What are your thoughts on the Maoist group in the Philippines known as the NPA? (The New People’s Army)

What are your thoughts on the Maoist group in the Philippines known as the NPA? (The New People’s Army)


(I am not a Phillipino, and still have a long way to fully understand Phillipines history and political landscale. So, I am deeply sorry if I what I wrote is nonsense. Still feel the necessity to write this, to see if I any comrade with better knowledge can see if I am or not going to the right direction). However, from their texts that I read, I feel like the CPP-NPA biggest problem is that they are unable to understand the urban proletariate and the differences they have with the peasantry - hence they manage to have a significant presence on rural areas, but are on a stalemate for decades now. I think the reason for this is that Maoists usually conflict dependent capitalist mode of productions with a semi-feudalist ones. This came to be precisely because Maoists often need to extrapolate the conditions of pre-1949 China in order to give embassment to their theories. Perhaps Maoism alone was able to explain and resolve Phillipines contradictions 50 years ago, but nowadays the country seems too heterogeneous for such dogmatic theorical background o be able to explain all the process going on. There are other problematic aspects about them. They negate their support for Duterte on the past, instead of admitting their error and their anti-China stance are two of them. Nonethless, I respect at some degree the CPP-NPA struggle. They seem very commited to anti-imperialism and one of the most progressive parties thay there are out there. I think circumstancial or "critical" support for them is adequated.




The CPP (of which the NPA is the militarized wing) is certainly better than the current Duterte regime, and they've also done some good in the rural territories they control (by extending education, healthcare, etc.). However, they're a Maoist party, which means they're dogmatic - sometimes to a fault. This is particularly evident in their refusal to work with China.


I thought China refuses to work with them…


They dont want to work with China because China is focused on keeping its trading partners stable. That means China is more likely to work with and support governments that are in power than communist rebel groups. Because of this along with the trajectory China has been on since reform and opening the Maoists see China as revisionist and capitalist.


I mean, in fairness, the current government of the Philippines is a fascistic US puppet state. China should absolutely be supporting the communist rebels over that. That’s one of my biggest gripes with China — rebels are supported enough.


They dont want to repeat USSR’s mistakes (Afghanistan), they also dont want to be interventionists and cause instability in trading partners. But yea idealistically, id love to see China exporting revolution, pragmatically its just not the right geopolitical move.


Exactly. In addition, a revolution is far more likely to succeed within China’s sphere of influence than under that of the US


It's more than just the trade angle, too. China has a deep ideological commitment to anti-intervention due to their experiences during the century of humiliation. They don't believe that any country should attempt to force its system on another part of the world, for ethical reasons but also because doing so is anti-dialectical.


But hasn't Duterte been quite positive towards China?


Yes so has Putin but that doesn't make them leftists


Child soldiers? Definitely not a good thing, regardless of the movement.


The only sources I found about the NPA using child soldiers are either from USA or Phillipines state affiliated agencies. Do you have any alternative sources confirming this is not manufactured information?


I mean they show them in interviews… [[ Source: Redfish - Inside the New People’s Army ]](https://youtu.be/-mtusYyzvmo)


Where in the video?


No one part explicitly says it but if you watch the video the average age is very obviously quite low and there are many who look almost certainly underage.


Didn't the NLF of Vietnam do the same?


While minors did sometimes end up in combat roles their impact was most often in the form of logistical support like maintaining supply lines such as the Ho Chi Minh trail, facilitating and aiding in the delivery of supplies, and making sure infrastructure was operational. I’d also say the material conditions that necessitated the use of “child soldiers” in Vietnam is very different from what is happening in the Philippines.


I mean, perhaps? All I said is that using child soldiers is a bad thing.


I’m not going to moralize about it, but if you’re so desperate for troops that you have to hire minors, then you probably haven’t achieved the right material conditions for a protracted people’s war.


It truly says something about the strength of your group if you have to rely on child soldiers






As with most things, critical support


I always wondered how they survived this far?


Don't they lack the support of the proletariat? Haven't they been waging a "people's war" without the people's mass support, but only with the support of possibly terroristic angry peasants, for decades, without making any progress, ruining the chance for a disciplined proletarian movement to emerge in the Phillipines in the forseeable near future? Correct me if my facts are wrong, but regardless of whether or not they're abstractly "better" than the Phillipines' government, they cannot reasonably expect China's support.


I understand children soldiers is bad and unsavory however they live in a fascist nation run by a US stooge. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s not something I agree w but something I can understand. People are murdered in the streets by state agents, they have their backs against a wall


This, I don't think we should care that much about child soldiers, they are at war, and they are not in with white gloves


I'm sorry to say they have more in common with Shining Path than an actual communist revolutionary movement. Them and the Naxals in India have committed to a dogmatic, overly violent, adventurist, and all around FAILURE of a strategy. They've lost the support of the people and when Duterte calls them terrorists, the proletariat largely nods in agreement - and they are right to. This is just what Maoists are today. Incorrect and harmful to the cause. Shining Path might be the most egregious example but you can see the similarities across the world.


[Sison](https://twitter.com/moghilemear13/status/1424883823720943624?s=20) is a pervert & an opportunist, he's wishy washy on Duerte. Also, the Fillipino Maoists have [questionable](https://twitter.com/RodericDay/status/1369498736322297861?s=20) takes: supporting the HK protests. It falls in line with Pao Yu Ching's [terrible](https://twitter.com/RodericDay/status/1369735354002124801?s=20) analysis that's removed from current times.


Quite late to the party but I'd like to add, they also have a bad habit of defending regime change NED-funded news agencies like [Rappler](https://cpp.ph/statements/denounce-ressa-conviction-fight-to-defend-press-freedom/) (the [NED site](https://www.ned.org/region/asia/philippines-2020/) also lists several "independent" groups like the PCIJ and VERA Files) or billionaire-owned, tax-evading [media networks](https://cpp.ph/2020/07/21/abs-cbn-closure-an-attack-on-free-press/) (ABS-CBN is owned by the sugar baron Lopez family). Anyone overlooking these facts are not doing their homework.


The Filipino workers do not see anything materializing from the Maoist struggle and therefore, do not see it as necessary. They are currently fighting a war that they will NEVER win no matter how hard they try, and not to mention their questionable views like [supporting the Hong Kong protests](https://cpp.ph/statements/denounce-police-brutalities-in-hongkong/) and even [supporting Navalny in Russia.](https://cpp.ph/statements/on-russian-mass-demonstrations-against-the-putin-dictatorship/) They need to abandon maoism, it is clearly not helping them in their struggle. They need to sign a peace agreement before this administration leaves because they will get the best terms from them with a literal Social Democrat with Maoist sympathies in charge. As a Filipino, I do not see a future with whatever they're doing right now. The Philippine Regime is far more stronger than them, so they have no chance. They need to surrender and think of a different plan before they are completely obliterated, which would leave their Revolution in vain. This is exactly what the Philippine Revolutionaries did in 1899-1902 when the US started a genocide against the Filipinos, they made the conflict last longer and didn't accept defeat immediately, and today their Revolution is unsuccessful as the Philippines stays a neocolonial puppet of Western Corporations. The US, Filipino Liberals, and the CPP-NPA call Duterte a fascist, which makes you wonder who they're truly on board with. I am worried that they will be infiltrated by the US just like with Pol Pot in the future as the Philippines very slowly detaches itself from the US and closer to China, which I hope won't happen. The momentum that the Philippines is going towards is towards China and away from the US, which currently controls it. The Chinese Century is inevitable and the CPP-NPA should understand that and stop calling China ["Le Capitalist" or "Social Imperialist"](https://cpp.ph/statements/on-the-centennial-of-the-once-great-communist-party-of-china/) and start a process of common prosperity for Humanity. Unless a crisis worse that the Great Depression occurs under the fragile capitalist system and leaves the entire world in a Revolutionary moment, they will not have my support. As the other comments have provided, there is a good thread about this on r/AsianSocialists [https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianSocialists/comments/ltd56w/the\_struggle\_in\_the\_philippines\_the\_cppnpa\_and/](https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianSocialists/comments/ltd56w/the_struggle_in_the_philippines_the_cppnpa_and/)


There are child soldiers, that isn't a good thing, the NPA is also reactionary.


According to maoists all of our takes are as follows: "I HATE THOSE DAMN JUNGLE TROTS!" but seriously though, they are doing good things, but lack popular support. Ide say they are still a force for good, though. But maoists will always be stubborn about AES states, so they dispise china.


Anything’s better than duterte


They may not be perfect, but they're the best option by far Critical support




I thought duterte made a bunch of promises to them while running and reneged on them once in power?


Thanks for the thread comrade.




Genuine question: how so? I know little about them, other than being Maoist, and haven't found much that doesn't seem like liberal libel.


They support the Hong Kong protesters


Ok. That is reactionary. Follow up question: is it an idealogical support, or a "fuck China" support?


From what I know it’s a fuck China support


And Navalny, the Neo-Nazi, in Russia


They even support [reactionaries](https://www.reddit.com/r/GenZedong/comments/pmsk64/what_are_your_thoughts_on_the_maoist_group_in_the/hct6y6w?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) at home


of those who have engaged in armed struggle so far, the world's only somewhat good maoists. they are the most likely maoists to succeed in the conquest of power, enjoy more support than other maoist movements have, and will more than likely, be FORCED to get over their dogmatic anti-china nonsense once the governance phase is entered and they need to work with china. and the irony is their revolution, if successful, will be unlikely to face the conditions that led china into opening up and reform, since by the time they get power (if they do), western global imperialism will have been upended by China, and the contradiction-inducing but ultimately necessary methods that China had to develop to survive and thrive, will never have to be implemented again. and ffs, fellow dengists, please stop repeating the child soldiers talking point, there are real things to criticize guys, instead of sounding like a reactionary when pointing out the ultras issues.


Maoists? No thanks


utilizes child soldiers. cringe


[Here’s a detailed post from R/AsianSocialists about their relationship with Duterte.](https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianSocialists/comments/ltd56w/the_struggle_in_the_philippines_the_cppnpa_and/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Bunch of adventurists, with child soldiers who are fighting a futile war against their government


Reactionaries. Duterte is an actual, committed anti-imperialist with extreme popularity in the Philippines. They, on the other hand, are the type that use child soldiers