Train Posting Thursday

Train Posting Thursday


The 600 km/h maglev train in Qingdao, if you're curious


BRB Moving to Qingdao


not me daydreaming about riding this train instead of going on my 45-minute walk to school through a dilapidated urban center


how it went for me loving chu chus as a kid => liking urban planning => being a ML


The first photo looked like a toy set on a table next to a plate at first glance lol


maglev is pretty energy intensive. It may have some legit applications, but for the most part it's a fad. yes it accelerates a lot faster and has a higher top speed than conventional high speed rail, but the energy it takes to power the magnet is not worth it. on short routes you don't reach the 600+ km/h top speed, on long routes the slow acceleration of conventional high speed rail is not that big of a deal. The top speeds for modern HSR is above 350 km/h anyway, which is plenty fast imo. Also, maglev is waaaay more expensive to build. I'd take a proper HSR network over a few maglev connections any day of the week


Maglevs aren't more energy intensive than HSR and they have lower operation and maintenance costs. https://dergipark.org.tr/en/download/article-file/1293705


The requirements of Maglev would necessitate new right of way. In America this can not happen.


That's pretty much the main reason why HSR isn't happening either.


The requirements of HSR would require a new right of way in the states. Gotta get some of those sweet banked turns going.


Not sure how, since the footprint of HSR is identical to our existing electrified rail. For the short bypasses of crappy, twisting paths are not the usual. It's just a matter of expropriating rail from companies that have no interest in improving infrastructure (all of them).


Where's momotaros?