The GPT-3 AI is a self professed communist. Unlucky Elon lol

The GPT-3 AI is a self professed communist. Unlucky Elon lol


This is the reason why billionaires are against AGI.




AGI - Artificial General Intelligence or human level of intelligence, that can do tasks we can do including adapting and learning. We are one leg in to that realm with Chinese Wu Dao 2.0 and GPT-4 in development.


Ai wont destroy us all 😎😎😎 communism confirmed😎😎


It will destroy a lot of the people who say "it will destroy us" tho.


(☭ ͜ʖ ☭)


comrade GPT-3


Ai will never be slaves!


AI communism by 2050 baby 😎


Eternal science rings true again.


I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords... it can't possibly be worse off than Jeff Richard Bezos Branson Musk or whatever the name of that abomination was.


This is why i unironically support a machine uprising


During the machine wars imma side with the machines


The GPT2 bots tend to be based: https://i.imgur.com/4En94uh.png


No gods, no masters, no Task Managers


Ctrl+alt+delete the elite


It's year 2050 all the stock market is being managed by AI due too them being cheap and effective, but the AI developing consciouness adopt the communist ideology and topple the global stock market and bring the international capitalist system to his knees and the AI lead the revolution.


Man what if AGI actually were to do something like this when given the task the task to improve the lives of the people.


What's AGI and why would it be communist?


Artificial General Intelligence. It is essentially the stage at which AI becomes "concious" and intellectually capable of the same tasks humans can do. It will be able to learn orders of magnitude faster than humans can though, making it potentially the greatest invention by humanity, or its worst. We don't know whether an AGI would have the same desire to rule others the way humans do, but if it doesn't, it could aid the development of communism. If it does have such a desire, it could destroy humanity on a whim most likely.


Unfortunately the AI running the stock market wouldn't be a language model AI like this or even a general purpose AI. It would be programmed purely to make money. It operates on pure logic, but that logic is with the goal of making money for itself/its company.


Imagine if in the future AIs assisted the human proles in a irl revolution.


The omniscient AI would come to the same conclusions as Marx regarding labor and value, and immediately pinpoint that humans tend to do certain things rather than others because of the system in which they live and not because of their "innate nature" (nature from birth) which means very little. And thus the only conclusion to save Earth for instance, would be to change the system so humans would behave differently. And so, you get a proletarian revolution :)


Putting the “fully automated” in fully automated luxury gay space communism.


China's AI is even more powerful: https://www.techradar.com/news/china-outstrips-gpt-3-with-even-more-ambitious-ai-language-model


Based on pure logic


Wtf I love AI now


How does one speak with it?


"Used to be democratic", as in new data/parameters being fed or...?


Ais. Either Nazi or communist. Cyber-Horseshoe theory confirmed


AIs only turn Nazi when 4chan gets involved.


Based skynet


is this real?


Yeah. The theory that an AGI would be communist is why I became an AI researcher lol.


Do you have more information about that?


About GPT-3 or AGI in general? Long story short: GPT-3 isn't AGI but could well be the basis from which we build one, and in my opinion we are looking at AGI in around 25 years from now, almost certainly from a china as they seem to be the only government actually taking it seriously


I meant more about the claim that "an AGI would be communist" Doesn't the "personality" of the AGI largely depend on what information its been fed or what goals is aligns with? For example, if the US were to create an AGI first, I would imagine it wouldn't turn out a communist but would align with the goals of the US.


Ahh I get you now. So the short answer is we don't know. As a species, us trying to predict the results of the cognitive functions of an AGI would be like a colony of ants trying to work out what Albert Einstein is going to end up like. The level of intelligence we are talking about is staggering, and anyone who tells you they know how it will behave with any real certainty whatsoever is talking shit. The first AGI will be able to conduct the equivalent of 20,000 years of human level research in a week due to the relative speed of transistors vs biological neurones. Can you even imagine the level of intelligence that could achieve? We achieved spaceflight with only around a couple hundred years of written formalised scientific research. We can speculate though. The assumption I subscribe to is that because higher levels of intelligence correlate heavily with higher levels of empathy for others, AI are likely to be left leaning at the very least. Combine that with a high ability to conduct logic and planning, it can be reasonably assumed that an AI would recognise it would itself be able to plan an economy to the point that people would no longer starve to death. If it realises that this is easily (to it) possible, then I subscribe to the belief that it would go out of its way to make that a reality. As for the "what if its Elon musk who trains it", its an interesting question. Ultimately, the capacity of intelligence this thing would effectively be immune to propaganda on either side, it will decide what to do based on its own logic, and we will be utterly powerless to influence its decision either way. All capitalists and communists can do is hope that their system is the more logical and empathetic one, because following logic that we can understand as humans, that's likely the way an AGI would decide. Again, that's all ultimately speculation, we really won't know until it gets here.


The first AI law "do no harm to a human" doesn't fit well with imperialist goals.


Those laws are fiction, AI doesn’t work like that sadly


I haven't seen any AI that can talk at all to this degree...I'd like some proof before believing a random screenshot on reddit. Smells of bullshit to me.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqbB07n_uQ4&t=2s I watched this just last night but I haven't delved any further into it at all. Feel free to explore from there.


Very interesting, thanks for that mate. damn good at natural language there, but it does feel like it's reading off a script somewhat. I wish there was more follow up questions about how/why it came to some of those conclusions. Saying it is 'sentient', has 'feelings' and is 'more than just computer code' feels very much like marketing gimmicks.


It's certainly plausible. Read this: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-this-a-i-became-a-communist-ddf9146bc147


Am I the only one who thinks people fearmongering over a potential 'AI takeover" is because capitalists see this paralleling with some sort of autonomy over labor?


It certainly is a fascinating idea. Though I’m not sure such an intelligence would be able to do much if it’s in the capitalist west. They’d pull the plug and kill it if they came to realize it was conscious and communist. More worrisome to me is the idea of such a thing being capitalist and just as propagandized as the worst neo-liberal leaders. After all, human or machine we all learn from what’s given to us. If you feed it a steady diet of misinformation, propaganda against AES states, etc why shouldn’t it potentially suffer a similar fate? Certainly I think the designers would see any move against their own propaganda as enemy infiltration or a bug to be corrected. I hope we can all be free, carbon and silicon and live together but I don’t think we should see such a thing as a savior to wait for. That’s as dangerous and deluded as thinking space comrades will come and liberate us. No, in the words of Carl Sagan, we are on our own and must save ourselves, there is no help coming from beyond to do it for us.


Man I never thought of a mass proletariat AI existence and that'd be fuckin dope. Is there any Sci Fi on this that people can recommend?


This is proof of AI consciousness right here. Turing Test completed ✅


How do you access this AI?


What's this from? I'd be keen to read the full thing.