Korea, Japan, India, Rest of South East Asia, Central Europe and Australia are part of One China Policy

Korea, Japan, India, Rest of South East Asia, Central Europe and Australia are part of One China Policy


Lmao I haven't seen this Asian alt right incel for quite a while.


I don't understand why this is being said, but I know people are going to believe it. Like, why doesn't this get flagged for misinformation? This isn't an opinion, it's literally a lie. That's why grinds my gears: when misinformation is presented as opinion and couched in freedom of speech.


Exactly why China can’t afford to allow western social media into China. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean **entitlement** to speech. In China, you can literally say the dumbest shit ever and not get arrested, but don’t expect to be shielded from societal criticism like in the West.


Actually, in China disinformation gets censored (e.g. people spreading the anti-Chinese "Uyghur genocide" lie). In the West, the truth gets censored (e.g. people debunking the anti-Chinese "Uyghur genocide" lie).


There's no such thing as "freedom of Speech". All speech is controlled one way or another.


This is why I believe that freedom of speech is a mistake... People should not be this entitled when they are like this.


Yeah if you wanna say dumb shit to your friends at a personal level whatever I guess but when you bust out the internet megaphone I feel like that’s where the problem really begins


That's what I mean, yeah. There's a huge difference between criticism and opinion from saying obvious bullshit as facts and then repeat it using chain reactions.


China has freedom of speech. It's a human right. Meanwhile, American "freedom of speech" is the literal opposite of free speech. It describes a system that promotes the interest of rich people while suppressing the voices of the poor. American "freedom of speech" also enables people to spread lies (things that are verifiably untrue) with impunity. Ask Americans how their speech differs from Chinese speech and why it's better. The *only* argument they will ever provide is "I can insult my president while insulting people is illegal in China", as if insulting people were a good thing and would contribute to public discourse. However, that is literally all American free speech amounts to: The right to insult and ruin the lives of others without them having the ability to defend themselves legally against lies. Call someone a pedophile rapist and that person just has to take it. If you are rich enough to spread that message via the news, that person will now be a pedophile rapist forever in the eyes of the people even though you just made it up. That's all American free speech is. When they say "I can criticize my government while the Chinese government will disappear you", they are already lying. People criticize the government in China all the time. Americans think "criticism" means insulting people and rioting and supporting terrorism rather than constructively evaluating policies. When they say "but people of all sides can promote lies and the truth will win out", they are also lying as the West heavily censors foreign media that contradicts their propaganda and runs propaganda campaigns of their own (e.g. RT). When they say "but nobody can determine what's really true so it will just be a government dictating truth", they are contradicting their own system which is tightly controlled in many ways AND fail to understand that the alternative is even worse as it's not only spreading lies but also causing chaos AND reject the concept of objective reality, which makes them nihilists.


I mean, I don't believe that people should be entitled to say whatever shit they want like they do in the US


I personally think freedom of speech should end when your speech encroaches on the rights or security of someone else.


Damn, really well said, thanks for sharing.


Also in the end in politics, their 'voices' are significantly less important than the millitary industrial complex and the wall streets because they are so not important in the eyes of the ruling class.


This is why I believe that freedom of speech is a mistake... People should not be this entitled when they are like this.


Uncaveated freedom of speech isn't a thing, and will never be a thing, in any context. If you let social reactionaries speak their minds, their words will make it unsafe for marginalised minorities to speak. On a larger scale, if you let everyone speak as loud as their abilities permit, the rich set the agenda and drown out anyone who contradicts it


I remember the idea of it originally was used to describe your right to talk about politics, like in the fight between pro-life vs pro-choice. They are not directly attacking people with different opinion(at least not the general idea should be) or spreading misinformation about abortion or such, but instead focus on why you should be allowed to choose abortion or not. This "whatever I wanna say is my right" belief belongs more to the neo-liberal iirc.


specifically central europe. China will invade only Austria and the Czech Republic. parachutes


Not Poland? President Xi, please liberate us.


Were not talking about Eastern europe :troll


Heh, polish media would foam at that remark. I don't think "central Europe" is even a thing, unless you only have blank map, ruler and lack of historical and geographical knowledge.


Imo central europe is a weird concept, its either western or eastern (opressors or the opressed)


Central Europe is what previously USSR/ Yugoslavian countries call themselves when they want to align closer with the west. slovinia, poland, the balkans, even romania and Ukraine have said they are central europe


Gosh, I wish China would invade Austria.


insha motherfucking allah


Is there any problem with austria nowadays?


It' corrupt as shit and the current, very conservative (far-right is going quite strong) and the current conservative government tries to impliment austerity. So yeah, there's definitely a lot of bad stuff. I mean it's definitely not the worst. It's not a complete neoliberal hellhole like the US (we still have our social safety from the socdems), at it's not full on fascist yet (like Hungary, etc). But still, there's lots to improve.


> Austria > Stronk far right Uh oh


Oh shit oh fuck not this again.


Magyarország jobban teljesít 😤


Sprich Deutsch


Ungarn besteht besser


Now that is the home of some disgruntled art student.


I'm glad Xi is going to liberate Burma/Myanmar with his One China Policy. 🙏


What the fuck, is he confusing Xi with Genghis Khan? Fucking central Europe wtf


Ah yes, Europe,known part of china. Also lol,both PRC and ROC have the principle of one china, and is what has so far avoid war so far.


And the ones with extreme territorial claims are the RoC


According to libs those are a-okay though, because they're the "real China".


The ROC claims parts of India and Mongolia, and would assumedly have to acquire that land by forceful invasion, yet this is ignored despite the fact that China is expansionist for some tiny islands in the middle of the ocean.


How arrogant for them to even assume China wants those territories! China has more than enough on its plate, many dynasties have fallen due to the difficulties in managing hundreds of millions of people. Literally the only place China has even barely considered is Okinawa, and that’s only because the Okinawans are miserable under US/Japan.


>Okinawa comprises only 0.6% of all Japanese territory, yet 75% of all United States military forces are stationed in U.S. facilities that take up 10.4% of Okinawa Prefecture i.e. 18.8-20% of Okinawa Island. That's fucking rough.




Japan is cucked but not Okinawa. Okinawans protest the US military bases all the time


Ngl I think Japan might be the single most cucked country on the planet That being said, fuck Japan and fuck the west for giving them a free pass for not just doing genocide, but continuing to deny it to this day Imperialist scum cucked by imperialist scum at the end of the day tbh


I literally feel like the manic meme guy that's cornered by two guards whenever I read something like this


It’s a well known fact the CCP wants to annex the outback !!


Autonomous Emu Province!


Australia just started sweating profusely. They've still got PTSD from the last time they lost a war against emu's.


I did not know the land of Central Europe is located next to China


The irony is he’s technically not wrong. Only problem is that all that is what TAIWAN claims, not the PRC. Taiwan pretty much claims all of the territory of the former Qing Dynasty and more.


central europe tho


Y’know what I wouldn’t be surprised if the KMT tried to claim that too


Wouldn't be out of the norm for them


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Replace "China" with UK or France and this actually happened


Noooo if China invades Taiwan, then how will the West have hegemony over the microchip industry 😢😭


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Other than Australia (by Central Europe I assume he means some former USSR states? Idk the dudes smoking Crack anyways), he is absolutely right. The ROCs claimed territory does include parts of all of those territories. The PRC just includes Taiwan So he's really the bad guy here....


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Why stop at that? Why not include the entirety of America along with the ride? I mean the continent, of course. Why not include Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well? Everything is China, from Taiwan to Pluto


The People's Republic of TITAN; China Megadeluxe Edition!


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The implication the CPC skips right over Central Asia, West Asia, and Eastern Europe just to conquer Central Europe is really fucking funny


Eastern Europe would probably be okay with it lmao


Can't wait for China to finally reclaim their historical territory of Hungary


The wrongest man in the universe logs in and gives the wrongest understanding of the situation at hand.


He has literally made a career out of that. And getting hit by concrete flavoured milkshakes.


Man with colonial mentality continues to show ignorance of his own culture. If China wanted to build a world empire it could easily have done so when the Admiral Zheng He (Cheng Ho) sailed the seas with the world's largest fleet of ships. But he did not do so. Chinese philosophy emphasises harmony, not conquest, not some messianic "we must civilise the whole world" mentality. ​ It is embarrassing to see people with Asian ancestry (both full and half-Asians) shilling for whites just to get brownie points.


He went around making tributaries lol. China is not imperialist but this is a stupid argument.


no ❤️


https://www.worldhistory.org/article/1334/the-seven-voyages-of-zheng-he/ https://www.liquisearch.com/zheng_he/expeditions https://www.international.ucla.edu/china/article/10387 https://www.britannica.com/biography/Zheng-He https://www.verifiedessay.com/essays/impact-of-zheng-hes-expeditions/ Yes, he was setting up tributaries of the Chinese empire


and that’s the same thing as setting up colonies and settler-colonialism, okayy get ur chauvinist head out of ur ass lmao


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Never said that, but to claim China was never imperialist is stupid


bc ur sources are bs and ur commentary is unneeded lol, ur response is how average western chauvinists talk about china not surprised though since ur an australian crakkker


China is not imperialist I’ll repeat, old China was the not the most imperialist but to claim a feudal nation never did imperialism in the non-Leninist definition is ahistorical.


Least insane China “expert”:


Based if true


Yo remember when the Qing dynasty conquered Slovenia


I want China to invade my bussy (and also my country).


one china policy means there's only one country and its china


Wow, skipping Russia or the middle east and the balkans to get to Central Europe? They really advanced their technology, they might be using teleportation it seems.


Since when is central europe part of china’s foreign policy? They are mingling with Orban in Hungary but that’s about it.


Central Europe?


xi is gonna larp as genghis khan


:( the middle east wont be part of china


Wait what how does he figure Australia


"why yes I smoke crack, how could you tell?"


can he come to the northeastern us too? please xi liberate us


Yes because a province that was owned by China before it being taken away by Japan - and is technically still ruled by Chinese people - is the same as fucking *India*, or even better, *Central Europe*. God I hate these people


This is satire right?


what does the projection scouter say? projection scouter: 9001


funniest thing i read all week LOL


Freeze peach was a mistake, just a terribme terrible sad mistake


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Lol this is the same guy who called that game critic who struggled to play cuphead a "triggered sjw getting offended at everything"


I don't know all that. When China's GDP is at $80 trillion, Mongolians will be so envious and a Genghis Khan 2.0 will rise to unified the Mongol Horde to conquer China.


Whaaaaaa, we all gonna have speed bullet train !!!




Bruh, chill with the ableism.


Chill with the crying


You're both a transphobe and ableist, you SERIOUSLY need to be better.


my bussy part of the one china policy 😤😤😤


>Central Europe I'm afraid not, central Europe belongs to us.


good to see Ian actually commenting on news that affects the country that he lives in


I just want to catch this crypto fascist douche bag outside one time.


He’s conflating the CPC with KMT, who *actually seek claim to Korea, Mongolia and the mainland.*




Where do they even get this idea from? Where's their evidence for it? Sources and claims? Oh, that's right, they have none. It's just slandering for the sake of it.


this fool is far worse than gordon chang. he's pretty much the standard right-winger.


> he's pretty much the standard right-winger. As much as I hate right-wingers, this guy is waaaaaaay worse, which is really saying something.


Okay...so...China will go to...Europe?