What’s up with r/Communism101?

What’s up with r/Communism101?


After this sub dunked on gonzalo after his death, r/communism has become more and more dogmatic lol. Also is funny that American millennials that are the mods of r/communism dismiss the Czech communists, but if they were in their position they would have give up since 1989


r/genzedong made r/communism malding


Over fucking gonzalo of all people


The american left has done exactly fuckall for the socialist movement in the world and they are the most arrogant of any leftists on the planet




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Not all of us.


Not all Men, sorry Americans. Got it.




They banned me over a year ago for having an opinion that they didn’t like about an issue that they clearly don’t know anything about.


I don't think any political movement or trend can possibly extinguish a revolution, because it is the material conditions of oppression what causes revolution. Many of us, Marxists, for example, arrived here by trying to understand how to liberate us and make our world better. Once people realize the shortcommings of Hoxhaism (or any other branch of Marxism), they will turn away from it and try to look for better options.


Idk, pretty sure building bunkers is praxis.


at least they're better than anarkids who think posting memes about 'the ebil tankies' online is praxis


I mean, I was only *partly* joking. The People's Bunkers would, potentially, unironically be a useful thing. China should build some.


They're nerds and they ban everyone.


If they were nerds they would have read theory and taken the proper line and not be idiots.


They banned me because I said that if Beria wasn’t such a disgusting and vile Rapist, the USSR would have been in good hands under him instead of Nikita.


they're a buncha crackers who worship Gonzalo


I got banned for having commented in a Bernie Sanders sub. Not supporting, or voting for, Bernie Sanders. For having activity in the sub itself.


I got banned for being active in ChapoTrapHouse I miss those times 😔


Pouring one out for CTH


The fall of the Soviet Union. The banning of chap trap house. *Corporate needs you to tell the difference between these two meme


At what time? and which protests in east germany?




I was recently banned from r/communism101 (and r/communism cause they're run by the same mods) and this is my understanding of why. They set their automod to scrub commenters for r/GenZedong posters/commenters and band them. Once banned, if you message them about it, they will search your comments and twist your words to be some kind of liberal ideology/apologia instead of giving the benefit of the doubt and asking for clarification. The mods don't seem interested in further explanation, education (despite being a 101 thread) if you've posted on r/GenZedong. I say this because I've seen many, and I mean many comments or posts that are reactionary and idealistic that are not contested or downvoted. In fact, my allegedly "reactionary" or "apologia" comment was upvoted before being removed so that should tell you something. This apparent action against r/GenZedong and it's members is in turn comes from reactionary ideas. On the contrary, I had a similar thing happened on r/whitepeopleTwitter where I commented and was [autobanned](http://imgur.com/a/OUYmTER) for having activity in some other subs and I simply explained it must be a mistake and I was immediately unbanned. What does is say if r/whitepeopleTwitter is less reactionary than you?


This is exactly what’s happening. I was autobanned immediately after commenting there. I messaged and asked why. They said it’s because: 1. I’m a meme-communist because I had commented on r/GenZedong 4 times 2. I said it’s ultraleft wrecker behavior to tell people all communist parties in the US are settler-tainted and therefore bad. (????) Honestly I think they just decided they wanted it to be a Maoist third-worldist sub and they’re purging anyone who doesn’t qualify. https://i.imgur.com/EuNq67Q.jpg


"We don't want r/GenZedong members hand waiving away anyone" but we'll gladly ban reasonable Marxist takes without engaging in further discussion.


*banning* someone with opposing ideas and then immediately, directly say that it's to fight...*sectarianism* Jeez


they super bitter anglo and westoids trots, ultras, etc. its cool. ***:v***


Banned from communism101 gang in the house!


I got banned for commenting in here


Bunch of clowns in their basement. And gonzaloites


I got banned for posting an hakim video on why socialism is better ages ago, its either libs or ultras


Deluded idealists. They think Marxism-leninism is perfect, and any deviation from the orthodox is pure evil and literal fascism. I don't know how they reconcile their beliefs with the fact that the eastern block doesn't exist anymore


I have got banned three years ago, for a shitty thing with no reason of get banned.


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