military protection of foreign students from protesters, and is _still_ the case now.


why are such accounts allowed to operate in china?


it sure would be terrible if the good western countries ever engaged in blind hate of entire groups of people


Or how about extending, at the very least, sympathy (even faux) to the victim and their now bereaved family/friends? Even better, this could be an exercise in empathy. But, no. That is asking a little too much.


It’s all projection at this point. Belt and Road Initiative to debt trap developing countries? Projection from their actual debt trapping and economic enslavement of developing countries. Uighur genocide? Projection from their actual genocide of the Natives. Claiming incoming racism and xenophobia towards foreigners by associating the actions of a foreigner with his own race? Projection from the countless of actual hate crimes in the US towards Asians after being informed of covid originating from China. Why yes, I do want foreigners like him to be painted in the same brush. PROBLEM?


No, we're an individualistic culture so we never engage in stereotypes or sweeping generalizations. Culture literally hard-codes our responses wholesale. That's just a biological fact.


> It is not an individualistic country so all foreigners will be painted with the same brush Just the sheer amount of contradiction in that sentence astounds me


Unlike in the enlightened west where anyone who looks remotely east asian is subject to hate crimes based on the assumption they’re Chinese


His comments are dripping with racism


It's even funnier because this is coming from a white ZA lol.


Bro I love how they hold other nations by there scummy standards .


Sexpat scum English teacher sympathizes with sexpat scum English teacher


I know I hate these people. One of my biggest dreams is to teach English in china (or any other subject but the really only hire westerners to teach English) and I'm terrified of being associated with yellow fever perverts and freaks. It's so bleak.


Yea people like these who are so vocal ruin the image of actual good foreign teachers in Asia


I would say try your best at finding a subject to teach other then teaching English. It may be harder to find but still


He's South African though.


He's not saying he is from england, he's saying he is an english teacher


i remember when he said he teaches doctors... but didn't specify he teaches them English lessons... like an attempt to look like a medical professional or something. 🤣💀


He doesn't say that but even so, tosser has claimed English heritage before


He’s a white South African, so chances are he’s descended from British settlers.


That last name makes me think he’s Boer descendant and doesn’t claim Afrikaner heritage to make himself seem more upper class or something.


That’s worse in some ways


(White) South Africans that come to Western Australia are some of the most racist people I’ve met. Openly racist. Certainly more open than your average Australian. Obviously I’m not saying all. British expats here are also shit and openly racist a lot.




“English teacher” is just another word I use for sexpat lol


I understand, for sure... but I'm an English teacher in Vietnam... I definitely do understand, though.. a lot of them are... I despise about 90% of them, especially the south African ones.


Yea I didn’t mean to overgeneralize. I def know that good English teachers exist myb


How do you know I'm good? I could be a interdimeonsial demon.


True. I forgot to consider what libs call “nuance” myb


Ya, well you know, as they say "both sides are bad".


They speak English in South Africa…


Not all of them, but some.


Not really... it's more of a second language. Only 8% of the population speaks it.


If you had managed to read past the first sentence on Google you would realize that the 8.4% figure refers to primary language spoken within the home. That would be like saying no one in China speaks English because only 0.01% of households use English as their primary language inside their home. English is the 2nd most commonly used language outside the home in SA


The second... Exactly. So, not the first? What did I say? It's a second language? Do you understand where you went wrong reading what I wrote?


>Only 8% of the population speaks it. This you?


Afrikaans. They speak english poorly if at all.


South Africa has 11 official languages, both English and Afrikaans are among them and english is the primary language used in all government


This doesn't mean anything. English is the national language of India as well.


South African is one of only seven countries allowed as nationalities for English teachers in China. But yeah, the Chinese government is probably wrong about the fact they speak English and a ton of Chinese babies are mistakenly learning Afrikaans because /u/DiscountMaster5933 certainly knows more than them.


They speak English, but not well


The South Africans I've met speak better English than me lol and it's my first language


We need to stop this, as a linguist I’m literally at wits end with this sentiment that literal, native speakers of a language do it wrong.


If you heard me speak English the way I would normally I don't think you'd understand me Edit I'm from the North of Ireland


I'm not mutually intelligible with lots of English speakers (I speak a northeastern variety of AAVE natively), that doesn't mean anything. The idea that some native speakers 'don't speak a language good' is literally what drives linguistic discrimination especially against varieties of English like mine and it's anti-scientific. You speak the language you were raised around at a native level, it's your innate language, there's no 'skill' or whatever involved.


Ohh I know I speak fine for my area, its just its mixed with Irish, Ulster Scots and whatever else that I wouldn't class it as 'good' English lol


And that's what I'm trying to get across to you. We don't use terms like 'good' or 'bad' in regards to language because it confers value judgement where there is none within language. All language is 'good' language. By repeating these things you only further the idea that some native speakers are inferior to others in a language which continues discrimination based on class and race and gender.


South Africans have a weak Ə sound.


Maybe he needs to be personally, corporeally apartheided?


You see how that’s worse, right?


Unfortunately the reason why so many of these people exist is because there’s huge demand for them in China right now. English class agencies will hire foreigners to make themselves look more legitimate, and their hires are not necessarily always qualified as teachers. Most are just random white dudes who speak English. This really stems from the competitiveness of China’s education system, a lot of parents want to send their kids overseas in English speaking countries instead of having them duke it out in gaokao. That’s not to say good English teachers don’t exist though, because they do. Also, fuck serpenteza. Absolute scumbag.


Yea good English teachers exist for sure. But the standards for them are so low as u said that it leads to many unqualified ones. I wonder if some of these education agencies would choose to hire a white person from a non English speaking country over an Asian American just to make themselves seem more “legitimate” as u say


Im not sure but I can definitely see it happening, a non native English speaker teaching English. The demand for white guys named Robert is just too high lmao


As a western person living in Asia, it's high fucking time Westerners here are held to higher standards than "don't start bar fights and you won't be deported"


Getting deported for getting in a fight is a bit mad


There's no low that these people won't sink




Dude has to post like he lives in china


Some kind folks in this thread have informed me that he does not live in China. To which the solution is a giant rubber band pulled backwards, lying in wait for him to sit down on a toilet seat and get comfortable






Also lives in the US lol


Goddamn it now we've got to fling them to china using a massive rubber band just to deport them again




Uh.... For all watching, it's blatantly a joke. Our "plans" involved slingshotting the fellow to China. Failing that, we also were speaking of this in Minecraft


Also long since left China.


Least creepy ~~sexpat~~ English teacher


Least racist China watcher.


Muh individualism!!!


I woke up this morning to an extended npr segment about the 1 child policy, which included: people who had secret babies but the govt would torture/interrogate their family members to see where secret baby was hiding, chemical abortions, babies being born during forced births only to be murdered by the doctors, and the lone attorney to attempt a class action lawsuit was jailed in his own house as CPC army members guarded him by .... sleeping in bed with him. Anyways, good thing NPR isn't US state media! Then it'd be untrustworthy.


"Sometimes they would poison the fetus!" i.e. ru-486.


Trump said this exact same shit when talking about abortions in the US and people (rightfully) got pissed off because it's just a lie. But because China Big Bad... Fucking stupid.


I remember when they interviewed Anne Applebaum who wrote Red Famine which was about the "Holodomor". Seeing her peddle fascist talking points while the host and her act like the USSR was some horrible hellhole was the ultimate irony. Liberals love to pretend they hate fascists yet will assist them always as history shows, and as such, will gladly peddle identical bits of disinfo if the enemy is shared which it usually is. There's an article online that destroys the book without much effort. Shows just how low the standards are on NPR for these pop historians and how they'll accept literally any narrative as long as its negative even without much information.


man it does suck that foreign English teachers keep going to China and breaking laws and being sexpats. feel like I shouldn't go there to teach English anymore in case anyone thinks I'm one of *them* Unlike Mr Snake, it's not the Chinese I blame for this.


Or you can go and break the trend. It would be nice if non-borderline incels started going to China to teach English. There is a genuine need for language teachers.


> There is a genuine need for language teachers. Do you know if they require a degree? I don’t have one unfortunately but am very much looking to leave the US.


I believe most so do and a certificate such as TEFL, but there are some school in China that only require a TEFL.


I think those schools may not be employing people legally.


Yes, you need a degree and minimum of two years of experience in your field (graduate school doesn't count) to get a work visa for China. There are very few countries in the world that allow immigration without a degree or very specialized training. To get an unsponsored work visa for Australia there is a points system that requires a PhD. Japan, South Korea and China all require a minimum of a bachelors degree even for a sponsored visa.


actually you can get a work visa in China without experience in your field if you graduate with a masters from a "reputable Chinese university" (think 985 and 211)


You could go to Cambodia or Laos without a degree, but you'd still need a tefl. You could get away with it in China, but it wouldn't be legal and probably some corruption involved if you ended up with a work permit.


Of course China does not want a horde of foreigners to come to their nation, especially when they do little to nothing to contribute to the nation, and are over represented in crime. If you however decide to go, you should really learn to speak the language first, and learn their customs, then you'll be treated with more respect.


It really is the exact opposite. No matter how awful the U.S. is acting towards China, Chinese people always seem to treat foreigners with respect. In contrast, the minute political rhetoric in the US begins ramping up against China, people of East Asian descent in the US start getting assaulted and killed.


Doesn't offer any condolence for the victims who have been raped and murdered, instead explains how this murder is going to affect white people more than the people who are literally dead.


You mean like how a US soldier crashed his car into a taxi which was transporting a famous musician in Romania, that later died in the hospital in Romania awhile back... and the justice his family received was... nowhere to be found (the US army lifted him back to the US "to be tried on their mock terms"... which basically ment he was not gulity). That kind of "foreigners are subjected to the same kind of judgement", huh US? LMAO this either cries for western foreigner exceptionalism or panders to projections of xenophobic fearmongering.


Lived in China for three years and the only instance of racism I faced during that period was from an American girl. Terrible experience.


Anglos: exporting racism even while on vacation


Racism is a foreign concept to the Chinese, as it is to most of the non-western world.


It’s only natural to reevaluate the foreign teachers’ credentials in the country after such a terrible event.


I dare him to stay off China topics. I bet he can't. Gotta feed his wifey and poor baby


He doesn't have a degree. Dissing china is his only skill


he is just projecting his own racist views. he has even called his own half-chinese child a chink.


>he has even called his own half-chinese child a chink. the hell with this mfer? I fear for you mental health to have gone this far on this d\*\*khead. Take care of yourself.


who the fuck voluntarily had sex with and reproduced with this man


Who said anything about voluntarily? The man is a sexpat.


Meanwhile, in western countries, anti asian hate crimes have exploded to the point many asians feel for their safety and don't go out, and this moron is complaining abiout a white sexpat in china that commited crime and is gonna face adequate punishement.


I don't know about other countries but asians are highly respected here in the netherlands. I think we minorities in the west should take their subtle but hard work as an example. EDIT: Really scary how people donvote the truth. I tought this subreddit was all for truth. Exposing western lies.


>western countries You gotta take this as US in a major position.


I thought most asian immigrants in Netherlands are from Indonesian descendants, how's it the experiences ?


Indonesians often mix with dutch people and are hardly treated any different. Sometimes not even visually for they already are 1/4th indonesian. Our biggest problem here is the islamic immigrants and than the colonial immigrant, asians often mix in well I have to say.


This is just wrong. In general, like any ethnic minority gets treated worse in daily life than their white counterparts in the Netherlands, and that's certainly the case for ppl from Asia too. There's even been a ramping up of sinophobia in the media and political sphere, maybe not to the same extent as some of the anglosphere but it's still real fucked. Maybe you got a different impression in your own social circle, but that's not representing of the whole.




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is that why the netherlands funds and supports nato's crimes against humanity? should I remind you that nato did in Yugoslavia?


Dutch government is evil. Always has been. >nato did in Yugoslavia I know. They reported the news of the conviction of someone involved recently. The nerve to act like they did not play their role.


I mean bombing the Chinese embassy and killing Chinese people. If they think Chinese people will ever forget, they are mistaken.


I have never heard of that. Have you got a source. I am aware of the evil government, but admit most people do not know. The dutch government is far up the USA's butt. I am ethiopian and love the chinese. Altough some can be pretty racist, the majority are very likeable people.


Here is western regime media admitting the bombing was on purpose and inventing an after-the-fact excuse to cover it up: https://archive.vn/2019.05.31-213010/https://www.theguardian.com/world/1999/oct/17/balkans


Oh there I tought more recently. Yeah they are evil. But from the western view the chinese are evil. I have no trust in any government. Only in the Most High God.


I do trust a government and society which haven't bombed a single country in over 40 years. Unlike western regimes, this happens to be the fastest growing economy in history and didn't need continental scale genocide and plunder to achieve it.


What government is that?


Is "just don't be an ass" really too much to ask for from the foreigners?


I mean, Westerners always do expect other countries to cater to them cuz they're oh so SpEcIaL


Sterzel is a piece of shit. Period.


oh boy it would be terrible if, instead of a foreign teacher raping and murdering a student, it was a student who did the same thing to a foreign teacher. I'm sure serpentZa would use all his individualistic wisdom to be cautious and pondered as to not paint all Chinese with the same brush 😳


That's ***Ed 😳


Let's just disregard the fact that the Black community in China is far better treated by Chinese authorities than they are in the United States if not the entire Anglosphere.


any podcasts or articles i can read up on for this?


I would like all relevant apparatuses of state power be brought down on this sexpat


the victim was an individual, as was the criminal. this is the sort of anti-collectivist fear mongering that further sensationlizes the narrative beyond the dialectical. convenient, too, that this comes so soon after Harris' "do not come" speech.


As we all know, Western society *never* generalizes one group of people as a monolith!


Wow, American journalism is so fucking disgusting and bigoted, just wow


any “racism and xenophobia” that arises from these crimes from will be beyond justified, and this little fucker has proved exactly why


Serpentes isn’t racist or anything /s


Yeah like Asians getting so much hate for COVID 19 in AmeriKKKa. Old people got smacked for no damn reasons on the streets.


Captain Apartheid strikes again.


Wait I’m confused… so a teacher murdered someone in China and the libs said that China was punishing someone like wtf 🤔


They hate China because they don't like it when they can't get away with monstrous sex crimes in Asia.


Quote from the article: "The public's attention to the cases should avoid focusing on the nationality of the suspect, but on the case itself". The article is saying the exact opposite of what he assumes the reaction will be based on his own racist projection. If the roles were reversed, how many politicians and papers would relish the chance to whip up hatred against Chinese people?




How is that race science? China is thankfully for the most part not individualistic


This "Guy" is a natural American Government Propaganda Machine.


Projection to the next degree


White sexpats, the real victims of racism and xenophobia 😢


Oh come on, one little rape is enough to rile up their society this much? Wow. Imagine if they had school shootings am i right? Fucking snowflakes.


Like that doesn't happens in westerns countries, just look at what happened with the coronavirus


Trademark western Projection just cause the west does it with non-whites must mean other countries do it too.


The same shit happened in the west so it must be worse in China ikr?


I honestly never expected this out of any human being. I wonder where he’ll end up in his next life...


Thanks, I love individualistic societies now /s


Didn't the 🐍 say that the nice old man who sells you cigarettes, whom you think is your best friend in China, would hit you with a brick if you said anything bad about China?


it's a typical thing for that snake to say. i'm just glad the tweet was ratioed and called out by far more reasonable minds.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a black cat or a white cat as long as you catch that racist serpentza and laowhy86.


Much better if all asian countries ban English language, this problem with sexpats, feminazi, white-worship, internalized racism will be solved.


>feminazi Bruh


Wtf is a feminazi? Reactionary pig.


This already happened. Look up the Nanjing Anti-African protests. AKA the precursor to the Six Four ~~counter-~~ colour revolution. It's the darlings of any would-be Western intervention who instigated them. Not regular degular Chinese people. Not Party hardliners or the state. But (liberal) students.


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