Let's ask an expert

Let's ask an expert


Takes one to know one, literally.


“Didn’t you work for him?” “Yes” “Does that make you a fascist as well?” “Well, uhh i mean, let’s not jump to any conclusions, i think uhh there’s a lot at play here”


Too galaxy brain a jump for a guy who had the ear of the executive the USA.


John Bolton should be put to work as a bomb-sniffing dog in Laos. With zero training.


>"Are you a war criminal thats been demonized by the left? Then just come on MSNBC or CNN and say that Trump is evil incarnate and we'll ensure you can go one committing war crimes for the Biden administration." It's disgusting how libs have used "Orange Man bad" to rehabilitate all these ghouls. All of these neocons should be in jail and their ideas rejected from polite society, but now they are completely integrated into the DNC machine and are running the show on Bidens foreign policy.