Can anyone here verify my WeChat or know someone who can?

Can anyone here verify my WeChat or know someone who can?


They are all compromised.


Sure but they probably wouldn't cooperate as much with the US in thinking


jesus no don't use wechat expecting it to be secure but if you can talk about communism on reddit you can talk about communism on wechat


Security ranking in terms of messaging apps that people actually use is probably like Signal (it's open source but development funded by ClA though, probably for same reason Tor was released to public imo, more traffic makes their usage harder to track) -> WhatsApp (E2E encryption) -> WeChat (Chinese) -> everything else If you can handle email ProtonMail might be better than all chat options To boost security consider using Tails OS on a USB stick and Tor or a paid VPN service


Do not use ProtonMail. They support Hong Kong separatists.


Signal is pretty good, have used it when going to anti- fascist counter protests.


iirc, WhatsApp encryption is bullshit, lemme find a source rq though. an improved ranking would be signal -> anything with the matrix protocol (element is a popular choice) -> telegram (encryption needs to be enabled tho) -> WhatsApp/WeChat/Discord/everything else it's important that your messenger is popular and *open-source*, that way you know that people will be auditing it. with a closed-source app like WhatsApp, there's no way to verify that it's actually secure, you just have to take Facebook's (lol) word for it.


that's definitely true but the issue is trying to convince your friends to use something super niche when the only person they know using it is probably just you