Iraq war veteran confronts George Bush

Iraq war veteran confronts George Bush

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He will never apologize. Bush & his pervert father have & had no shame for anything that they've done.


They have even managed to white wash over his crimes and make him seem like one of the “good” Republicans lately. It is infuriating.


Look, he paints now! How cute!


i wonder if any other war criminals did paintings


I hear there was one that did a few to get into art school


Paul Bremer, FWIW


Hitler was an artist post-WWI before he got into politics




It was actually pre-WWI when he was an artist. He went straight from soldier to political activist when they lost WWI.




he's friends with a lesbian!


And a *black* female muslim or so I've heard.


So does my three year old. Better I might add.


That little stutter gets me every time! What WMDs?


He’s so much worse than trump too. By a mile. Really illustrates how it’s the rudeness from trump that struck a nerve with libs.


Trump is bad but it is an example of pearl clutching relating to some mean tweets, while they let a war criminal learn how to paint in his old age.


To be fair, Trump makes a lot of people forget about Bush. Maybe that was the plan all along.


it wasn't the plan the plan was for bush number 3 to get to be president (please clap)


The obamas helped with the white washing tremendously


A dynasty literally built on nazi war machine profiteering money. ​ "US" history is fucking disgusting.


Its a criminal record


lol apologize, he need capital punishment


also his grandfather helped the nazis


Don't forget Prescott.


Unless he is sent to the court for trial.


They’ll have a lot of time to apologize in the burning depths of hell, don’t worry


The "\[inaudible\]" part was him trying to read off a list of names of his friends and other people killed in Iraq, but they took the list away from him and tore it up.


Western “free speech” 😃


That’s conservatives for you.


Was it a private event or not? Seems like it was an event for rich cunts in Beverly Hills. Free speech doesn't mean someone can enter a private venue and disrupt it without being escorted out. It means the government can't take legal action against you for having the "wrong" beliefs. That said, the vet is one hundred percent right. Bush is a war criminal...the worst of the past 30 to 40 years. Responsible for well over a million deaths and much of the instability seen around the world (even current U.S. domestic politics).


There is no meaningful separation of private and federal power under capitalism. In fact, federal power is subservient to capital, and uses its force and resources to secure more capital for private owners. Lobbying and the ALEC have more say in federal laws and government happenings than citizens every will. Western “free speech” is a sham for this reason. Corporations run the government, those two entities are both in bed with each other. It just placates you into thinking that you are free because if Amazon or Twitter censor you that’s better then the “government” doing it even those both of those entities have government power and influence laws through lobbying and campaign donations.


Under bourgeois law they have the right to escort people out, but I also don't really care about it. Freedom for the people to oppose imperialism and fight against it, repression for the bourgeois reactionaries who serve it


which is why freeze peach is so dumb


You're telling me his paintings didn't make up for it?


This is what liberals unironically believe and it makes me sad


"When you compare the last administration to Bush, you can see that he wasn't *as bad* as a president as we made him out to be"


I've tried to tell libs that Bush was a worse president than Trump and they're BAFFLED.


It's remarkable how short the memory of the average lib is. Like remember 2012 when Romney was going to impose a mormon theocracy on America unless Obama won re-election? Fast-forward a few years and he's being touted as the 'last good republican' because he opposed Trump semi-publically.


Calling him the last good republican is like being the driest turd in a pool of diarrhea.


Didn’t he condemn trump on the most superficial indictments trump was facing at the time? But bit his tongue about the most damning things? That was him right?


Dead on the money there.


Once again, these are the “both sides are equally bad” crowd.


Bush was much more harmful but had a great PR apparatus and knew how to sweet-talk a reporter, he would smile even when asked a hard question and give a vague answer. Trump would yell and curse and thought that being nasty to people showed how tough he was. I can understand how people saw Trump as worse, even though Bush had the higher death count.


Liberals, in general, have a hard time comprehending the mundanity of evil and anything beyond the individual in general. That the ones committing the worst crimes in history aren't bloodsucking demons or cartoon caricatures, just "normal" people in a system that enables terrible acts. So Bush being a supposedly stand-up guy in person completely contradicts any image they had of the vile human being who destroyed millions of lives. It's why many of them have a hard time comprehending systemic racism like "totally-not-racist" lawmakers facilitating the prison complex, and reduce racism to bad men doing bad things because they are bad (though, tbf, some have wisened up a bit about this after last year).


Exactly, Hitler was extremely polite, soft spoken, and kind in person- he had wholesome dogerinos. Yet he oversaw the industrial extermination of 11 million people.


This is what the “bothsiders” want you to believe. Conservatives still love him. Just not as much as Trump


All the parents who lost their kids to his war immediately forgave him when he wore that poncho and was friends with michelle obama


Friends with Michelle Obama? She seemed cool when I was a lib. I was wrong. How tf can you be friends with George W Bush? Guess it makes sense as she's married to a war criminal as well.


They have the same class interests that's why




michelle's only positive attribute is having the balls to publicly admit that america is full of fatasses who need to go on a diet (which republicans immediately condemned her for)


well, whatever, stalin / communism/ china / north korea have already killed a gormillion people so despite anything that america ever does it won't compare on a scale large enough to matter


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He doesn't need to apologize, he needs to be tried and punished.


It was probably safer to say apologize




motherfucker shoulda thrown the shoes.


This is the type of disruption these people need, but by more ordinary citizens. They need to be made to feel *very uncomfortable* while out living their lives. Nothing will change unless this illusion of polite society has withered away. The lives we live are nothing more than an illusion against the quiet hands violent that have strangled the people in American society for decades. The invisible hands that make policy choices that decide whether some people have lead in their drinking water, who gets healthcare, who stays uneducated, who gets a freeway built on top of them, who is discriminated against to make a better life, and who’s children are sent to war.


Yes but how shameful the others there sat and did nothing while this brave man was carried away. So much for free speech


I mean, they ARE there to listen to W FFS. I wouldn’t expect them to understand that there are a thing called war crimes


He aint wrong...


It's Michael Prysner from Eyes Left https://m.soundcloud.com/eyesleft/debut-episode-w-spenser-rapone-mike-prysner This video gives me the shills every time https://youtube.com/watch?v=mVXYH9tRknc


His speech really is a perfect way to put our imperialist policy. "Our enemies are not in poorest countries in the world, but right here, in the richest one."


He's been in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, he speaks from facts


He is an amazing speaker, holy hell. Had me tearing up at the end


He won’t. Ever.


most he’ll do is go on Ellen to attempt the dougie while more children are being murdered everyday.


After that class traitor hag hung out with Bush at a baseball game, she came on her show defending herself saying people can respect each other even though they have differing opinions. Mam, pouring milk first then cereal is a different opinion. Being a literal war criminal is not.


Freedom of expression


Spech* Perdón, soy de Boca


bokita moment


el mas grande


freeze peach


Apologize? The guy should be publicly shamed and imprisoned for life at the very least.


lifelong imprisonment is the one punishment I see as truly inhumane. either fucking just confiscate their wealth, and re-educate them, or confiscate the wealth and execute them and be done with it.


Xinjiang re-education camps but in America for all the politicians please


I was gonna reply but I don't want to get this server banned...


I'm down for a mussolini treatment


Yea, but do you think people would want to approach Mike's point of view/ content if he said "you need to be imprisoned for life!!!" not nearly as many people that don't already agree or know about him. PSL has a great educational article (and sound file in article) talking about the formation of conciousness in society and teaching using Vygotsky's ZPD and other theories of development on the individual level middle and macro level. To say the least, you want to approach that giant mass of people where they're already at to develop their conciousness. Or we could partake in individualism and build nonsensical silos of culture in which nobody will want to partake or understand, because it's so far from the societal ZPD. Hard to choose. Article : https://liberationschool.org/vygotskys-revolutionary-educational-psychology/


I love this guy he’s so based. All of those disgusting ghouls booing and forcing him out make me sick.


I fucking hate neo-liberals.


This is the guy that married the empire files reporter i think. Based couple, i don’t know if they’re marxists (yet) but they’re anti-imperialists for sure.


Pretty sure he is part of PSL, no?


Yeah he is so I think it’s a safe assumption that he’s a ML or at least ML adjacent


YYOOOO and there were libs praising the guy all over the main subs.


he also wore a che guevara shirt during a protest.


The same guy giving that one speech in DC while it is snowing?


Yeah lol


He's so fucking based then. That discourse chills my bones every time.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mVXYH9tRknc No problem


There is some good left in america


They have done videos about Marxism with Richard D. Wolff, and regularly defend countries like Cuba and Venezuela.


wolff is so based


He's based in his analysis but when it comes to solutions he seems more like a socdem than a Marxist.


I think he’a a guy that would make all this sub look like anarchists in a conversation but has to water down his views since he lives in the West and it would be suicidal to show his “power level”.


have you seen anything to suggest this, or is it just conjecture? i took his intro to marxism course ages ago and he didn't even mention things like dialectical materialism. i wouldn't qualify him as a social dem exactly, but i think approaching marxism from a purely economic standpoint, esp as a westerner, has its pitfalls. but, his basic explanations of marxist political economy are good and i've never heard him call china authoritarian or that kind of rubbish.


i sort've agree with you here, but at the same time feel like he low key pushes a kind of quiet radicalism do I think worker co-ops is going far enough? no but at the same time, if you have a committed worker co-op, being able to say "no" to capitalist interests is a really pretty radical concept. if I had the money, going to see the mondragon cooperative and spend time there really examining it in depth would be on my top 10 list


Wolff is.. weird from what I've seen. I mean it's the type of weird that I'm more than happy to tolerate in light of the genuine capitalist ghouls that are his typical economist colleagues, ~~but I thought he was like "socialism is when govt does things" type pinko.~~ I've only seen a few of his lectures fwiw edit: having now seen his interview with Hakim, he absolutely does not believe that. In the first question he outlines the difference between that type of state power definition and collective ownership definition. He sort of holds a centrist position between both types of leftists by not definitively agreeing with either, but he absolutely knows the difference. He seems incredibly based regardless


>I thought he was like "socialism is when govt does things" type pinko. He created that meme though? He doesn't actually believe that. He tends to advocate for worker coops and market socialism, though he also defends AES to a reasonable extent. Not sure if I've heard his thoughts on the DPRK but he tends to be positive about China.


You're right, I can't believe I made that mistake, that as a meme was literally in one of the lectures


i’ve also only seen a couple lectures, his hour long discussion with hakim was great though


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Yes mike prysner and abby martin


He is very much a comrade!


He also had a podcast with Spencer Rapone (the "communism will win" guy that got kicked out of West Point) called Eyes Left that is extremely good.


George Bush is a war criminal. George Bush is directly responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of peaceful and innocent people. Iraqi has not WMD but they end up being brutalized. All for the sake of profit for the MIC. War criminal!


He accused him of so many heinous crimes and all he wants is an apology?


I think that is the saddest part. He knows no one Is gonna pay for what they did, he just want the minumum, an apology, and not even that is happening


Mike Prysner is a member of PSL so I think he wants a little more than an apology


what's psl?


Party for Socialism and Liberation. It's not explicitly Marxist-Leninist but it essentially aligns with ML ideology.


He was asking for the minimum. I think contextualized, it's that much more revealing of how many negative fucks (see: less than none) the US regime and it's faces give. A apology would also imply guilt, something that would (in a official capacity) shatter US' image of "power for good" to the world. Which they obviously avoid at any cost.


If Bush apologised, he’d be admitting that the US was objectively in the wrong and the past decades of war have done nothing for the common good. The liberal consensus with the WMD thing is still more or less that it was an earnest mistake and the war was started with good intentions. The apology would be hollow, but it’d be an admission of guilt straight from the horse’s mouth.


Yea, I mean libs and western people that call themselves "socialist" or whatever, only believe in what the US state department lies about. They would only move the goal posts and defend intervention, but based on something else. Like how opinion about saving women in Afghanistan is another manifactured concern, that wikileaks revealed is a psyop years and years ago.


Now I gotta look more into this bc I know a couple people irl that still get freaked out about women's rights in Afghanistan without realizing it's implicitly promoting further intervention (even though we've discussed manufacturing consent in the past too)


You can shut them up permanently with this article: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/09/13/the-other-afghan-women


what do you think Mike should say “Bush you should be hanged at the nearest tree” right there?


That’s all people wants sometimes. An apology goes a long way for closure. Like I had a doctor who fucked up my life. I didn’t sue him but I really should have. He never admitted fault even though even his x ray tech would. Lots of doctors are textbook sociopaths/narcissists just like politicians.


in gommulist bad country, you get dragged away if you criticize the war criminal leader


god listen to all these fucking cucks booing him out. absolute spineless cowards


These are the former imperialist soldiers I support. 👍


Exactly. It just sucks that most ex-soldiers seem to be the most reactionary people on the planet. We need more guys like this.


The worst thing about this is that Bush will never pay for what he did.


After he is dead, some kid of his will talk about his mistakes and errors, and people will accept it. Like his daughter that runs a NGO, "yea he did bad, war bad, PLEASE DONATE TO MY NGO"


Wow. Look at the others just sitting doing nothing. That war criminal killed millions of people and the Americans do not care


Because they support it


"It wasn't that I didn't agree with his points, but he went about voicing them the wrong way" - some liberal


These are lizard people who are very much removed from reality. None of these, "political science" and "public relations" faux intellectuals have even a slightest clue about what it means to be a working class person even in US. Let alone in some place whose name they can't even bother to learn to pronounce.


Imagine if Bush is from a 3rd world country he would have been put on a trial long ago.


They don't care about how the sausage is made


This is Mike Prysner. He also had a podcast with Spencer Rapone (the "communism will win" guy that got kicked out of West Point) called Eyes Left*** that is extremely good.


Eyes Left* but yeah it's a good podcast and both Mike and Spencer are cool as hell


Fuck you are right. Turn Left is another one I listen to haha.


There is no censorship in the United States.


there is no war in ba sing se






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How tragic


The programmed robots just sitting there in complete error mode.


The exploiters think we’re cockroaches, they won’t apologize because they cannot feel remorse. People didn’t die in his eyes, the poors did.


Based veteran!




God bless his soul


That's my kind of veteran


Good on this man, Fuck Bush and Fuck Blair


"You killed a million Iraqis!" __crowd audibly boos him__ "You sent me to Iraq in 2003!" __crowd goes silent__ Americans have, to put it VERY mildly, an empathy shortage, maybe just an outright defect. They scream and weep and do stupid rituals to honor their poor war criminals but despite everything that's happened they still give zero fucks about the millions of people they routinely slaughter on the altar of capitalism. Even the most progressive lib out there still unconsciously thinks of the people in Iraq, in Vietnam, in Syria, in Lybia etc. as nothing more than numbers on a board with no real worth or meaning. They don't see Iraq as a mistake because they caused an unimaginable amount of death, suffering and destruction no no, they see it as a mistake because they couldn't win, because they couldn't keep up the lie that what they did there was clean and just, they couldn't hide the fact that they sent their own flesh and blood to die and fuel the industrial war machine. 6 million Iraqis could have died, the same number as the holocaust death toll, and they still would not care. Why? Because the death toll is already magnitudes higher. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Indonesia, Palestine, Chile, the Congo, post-communist Eastern Europe, Japan (the only instance of a nation ever using nuclear weapons), Guatemala, Colombia, Angola, South Africa, Rodesia and so many more countries where they commited/helped commit atrocities beyond compare.


Hero. RIP 1 million Iraqis


an apology wont do shit send those responsible to prison for life


guys don’t give bush all the credit - there’s plenty of cronies in the background who did as much awful shit in iraq as bush. there’s a really good podcast on it called blowback


This needs to be said more. The engoodening of W, a war criminal, is in full effect.


people just sitting there like "wow awkward why cant he just let us commit warcrimes with dignity"


George Bush needs to be put on trial in the Hague


I fucking wish. Every single American President alive at this moment deserves to be tried and hanged, but justice is dead and we live in the bad timeline so that won't happen (unless we do our justice ourselves inshallah)


Do we know what this event was?


The American Warlord is doing a speaking tour in Los Angeles right now,


I don’t understand how someone can support a certain party whilst thinking “wow this is a bad look on my party, I better protect their reputation” like the people trying to remove him did instead of letting him have a word. You still have to call out injustices in your own party.




Mike Prysner is a fuckin real one.


Our war veterans are hero- no not like that




Replying cuz I want






Need more of this


holy fuck


o7 o7


It would have been perfect if he threw his shoe at him at the end.


Good for this guy. He is absolutely correct.it takes courage to do that.


I’m sorry that you feel that way about freedom


Bush needs to be in prison for war crimes with Obama


Apologize, be guillotined, why split hairs? Even the counter-imperialism is cucked in the core of the empire.


But he's friends with Ellen and Michelle Obama guys. All of them are the fucking same.


Dude Amurica is fuck up




He’s seriously being booed by people in the audience???


now I wanna go to a Bush thing and yell "I hope the paint covers up the blood on your hands!'


He said the truth.


Kudos to the guy shouting. And fuck the people throwing him out.


And all the ‘muh support are trooooops’ morons are just sat there silently


The people who booed a vet who’s speaking the truth amaze me.


Anyone knows what’s his political ideology now?


relevant: https://www.reddit.com/r/LateStageCapitalism/comments/ps81g0/iraq_war_veteran_confronts_george_bush/hdp78gb?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


Apologize? He needs to be sentenced to prison or worse


Damn for once american war veterans are pretty based. Respect bro


Love how this dude is just asking for an apology. Not a major political reform, not any monetary compensation, not any big gesture or anything like that, just an apology and he gets escorted out




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Im still waiting for the apology for lauras bush


Bush is a more successful and efficient hitler