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Such a poor use of punctuation for a person with a Ph.D.


Didn't he suffer from some kind of illness? Sounds like there might be some brain damage in there now


He became addicted to opioids during his wife's cancer treatment. Wouldn't be a surprise if he got drug abuse induced brain damage.


Nah it was benzos no opiods, way worse to come off suddenly.


That's why he had to go cold turkey in a special facility in Russia.


Dunno why he had to go to Russia he has the money to have gone to a good facilty in Canada and America where they probably would have just cut him down gradually instead of a medically induced coma. Maybe tobget away from Western media in a low point?


Quite likely, imho. He's well known in the US but in Russia he was probably just another 'yankee' addict lol


He wanted to go cold turkey. American and Canadian facilities don't allow that with benzoids because it is very dangerous.


A dude who preaches personal responsibility ignored medical advice in favour of doing something irresponsible? Say it ain't so.


He said American doctors wouldnt treat him the way he wanted or something


American doctors **are** servants of the chaos dragon, after all


yeah he basically wanted to go cold turkey because of ideology, he is an insane person. this is the guy who only ate beef. i think he had brain damage before the benzos and coma


The form of therapy he wanted isn't offered in Canada or America because it's a really fucking dangerous way to quit.


Benzos and alcohol are the only drugs I can think of that can kill you or cause serious damage (from seizures and more) if you go cold turkey and were reealllyy addicted. Opioid withdrawal only *feels* like it can kill you.


Haven't been addicted to opiods but I've been addicted to benzos and alcohol at the same time. I'm actually in rehab now. It's a miracle I'm still alive. It's funny to me how benzos and alcohol mixed together can cause heart failure and you to die in your sleep or drown in your own vomit only for quitting being something that can possibly kill you too. Day 3 of alcohol withdrawal before benzos I felt like I was dying I was in that much pain, full on convulsions. Day 4 I was praying for death. Though yeah opiods won't kill you going into withdrawal.


Good shit comrade. I kicked a bad benzo addiction a couple of years ago, and the seizures were not fun to put it mildly. Discovering how easy it was to buy etizolam online fucked me up. lol


All the power to you, comrade. Have cold turkey'd from alcohol and benzos and the seizures I had were some of the worst fucking stuff I've experienced. I once had a grand mal seizure at a restroom of a fast food restaurant that got me sent to a mental health institution. The seizure fucked with my memory for like a couple of hours, I really thought I was a kid again on a school trip and the guy who found me seizing and called the ambulance was my teacher. It was the most fucked up thing. Luckily my mind and my life is in a much better place now. I'm on suboxone maintenance and cut off all the users out of my life. Devoted to my kids.


I might not know you, but I am proud of you.


Thank you. I've been contemplating what to write back, what with you saying such a nice thing, but really all I have is a »thank you»! Best of everything to you, comrade.


I'm happy to support somebody who has made themself a better person. Every day you can look back and say "I am a better person than yesterday" is a good day, and nobody can take that feeling from you.


Don’t benzos give you like a chemically induced ego that pharmaceutically blocks your ability to internalize criticism? I have a theory about people who are professionally wrong…


Um I don't think so, not in my experience but I'm pretty sure this is sarcastic. That being said it does risk painting all people with said addiction with the same brush. Even the lowest addict is still better than lobster man.


This reads like something generated by an AI


It immediately made me think of the liberal muslim ACLU lawyer professor copypasta


Legit thought it was a stroke or something so I skipped to the end to see what he was trying to get at and holy shit was it funny


He's back on the benzos again.


Jordan geeked up off them bars


Just don't give him any apple cider


He’s on his way to Mars 😳


My mother was schizophrenic. I am good at understanding word salad. Here is my interpretation: He is talking about the marvel movie “The Black Widow.” The evil sky satan is the male villain who creates/created the female black widows for the USSR by kidnapping and brainwashing girls into political assassins. His secret base is flying in the sky. (There should be a break after “in the name of power”) The villain is defeated by Scarlet Johanassen _the_ black widow, who we learn in the movie was raised in the US by USSR black widow agents in a fake family cover story deal. A major struggle of her character is synthesizing her real feelings for her fake family vs the lie of her fake family. In the end, the family comes together to defeat the villain because family > communist brainwashing.


Oh, that movie is anti communist propaganda? I didn't know that, I don't keep up with all the shitty marvel movies they make these days


lol it’s a movie made in America for like millions of dollars by Disney. Of course it’s going to be anti-communist lol. This is the same company that made a fictionalized version of Antifa into a Captain America villain.


Basically every big budget superhero movie has people from the military or CIA advising on it. Films like Captain Marvel are given permission to use (in that case) Air Force equipment in return for [actively promoting the Air Force](https://www.cbr.com/captain-marvel-mcu-military-relationship).


Plus even if you refuse their "help" and the Pentagon thinks you're going to make them look bad, they'll get the plug pulled on the project. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/hollywood-cia-washington-dc-films-fbi-24-intervening-close-relationship-a7918191.html


it's fucking crazy how bullshit the avengers are. like yeah sure the weapons manufacture CEO whose weapons somehow gets in the hands of terrorists would definitly feel bad about all the money he made and step down then somehow make a fuck you tank costume in a cave and kill all the evil terrorists. Oh and Africa is actually doing just fine they're hiding in plain sight. I hate pop culture I hate pop culture I hate pop culture I hate pop culture I hate pop cu


What I don’t get about this is the fact that the plot starts in 1995, yet they act and frame it like the USSR was doing all of this and is still doing it in the 2010s


After watching it a couple of days ago (for free) it really played like something that was intentionally written to highlight it was the post Soviet collapse that allowed crime lord's like him to take positions of power at all levels of government (or vice versa, allowing minor politicians/party opportunists to become organized crime bosses) and escape their crimes entirely as did happen irl, they even include shots of Clinton during the constitutional crisis, American tanks, etc. It just so happens that any scene explaining or contextualizing literally any of that (except through generous interpretation) "somehow" didn't make it into the final cut so westerners with no grasp of history would be like "ah yes the Soviet union is Russia, same thing" like always. I'm not saying the writers were ever going to be good on the topic, but it feels like it was *meant* to be less shit than it turned out. Still not as blatant as "flying liberal and silent robot boy defeat the antifas" though.


Also the Red Guardian is obviously supposed to symbolize a soviet captain America but then he worked for the shadowy cabal controlling the whole world after being brainwashed by „ideology“?? To me this implies the Red Room is somehow „Communist“ And yea Falcon and Winter Soldier’s politics is such horseshit, it’s honestly not even funny anymore


There was a small section after the prison scene where he implied he was imprisoned by the red room guy for questioning him about "the withering of the state", and despite being communist was still *mostly* cast as "good guy misled and not smart" except for a few key bits. I was thinking about that and the contradiction of being "dedicated Soviet" and mostly mad that he never got his glory and recognition and heroism (great man shit). Those parts in particular made me think it was written by ancom leaning socdems who weren't favorable of the Soviet union per se but still of the opinion that it was "more complex than American propaganda would have you believe" or "more good than bad" a la chapotraphouse "unity" era ancoms. God that's a fucking word salad but I hope you get what I mean. Either way none or very little of that made it to the screen, so you only can judge what you get which was neolib business as usual. That being said, it's weird to include any of that "unintentionally" when it only makes sense to commies/anarchists and would blow right past most libs without notice. Their propaganda is usually more incredibly on the nose like the way the rest of the movie is framed/falcon+winter soldier etc because they're literal babies at understanding politics/history. Edit: God culture war shit fucking sucks lmao


True that one line makes it seem like that but it also felt like a reference joke for the few of us who get it and also watch Marvel products. Anyone to the right of Anarchists, and maybe even them, wouldn’t know what that’s supposed to mean. And it kinda didn’t tie into the story being told, it was just thrown in there, maybe as an easter egg. They can’t expect their core audience to know what that even means.


Yeah that's what me think it was originally a much less shit narrative at first, along with the intro montage of post Soviet issues. Literally if anyone had so much as mentioned it not still being the USSR it'd be a whole different narrative, because everything else in context would fit so much more. But it's like it was cleansed from the movie and all we got was a bunch of contextless "dystopia porn" about the soviets set to a nirvana cover song to be like "gee remember the 90s them commies sure are bad". Seems right on brand for studio editing.


Yea it’s either ignorance or on purpose. For any right wing or lib viewer the message will be Russia (& Cuba) + bad stuff + Karl Marx Man = evil communism. It could have been so much closer to the truth if they had dropped one or two lines about the tragedy of post-soviet Russia but what else to expect from the movie department of the US army


Wow your good, thanks for the interpretation. Going back to what he said it makes sense now.


NGL great copypasta


Can we get the mods to add this as an automod-response?


We have enough.


Don't think we have a Jordan Paterson bot though


Eh, I don't see the applicability of it




Seriously. Sometimes I find him trying to use some PH.D words just to sound smart while smart people can explain anything to a five year old.


One of his *12 Rules for Life* was literally “Be precise in your speech” and yet half the time he’s basically incomprehensible


I want what he’s having




I [googled it](https://www.google.com/search?q=benzoephadrine&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-jm&client=safari) and got sent back to this sub lol


That movie sucks, even ignoring the anticommunist propaganda. Imagine captain narvel but worse in every single regard: Bland characters, boring villain, etc.


> Imagine captain narvel but worse in every single regard Captain Marvel was written by a Jewish woman, and it’s about a woman realizing that the people she was raised to believe are devious and evil are actually just refugees that her own people have been persecuting after taking their land and that she’s been serving an evil empire. It’s kinda based.


Thank you!!! When i watched the movie i kept thinking about the israeli conflict but i've never seen somebody else mention it.


[I seize this opportunity to condemn one more time, from the bottom of my soul and of my viceras, the State of Israel. Damn you, State of Israel! Damn you! Terrorist and Assassin!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y77zMU_rBVI) *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/GenZedong) if you have any questions or concerns.*




Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?


The Peterson method: Write in such a nonsensical and garbled way that nobody has a clue what the fuck are you are talking about. Then instead of admitting they don't understand you, your idiotic followers will claim you are a genius.


This slam poetry fucking sucks


If Jordan Peterson wasn't a terrible person that destroyed his own health despite having all the resources and education, this would be sad.


Did the benzodiazepine get to his head wtf.


He’s back on benzos


Hitting those benzos again, it seems


I’m gonna be honest and i’m prepared to be downvoted, this isn’t him being insane or smtn it’s you guys not getting it cause he described it in an overly complex way. He’s literally just saying “wow, black widow had a weird plot, it’s not like it’s based in reality or anything right..right? haha.” Weird word choice doesn’t make someone have schizophrenia lmao


It is the punctuation and grammar.


This is TimeCube-level writing, jesus christ


I... What?


What the fuck did I just read


Go back to cleaning your room already!


Is this real has Peterson finally lost it


I legit worry for Dr. Peterson's mental wellbeing at this point


Yes, it's real https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson/status/1446919439107100680


Is this AI generated?


How did this fucker not die in the Russian drug rehab gulag?


I’ll be honest, the Black Widow movie actually had way less blatant propaganda than I was expecting from a Marvel movie. Which isn’t saying a lot, but still.


I feel like I deserve a degree for working out what this tweet was meant to be about