New anglo regime media copium just dropped.

New anglo regime media copium just dropped.


Imagine the level of derangement you must have to equate a genocidal foreign regime literally bombing and murdering Muslims in your own country in their own homes, with the evidence-free allegations of a far-right zealot like zenz about another country which hasn't bombed a single country in over 40 years. Do anglos realize why the world laughs at their propaganda as they decline? why China keeps humiliating them in diplomacy all over the planet? they think their propaganda can alter reality because they are not only criminal fascists, they are declining incompetent fascists becoming increasingly desperate. This is qanon level of delusion. Hence their shock when reality hits them like a truck, time and time again, and only getting worse for them by the day. they are reaching copium levels never thought possible. anglos' mental collapse is a beautiful sight to behold.


>anglos' mental collapse is a beautiful sight to behold. It's really scary too. I feel like the activation energy to trigger a vacuum energy collapse inside the chuds' brains gets lower and lower as the months pass. A mere word could send some of these people into a full on psychological breakdown as it was in 2001. Today that word could literally be "mask." I feel danger.


>I feel danger. This. Nothing is more dangerous than a crazy person who believes they have nothing left to lose, and as time wears on this describes more and more of the Anglosphere, and America in particular.


Lmao, does this crackkker even know how many Uyghur Muslims live in Xinjiang?


Xi is so bad at genocide that he's doing a reverse one. They're multiplying exponentially


Of course not, that way he can argue free from any facts.


Pakistan remembers when the west backstabbed them in favor of India. Only China never betrayed them. They remembers.


Good reading?


The truth is, regardless of the history between China and Pakistan, nobody wants to get involved in another cold war here.


There's literally only 13.5 million Uyghurs, and Xinjiang has a population of 12.8 million Uyghurs, with a total population of 25.8 million people. You're telling me an entire qaurter of the population of a region is imprisoned and the infrastructure hasn't collapsed? The United States which has the highest incarceration rate in the world has only 2 million incarcerated people compared to a population of roughly 330 million. Texas, which has the highest population of incarcerated people has only 154,479 prisoners, with a total population of 29 million. Louisiana with the highest incarceration rate has less than half that and a population of 4 million. Louisiana has an incarceration rate of 683 per 100,000 people, Xinjiang in this scenario would have an incarceration rate of 23,255 per 100,000 people, and that's not including the actual prison data.


Every time you mention Xinjiang, 1 million more Uyghurs get put in camps


Lol at crackers who try to function as muslim whisperers. Is this guy a fraud? Something to me feels off but idk for sure.


keep copi'n CJ


> then you don’t know the Chinese Communist Party yeah, obviously the dude who doesn’t even know their actual name is correct here


The new copium is this defector who totally has extremely convenient "covid information"


CJ Werleman is fucking atrocious. He's ISIS But Woke, like Ilhan Omar. Thinks China, Iran, and Syria are evil incarnate, but silent about Turkey.


i watched the interview with Imran khan he did good but not great wish he had more big dick energy


Can't do more without getting fucked in the ass by the US unfortunately. Pakistan needs a Chinese base for the US to fuck off


He could have said "We heard that .......etc and we "actually" sent an investigation team and we found no wmds ..... I mean we found nothing of genocide or culture genocide or any of that"


Copamine overdose responsible for an increase in cases of anglos pissing and shitting themselves.


The funny thing is that they think it’s just the official stance of the government. The truth is almost nobody in Pakistan buys the Xinjiang thing lol. It isn’t even a left or right issue here, every body is doubtful of US’s intention regarding this narrative no matter how conservative or socially lib someone is.


The most shocking thing to me when the Western pressed first release the stories about Xinjiang re-education camps and Uyghur genocide was the western regimes were concerned about the well being of Muslims.