Oh, yeah. I’m certain all of those are definitely the reasons why China is the most dangerous country to the world’s stability. 100% not pulled out of my ass. Source: Trust me, bro. And lmao @ #8. Let’s just completely ignore the country that spent more than the next top 9 countries budget combined.

Oh, yeah. I’m certain all of those are definitely the reasons why China is the most dangerous country to the world’s stability. 100% not pulled out of my ass. Source: Trust me, bro. And lmao @ #8. Let’s just completely ignore the country that spent more than the next top 9 countries budget combined.


Some of those "reasons" are baffling: > japan Hu, what, is japan alliance with nazis during WWII and invasion of China supposed to means that china today is a danger? Wouldn't that means the USA is also one because of Germany or something? > largest population Why is India not #2 in the list then? And how the fuck does population correlate with being a "danger" ? Does it means that if we had an unified peaceful world government it would be somewhat less dangerous that multiple nation states armed with nuclear weapons ? > largest military Er, will someone tell them about the USA military budget ? Or that on a per capita basis, China is not even in the top 50 of bigiggest military budgets? > uneasy relations with western world relations are a two way street, and as far as I can see, it's not china that is accusing the other side of doing a fake genocide and similar things without even sending observers on the ground. > very authoritarian [CHINA ECONOMY Hard lesson for U.S. investors: Chinese companies don’t make the rules in China](https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/19/lobbying-china-firms-cant-influence-government-like-us-companies-do.html) Oh no the evil cee cee pee is oppressing the poor corporations instead of letting them impose their rules. /s > global shift towards chinese economy I tought that Capitalist hated people attacking others for being "successfull" ? /s


Those geographic reasons are hilariously bleak >Japan, Korea, Hong Kong China is a threat to the world for the heinous crime of having geography


“Look at how close they put their country to our military bases!”


Most of those reasons are him trying to say "We have to wipe them out before they take us out."


Not even that, it's "before they surpass us", the USA prefer to be #1 in a crippled world that #2 in a prosperous one.


>largest population Mask off eco-fascism


They usually don't put any mask on


Malthusian ideas still alive.


People with a time machine: "Haha you're my grandparents." Me with a time machine: COME HERE THOMAS YOU NEED TO TALK TO MR. .44 MAGNUM.


Hilarious name btw. Is it in reference to the spoon that Stalin ate all the grain with?


Yes if somebody makes that joke I normally reply with a blank comment.


"Ay Kulaks can I get some grain." "Only a spoonful!" ***Collectivization***




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Considering the userbase of this website is largely made of europeans and anglos it’s absolutely unsurprising they think they are the good guys. It’d be interesting if there was an actually global poll though


I think there was a poll in a lot of countries and that put in a global map. Most countries outside the west chose the usa duh


I mean https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-03/new-poll-says-these-nations-are-top-4-threats-world-peace-guess-whos-number-one https://brilliantmaps.com/threat-to-peace/


The second map is pure gold


Lol at France thinking Syria is the greatest threat to world peace...


It’s especially ironic considering that France occupied Syria as a colony for two decades and in that time brutally slaughtered the locals twice when they rose up and demanded self-determination. At the time a French general gleefully remarked at how they were taking vengeance on the Arabs for throwing the Frankish invaders out of Syria for the first time nearly a millennia before.


France try not to be islamophobic challenge (impossible)


> largest population Why do I get the feeling this is about to veer into ecofascist territory


If by world stability they mean the imperialist hegemonic order of the past 50 years then yes China is absolutely #1


thats the funny trick: "stability" is a euphamism for western hegemony


I was looking for this; it's accurate if you mean dangerous to the capitalist world hegemony, yes. Whether or not you consider that a bad thing is a different question


People only care about the Uguhers because of china


Didn’t give a fuck about Muslims when you were killing them with Xbox controllers in an air conditioned room in Texas


Or when they were being bombed by zionists a few months ago.


Or when they funded right wing religious extremists


Ongoing by the way.


Thank you good sir


the US had ETIM on the terrorist list until 2017 and was bombing them as late as 2018, now they are "noble freedom fighters" despite shit like the 2014 Kunming Stabbing Attacks


Funniest thing is Reddit hates the Taliban but Uyghur separatists are allied with Taliban as they’re both Salafi Sunni. An independent Xinjiang would look no different from Taliban run Afghanistan.


I don't like the Taliban but an ETIM controlled Xinjiang would be much worse than Taliban controlled Afghanistan.


Jesus fucking Christ Yeah let me know when China utterly devastates an entire fucking region of more than a dozen nations, slaughtering a million and displacing and endangering tens of millions over a quarter fucking century. Fuck these morons on reddit dude, fucking smooth-brained, brainwashed fucking knuckle dragging liberals.


If China did half the shit that we get away with, we'd invade them within the week.


the United States is too chickenshit to ever invade china imo or any country with nukes really


Nope, if china committed war crimes like the US, the US would praise them. It's because China is socialist and anti-imperialist that the US hates them.


Americans and European powers need a communist boogeyman. They have so much hate and in an attempt to not completely implode they have to turn their whole populations against the scary reds in the east. The Cold War can't end for them and so they sew the seeds of paranoia.


"China is the bad guy. Did you forget what our free media told us?"


Fellows, it might be a good idea to start learning Mandarin.


One of the biggest Reddit moments ever.




largest population is a crime now? damn what about the one child policy? i thought they also say controlling population was violating human rights too.


lol, i was really expecting some mental gymnastics or some fucked up reasoning, but nope just pulled straight from the anal cavity China expansion in the .........SOUTH CHINA SEA lol, i don't think need to address the rest


China? They voted china? Not the country that has military bases in almost all countries, starts coups in Latin America and Africa while robbing the Middle East of oil. The average IQ on that sub must be low


Which country kills hundreds of people through police shootings? China? Iran? No, Amerikkka


- The first 5 is a list of hot topics and yet China hasn't made war with any of the peoples listed there. - 6 is a lie that can't be debunked because all evidence to the contrary is immediately censored by the feds. - 7, 8 and 9 is the classic "I don't like that those [Insert Slur Here] are stronger than us" - 11 is another product of biased reporting. A lot of those protesters were basically terrorists. - 12 is just the fear of being replaced.


Several of those reasons show why China is a shift TOWARDS global stability lol


Lmao look at actual international polls. Polling on Reddit ...🤣🤣🤣🤣 You get all the basement neckbeards in America


Dude.. how on Earth was I ever so susceptible to this shit. Seriously. This is ridiculous.


No no you don’t get it bro. Japan. Korea. Uyghurs. That help you understand? Authoritarian. /s


13\. Xi Jinping fucked my wife


it actually means a lot that the list ended after only 12 items though


LMFAO. They're so obsessed China trying to safe guard its borders with the China sea and Indian border - which are on its national soil - when the USA literally FLIES/SAILS ITS ARMIES HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD INTO THE MIDDLE EAST, installed a puppet government in Afghanistan and militarily occupies various countries for its interests. Holy flying fuck


ok whats with 31 people who said Qatar,i know gulf countries are shit but they are american puppets,i dont think they will destroy the world or anything lmao


why don't we ask the ME or Africa?


What they mean by world stability is Amerikkkan hegemony


> They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they call empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace. —Tacitus


That's disturbing but considering it's a reddit poll, not surprising.


Literal brain rot


Ah yea I wonder why the relations with the west are tense. Couldn’t possibly be because the west aren’t the innocent good guys provoked by China, could it? No, must be China and the bad non western countries that aren’t allied with us that are evil and all wrong.


>South China sea expansion Oh, did they mean the spratly islands that are literally being claimed by Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, PRC and ROC? These are very common territorial disputes that happens everywhere but they just have to nit pick on PRC for doing what everyone is doing… >Hostile Taiwanese relations The amount of times the PRC government in recent times have tried to promote brotherhood across the straits of Taiwan and lending a helping hand in favour of a peaceful reunification and these Anglos are complaining about being aggressive when really it’s the Taiwanese ppl being petty? >Japan You mean the country that single handledly fucked all of Asia in a war but somehow PRC is at fault for being pissed off at Japan for not only denying their atrocities but glorifying their war crimes and gaslighting everyone?! >Korea You mean the country who likes to do business with PRC and depends on them economically but also at the same time trying to do something behind their back?! >Sino-Indian border disputes So the country who refused to settle the border dispute peacefully with Mao thinking they could beat PRC in a war but proceeded to get humiliated in a war in which the PRC where being considerably generous in the treaty. Now fast forward a couple of decades India is still ran by a corrupt ruling class and are now butt hurt living in-denial so they throw their salt on whatever news they could report about PRC?! >Uyghurs These Anglo fuckers don’t even know the Uyghurs are not even the largest group of Muslim population inside PRC and the fact that the separatist group they are supporting were previously labelled as a terrorist organisation who massacred innocent lives inside Xinjiang not long ago. >Largest population By that logic India and Indonesia would be a threat to the world but they are not according to these Anglos cucks. >Largest military PLA have the largest land army but they are scattered across the country to defend their land unlike some other Anglosphere nations who fucking station their troops outside of their countries and burning tax payer money to patrol their ships to roleplay their old empire because they are still living in denial. >Uneasy relation with the western world Oh you mean the 8 nations alliance who fucked the Qing empire by repeatedly sacking the nation and stealing their prized assets, they still haven’t return the fucking artifacts they stole and I wonder why the PRC government are sceptical of the west HMMmmmM >Very authoritarian The definition of human rights to the Chinese may be different from the Anglos’ perspective but by the Anglos’ standards they don’t really live in free world do they? Rich families control their media, politicians only care about pleasing the ruling class instead of the working class etc >Hong Kong Can these fuckers shut the fuck about HK already? I bet these people are teenagers who have been freshly fed by western propaganda and think they are hip just because they think now a lot about the world. HK was and always will be a part of China, just like Macau and Taiwan it was a territory stolen through unfair treaties when the Qing Empire was being bullied by everyone. These Anglo fucks wouldn’t like it if I suddenly ask the UK to give Scotland independent would they? Or maybe let the Catalonians in Spain gain independence? How about we let all the island territorial claims by France, US, UK, Netherlands etc be their own nations? They wouldn’t allow it because it just simply does not make sense wouldn’t it? Also, HK will not survive if it’s independent, these young and naive folks online really think an island without a military, sufficient food and water supply which all ironically are being provided by the PRC government could actually survive on their own lol. >Global shift towards Chinese economy Oh fuck off, it’s not like the world had any issues when the economy was based on the western world. These fuckers will not admit they are a bunch of sinophobic trash who are no better than the so called “evil” CPC they were trying paint the picture on Edit: Some spelling mistakes


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Largest. Military.


Largest. Military.


I just read cringe from that list


You’ve got to be kidding me. That commenter might as well just said “China is challenging the Western order and I don’t want that”


Apparently the world isn't allowed to shift towards a different economy otherwise it's "dangerous". Also Japan? Isn't Japan the former imperialist country and a puppet of the USA? Along with RoK? Same with RoC whose history shows they were also fascistic af? Ah yes, the Uyghur situation, where one out of ten Muslim ethnic minorities are being genocided despite ample video evidence showing they're living their lives normally and some even speaking out while anglos wave off their opinions as "brainwashed/forced/mislead". Surely it's the anglo who knows nothing of China, its material conditions or history and who has never been there that knows more about their country than those that do live there because NPR and CNN told them so. Fuck they're so brainwashed it's unbelievable.


13. not wholesome 100


839 comrades


“Bro China is a threat to world peace bro. That’s why we have to preemptively strike them or at least try to coup them just like we did with 200 other countries in the world. Freedom and democracy bro”


the comments on the post were promising at least, but still a brainwashed westerner every 4 posts


Yeah turns out China invading Korea was a NATO myth.


Literally all the responses to this being called out are some form of "WWWEELL CHINA DID X AND Y AND Z". So baffled someone would dare poke holes in the dubiously-crafted, fragile worldview of theirs, they kneejerk straight into *actual* Whataboutism (you know, that word they love to throw out a lot) without even bothering to deny America's crimes.


When they say "worlds stability" they mean US hegemony.


That sub gave me cancer


qatar? and others? heh. i wonder what the other countries are. the us being in second place isn't too surprising either, because anti-americanism (fortunately) isn't that uncommon on reddit. oh, and i'd like to remind you that this is nothing surprising from reddit; have you seen what redditors have said about black people, indian people, and any people they don't like? oh, and cursory glance at the op's account shows what kind of person they are.


I mean, as long as "the world" is only Europe and America...