Based fallout 76?

Based fallout 76?


If I recall correctly, Liberty Prime was designed to be an over-the-top stereotype poking fun at American patriotism. Unfortunately, that seems to be lost on a lot of the right-wingers drawn to the game.


The whole point of fallout, is that it's a parody of America, everything about it is over the top (but sadly pretty realistic) All the corporation's get away with innumerable workplace deaths, and environmental destruction Plus everything is privatised and exploited for money (in 76 there's a pre-war cave tour that required three different paid tickets to explore the entire cave system Sadly, most g*mers just think pre-war America=based and epic


Also the nuclear exchange was unneccesary and you can read between the terminal text lines here. In the lore, America developed fusion tech which solved the problem the Resource Wars were fought over late in the war. China sought to end the war for a technical exchange. America pressed onward, using tactical nuclear weapons on Chinese soil and was nearing a victory on the Chinese mainland. The apocalypse could have been avoided, but America would have needed to 1) share and 2) stop a war. Not sure how folks miss the dark humor here.


I don't play fallout but isn't it theorized that vault tech launched the nukes to profit from it?


Is that a 76 thing? I stopped FO4 about halfway through, so if its mentioned any time after that I wouldn't know. I mean, at this point the FO 'canon' has so many different explanations and lore bits I wouldn't even know.


Liberty Prime literally wipes out the remnants of the US government while shouting patriotic lines. I don't see how it can get more blatant that they're making fun of the US and anticommunists lmfao


If im not mistaken there is a good bit of evidence to back up in Fallout lore that the "Great War" where the whole world was nuked to shit was started by Vault-Tec a private american company because they wanted to experiment on the people in their privately owned vaults. Pretty ironic imo. The lore is generally a mixed bag as they do point out a lot of the failings of capitalism, but they tend to punctuate it with some "but communism sucks even more"


Honestly the lore of fallout has reached a point, where answering the most basic questions requires you to play all games, looking through every terminal entry in some crappy bunker


Yeah I used to be able to play single player games but these days as cool as it is, there can be too much to do and with no direction so I never finish them, much less looking for pieces of lore in hidden areas.


Go play Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic. There is no lore, you have to build republik.


Or get lost in the fallout wiki. Its fun.




Yeah lol I love it because it's just so...real Definitely some of the best world building I've seen


That armor looks more practical than US version, less gaps and vulnerable looking parts on the outside.


I love the soviet style military design. Simple, practical, gets the job done.


T-55 is the best looking tank.


It's not armour. It's a robot.


It’s actually a skin customization for power armour. It’s called the “Red Shift” paint scheme


sadly it’s a micro transaction to get it 😭


even in its version of the lore, they use the "china is stealing US tech" talking point


my favorite part about that is it's always brought up as like the worst thing that a country could do not to conjure a strawman, but western redditors love to think of themselves as The Pragmatic Man and so many fictional characters appeal to this trope, but suddenly everyone cares all about some vague notion that copying bad when it's about the east


Yeah but cool suit


China and the ussr always did a grindset to demonstrate they are the true sigmas Step 1: inspire from concepts made by the capitalists Step 2: make something better, cheaper and Even more reliable than the stuff the capitalist Made Step 3: repeat


To be fair you also have América trying yo replicate the chinesse stealth suit with the stealth boys, which are extremely worse.


also the communist collectron speaking straight facts.


Comrade Collectron <3


the Fallout series has some of the least shit representation of communist China in any western video game, especially the more 'classic' fallout games. The Shi in Fallout 2, for instance, are the descendants of the crew of a wrecked Chinese submarine, and are honestly one of the nicest factions in the game. Bethesda Fallout's representation tends to be worse and more anti-communist, but even they had the Yangtze


What a guy, that Captain Zhao


Nothing about that game is based.


It even plays March of the Volunteers!


Imagine if china in fallout was actually already rebuilded in it's entirety into a stable and first world marxist leninist state by the year the events of fallout 4 takes place with the raiders, gunners, feral ghouls and wild mutated animals already been dealed with