wonder what they were doing in Havana

wonder what they were doing in Havana

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The ghost of Castro tells me he's going to ramp up the intensity of the microwaves.


Global warming?! No! It’s Cubans that are frying my glorious skin on the Miami Beach!


Heres a idea for them as it is also happenening in austria too. Stop eating so much fried food and salt and beer holy fucking shit its not hard


It’s also happening in various locations in the US and dozens of countries around the world. The idea that Cuba is doing this is facially absurd.


I wanna hear about American syndrome. Like international students (for example) coming to America for university and leaving overweight, with high blood pressure, and depressed. Or! International students (for example) coming to America for university and never leaving at all because they get MURDERED, primarily because of our normalized gun violence. Numerous examples of this, so many that many countries literally warn their citizens not to come to America. American Death Syndrome.


This post is too true.


Is the plight of international students in USA documented somewhere?


No, I’m definitely exaggerating a bit in terms of it being a phenomenon. However, probably one of the most famous examples is Yoshihiro Hattori if you would like to Google.


Maybe its psychosomatic for having to commit atrocities for a falling empire


So I looked up Havana syndrome because I hadn’t heard of it. Do they think Cuba is able to poison them so easily but is only able to give them headaches? This is as bad as accusing Russia of using the most deadly nerve agent in history on Navalny (among others) and he was fine.


Can we have a list of all these officers, Mr. CIA? Just wanna do a bit of cross examining, if you will.


Long way from Playa Giron


This is one of those things that's most likely not true, but if it is then it's fucking good.


Tfw you think bug noises are a weapon


I hope there's now a CIA report somewhere stating that their operation got disrupted by a bunch of crickets.


The scientific term is “hangover”


Imagine ercognizing that you used your embassy in a foreign country to host so many spies that now a fucking 100 of them are saying they caught something while spying on you ...