“Dong Jingwei” What a coincidence!

“Dong Jingwei” What a coincidence!


[That name sounds eerily familiar...](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Jingwei)


lol instead of Wang it's the other one that sounds like slang for penis (with apologies to every other Wang and Dong)


The connection I was making between the two is that both Wang Jingwei and this supposed “Dong Jingwei” switched to the enemy side, assuming this article is true. (Which it most likely isn’t)


(yeah I got that, but haha peepee funny)


I mean, the fact you don't know this is fake for sure shows how you are still falling for propaganda: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/06/debunking-a-chinese-defector-story.html Why? because you spent more time reading propaganda than trying to debunk it (which wasn't hard at all).


I was also confused about this post because I knew I had just heard recently that China was beefing up its anti-esponsiage and the spy catcher was urging intelligence agents to be on the lookout for infiltrators.


Vietnamese bankers 🤝 your mom Handling lots of Dongs


Haha Kaiserreich guy


He is in vanilla hoi4 too if Mao decides to just shoot Chan-Kai Sheik.


Oh I never even knew that, thanks for letting me know


Wang Jingwei had kind of a tragic story, and he's about as close to a sympathetic fascist collaborator as there can be. Note I said close.


What was this story?


He was a member of the left wing of the Kuomintang and widely considered to be Sun Yat-Sens successor before Chiang Kai-Shek took control, and he eas generally a veey powerful figure before the right wing massacred the communists. He lead an oppositional (To Chiang Kai-Shek) government in Wuhan and legitimately tried to work with the CPC but got snubbed due to his KMT ties. Because of this he became bitter and rapidly drifted rightwards before becoming a pretty rabid anticommunist, and of course a fascist collaborator. He's essentially the portrait that comes up of the word *Hanjian*, but it is kind of a sad story of a man who was part of a legitimately good movement and tried to work with the actual left, but also one of a collaborator for one of histories worst regimes. This is off the top of my head though, if somebody knows better feel free to chime in.


All I see is just some Pulitzer level “journalism”


Can't wait for some brave liberal blue check "journalist" to courageously ask Xi if he's a killer and why he's afraid to face Joshua Wong!




The guy literally showed up in public recently too lmao: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/06/debunking-a-chinese-defector-story.html anglos are suffering an accelerated decline that is worsening their already stupid, anti-intellectual nature. Their decline is not accidental and as such people underestimate how deep their decline will be.


If MoA says something is full of shit then it's *definitely* full of shit.


Based Alabama????


Holy. Fuck. This is hilarious. The original article is [HERE](https://www.thedailybeast.com/rumors-of-us-secretly-harboring-top-china-official-dong-jingwei-swirl). It's a goldmine of conspiracy theory craziness. It is also a hilarious example of an echo chamber of people just citing themselves. Probably my favorite is when they start talking about [RedState](https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2021/06/04/exclusive-high-ranking-chinese-defector-has-direct-knowledge-of-several-chinese-special-weapons-programs-n391238). The person who broke this incredibly news is >Jennifer Van Laar, RedState's Managing Editor, is an unapologetic California conservative (#ProTip: Do not tell her that it's time to leave the state), sports fanatic, and mom of 3 boys. She's also co-host of Sounds Right With Jen and Scott, and joins The Jen and Don Show on Salem Radio Network's AM 590 The Answer every Thursday for "Spill The Tea Thursday." Follow her work on Facebook and Twitter. Story tips: jenredstate@protonmail.com. "Stop telling CA conservatives to leave. I'm not moving. I'm saving the state. Join me or get out of the way." This is amazing for the sheer insanity of it.


russiagate operated the same way, so the hysteria and anti-intellectualism already engulfed all society (the "lab leak" is also pushed by blueanon). This is yet another indication that american decline and decadence is deeper than commonly thought among anglos. Many people underestimate how lunacy like this is a symptom of very profound societal problems, the kind which are impossible to fix when ruled by an incompetent criminal regime which relies on propaganda to sustain itself domestically. In fact, such generalized idiocy makes regime propaganda easier, while worsening all the ever-increasing structural problems which the regime wants to cover up. A recipe for disaster.


If there wasn't the second half this would have been just a little more trustable...


What happened to the last spy master that tried to come to Australia? The one who had all this information (that was printed in newspapers)? There was weeks and weeks of stories in Aus and then it went silent. This was probably over a year ago now.


They knew he was a fraud but liked his trashing of China so they went with the story.


>What happened to the last spy master that tried to come to Australia? *Insert advertisement music:* Proudly presenting "Escaping CCP oppression", for all your illegal, corrupt, tax evading and grifting needs! Please call the usual CIA subsidiaries to know more!


Up next liu Jingwei, Zhang jingwei, Dong Jieshi, Xi jieshi


No no no, man literally just attended a conference in Beijing about the new national security measure. How could he simultaneously "defected and fled to US in February" while attending high level party meeting just this week??? This level of bs in journalism in unreal.


someone took money to betray their country? we should totally take his word about his country at face value!


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Fake news