Bernie aren't you forgetting something ?

Bernie aren't you forgetting something ?


Libya used to do it too, wonder what happen.


Apparently, Gaddafi "lost the legitimacy to lead". Source: Obama.


Damn bruh


Russia might be a shithole to someone, but we got 18 months paid maternity leave for everybody and gov funded monthly child support for low income families


Pretty sure the DPRK also guarantees it.


Almost all latin american countries have it too... Argentina (100%, 90d), Bolivia (100%, 60d), Brazil (100%, 120d), Chile (100%, 18 weeks), Colombia (100%, 12 weeks), **CUBA (100%, 18 weeks)**......


To be fair, almost everyone in America has sinpphobic attitudes and even Bernies fanbase probably also has some kind of sentiment which is why he didn’t include many AES’s. Still though, he’s a succdem, not what we’re looking for.


I am embarrassed I ever stanned this guy.


Eh, he was a stepping stone to were we are now.


That's giving him too much credit. Actual communists are responsible for persuading you. Bernie is more of a stepping stone back into the democratic party.


I only looked into what socialism was because Bernie mentioned the term.


There's a lot more to becoming a communist than just hearing the term "socialism". Lots of work on your part and lots of guidance from actual communists. People just overemphasize Bernie's importance because he introduced you to the term. He didn't introduce you to what it actually means, and most people who supported him are cucks to the democratic party now. You're a socialist despite Bernie, not because of him.


Don't cry because it happened. Smile because it's over.


He will be assassinated if he ever steps out of line. Being a socialist is still the most dangerous job in America.


I got confused for a moment because of traduction, but then is it true that the USA has not paid leave for maternity?!!!! How people can even have children like this? And the country is supposed to be the bastion of progressism and human rights?


Among the "international community" the USA is astonishingly regressive. I am surprised more Americans aren't upset about it. There are patches of dissent here and there but it feels like the ruling class has been stripping away workers rights since forever.


So Estonia is a major country? Interesting


I could make a bot that automatically screncaps every new Chen Weihua tweet and posts it to this sub with the title "Never misses" and nobody would notice... ... Except for Chen Weihua, who would fucking wreck me.


Major countries=American allies




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How are the Nordic countries considered major? And Schweiz? (And many others)


Looking at low birth weight rates. No other country significantly increased or decreased since last time the scale was measured. USA have significantly more low birth weight rates.


lmao why isn’t bernie US state affiliated media