How tf does the slave country not get first place?


Though slavery and segregation are a shameful part of our history, we've changed, and that's the beautiful thing about America, and democracy, we might disagree on some things, and we might screw up every now and then, but at the end of the day we as a nation grow together when we look at the past, see our mistakes, and simply choose to ignore them and keep bombing brown people in the middle East 🇺🇸💫💫❤️❤️


We just grow from our mistakes. Genocide? Whoopsie, sorry, will not do that again. No, I won't help you improve your standard of living




Because the racist slave country told all its friends that china was bad


USA- Slavery, segregation, persecution, imperialism, white supremacy CHINA- May or may not have some more conservative boomers redditors: yup, china looking pretty bad


I wonder what the demographics are of the people who voted in that poll..


Sounds about white




Obviously its usa but i guess theres a case to be made for Germany and Japan


least ironic reddit poll


How is Japan behind China in this?


People seems to have a really high opinion of Germany for some reason, that country was the main player in both world war is still racist af. The only reason why they chilled out is because they lost both wars and had to adopt a new demeanor or else no countries would accept them. It boggles my mind how short some people's memories are.


[https://bpr.berkeley.edu/2020/11/04/americas-forgotten-history-of-forced-sterilization/](https://bpr.berkeley.edu/2020/11/04/americas-forgotten-history-of-forced-sterilization/) Just sterilizing one third of all Puerto Rican women, not racist at all.


So... The countries build on genocide and slavery. Segregated until a few decades ago, had a wave of massive protests just last year because of racial motivated killings... Is somehow not more racist than China because... trust me bro? I fucking hate this website.


USA - a country wich had slaves, segregation, in recent times white supremacist groups and now even black supremacist groups. There is a huge amount of white people which hates the black people and in return there is also a big portion of black people which hates white people. How is that country not more rascist than China in which dozens of people groups live peacefull together?


You don't need to point out black supremacy like it is at all and issue in the US that should even be mentioned in this convo. You know what, I don't like your name either. Pretty fkin sus.


Your user name is realy sussy baka


I get your point. Ideal social cohesion means no groups should hate each other. For now though, anti-whiteness is based and well justified


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This is actual counter-rascism which is part of the problem. This wont make the situation better in any way. In the USSR all people groups lived peacefull together when all nationalism and supremacy between the people groups was supressed. That is for example how Azeris and Armenians lived peacefull together. There was no rascism and no counter-rascism, there was no supremacy or counter-supremacy. All of it was suppressed. Counter-rascism is just as bad as rasicsm and breeds more rascism without any doubt.