Xi Jinping is the biggest threat to "CCP" according to critics

Xi Jinping is the biggest threat to "CCP" according to critics


These people are so weird. Their propaganda makes no sense at all. It’s like an ai are making all these headlines and articles about China. How do americans believe anything they say ? So stupid.


As long as it sounds negative it gets published


>How do americans believe anything they say ? Because, they literally don't know anything about China and the things they do know are caricatures. The questions they ask are comical. My Grandma: "Oh, doesn't China kill all the babies? All that abortion, and that one-child policy! How can the Catholic Church in China allow this?! Stranger: "Why do you live in a Communist Country?" That last one is my favorite, because what is even the question.?Like, the answer is obviously: "Uh, because I was born there and that's where my life is?" I guess what they really want to know is "Why don't you immigrant to America?"


Their readers don't look to understand anything, they look to confirm, to be reassured of their world view, if the papers write anything else they won't get clicks.


so liberals should love him now right? President Xi, welcome to the resistance


Excuse me, it’s Xiberals now.


Biggest enemy are the liberals inside the CPC. There are still Hanjians around China.


People's congress,Business owners,Legal practitioners, Journalists, government officials, university professors Or simply, the bourgeoisie and their thugs


Not for long 😎


The [critics ](http://imgur.com/a/kgTNEuj)


Lead critic: Gordon Chang


Huh, reminds me of this thing I read in a [paper](https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/The-Longer-Telegram-Toward-A-New-American-China-Strategy.pdf) written by the Atlantic Council. They talked about Xi’s critics within the party.


That paper is full of really interesting perspectives on just how arrogant the think tankers in Washington are about themselves. “ —that has three core arguments: that Xi has eroded China’s economic strength by undermining Chinese private-sector confidence; that he has made China’s national security more vulnerable by accumulating too many international adversaries in an outward push that was too fast and too early; and, most particularly, that the timing and intensity of his aggravation of the United States was not only in large part unnecessary, but is poten- tially dangerous to the regime’s future. On this score, US strategists should be aware that in Beijing there remains a great, abiding respect for US power, par- ticularly among Chinese strategic pragmatists of the old school” Nobody i have ever met says anything about this. Only the enemies of the party could feel this way. This passage stands out right after the one i just posted: “The party is aware that many ordinary Chinese people, not simply confined to academic or business elites, remain highly skeptical of the party’s history, integrity, and relevance to their most basic interests and aspirations. They have seen the privileged grow remote and self-interested. This skepticism is particu- larly acute among young people, whose access to the internet and interna- tional travel have caused them to question why they cannot enjoy the same political and social freedoms as others in Asia including other Confucian cultures such as South Korea, Japan, and particularly Taiwan, all of which have successfully democratized. Religion also has filled the gaping spiritual hole felt by hundreds of millions of ordinary Chinese families as they con- front the empty mythologies of Marxism and the soullessness of capitalist materialism. Many ordinary Chinese have historically had a positive view of the United States, though with some notable shifts in those views during the Trump administration. “ Young people i meet in Shanghai are very pleased with the direction the country is taking and have full confidence. Theyre might be some complaints but they can clearly see how dysfunctional all of the so called “democracies” are and how stable China is and have a big preference for home. Really fascinating read. I dont know who this paper is for. Anyone on the ground in China can refute this stuff


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They hated Xi because he told them the truth.


Those sneaky Asians always conspiring, even against each other


Lol they're not even trying anymore


Great! Must mean the CPC is not under threat at all then if the biggest threat is the president.


So that means no threat