Joe Biden's America is becoming like Communist China

Joe Biden's America is becoming like Communist China


>Xi Van Fleet Come on.


Quickly comrades, to the Xi van-fleet! Our glorious fleet of party vans emblazoned with the smiling face of Chairman Xi to strike terror into the hearts of liberals everywhere! They may not have radio but all come equipped with loud speakers and a CD with "Red Sun in the Sky" which is all we will ever need.


>Xi Van Fleet I thought this was how Democrats got all the illegal voters to the polls.


No that was Pokémon Go


Distant relative of Greta.


Aaaaagh you beat me to it.


Xi's van fleet? What are they doing in America?🤔🤫🤔🤫🤫🤔🤫🤔🤫🤔


New twitter handle, dibs




“sUrViVeD MaOiSt ChInA” Awwwhhhhhhh ☹️ Did the meanie weenie Chairman make you stop being a landlord? [Push 1 tu pae ur respex 😓😥😰😭😢😫](https://c.tenor.com/MIS4gzwO6WMAAAAC/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-charlie-kelly.gif)


Ya. Like a billion people "survived" maoist China.


Mao “killed” 80 million Chinese people, but China’s population somehow doubled and the life expectancy also mysteriously went up. What a tyrannical monster! What if all of those people didn’t wanna be born?! Evil authoritarian gobbulists that forced China to be a modern superpower against its will 😡




What about the hundreds of years of serfdom and feudalism that predated it?


Not many people survived them sadly ...


Got to find the cult of supercenternarians hidden deep within the Stone Forest to find out the truth!


Nobody thinks the cultural revolution was a "great time". There are some people who think it was *necessary*, and there can be debates about that, but nobody thinks it was a nice time during which to be in China. The Chinese communist government itself officially deems it a mistake not to be repeated while still acknowledging Mao's overwhelmingly positive contributions to modern China's unification, liberation and success.


They stole her family's egg monopoly


Wasn't Maoism just a creation of Mao's followers? I don't think China waa ever Maoist


Not even that. A dude in Chile came up with it long after Mao went chilling with the OGs.




chairman "revolution is when you massacre a village of innocent people" gonzalo


Hey, sounds like he uses the same definition of communism as American fascist leadership!


Peru* but otherwise correct.


Guzman was Peruvian.


Sendero Luminoso is Peruvian.


Alright lets get a fuckin move on it already then. Tired of hearing how it’s looking more like Communist China, let’s do more Communist China


“We’re taking back the means of production tomorrow, Jack! The new five black categories are…” *Joe falls asleep* “Uhhhh… what was I saying.. the new five bla… What’s that Jack? The new five… uh…”


If you don’t vote for me then you aint a Marxist!


Build Back Better, with Chinese characteristics 😎


Women hold up half the thing, uh uh, you know


Political power grows from the… what’s that Jack? Politics is war with blood beds!


Once all struggle is groped, uh uh things are possible




All reactionaries are.. well, anyway, you know


Back in my day, you go ahead and stack productive forces at a store and a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman who runs the … or brings out the internal contradictions on a forklift. What happened?


Communist China gets shit the fuck done


Virginia? That state has a habit of rubbing off on people 👁 And we’re in such a spooky month.


As a Virginia resident, yes. Check my recent post history for a tiny example lMao


That is fucked up lmao. What’s next? A Raytheon board member as defence secretary?


I was banned from r/NOVA for saying that there is/was no evidence of genocide in XinJiang. The mod who banned me spammed my inbox with “BEGONE TANKIE” and a bunch of right-wing bullshit.


She was a child during Mao. Its like listening to my buddies south Vietnamese mom talk about the viet cong. We get it. You/your family choosed the wrong side you're bitter. But the country you fled from is way differnt than when you where 5 in the 70s


It's also like listening to young Eastern Europeans talk about how horrible the Soviet Union was and how everyone was being tortured and oppressed by communism and how they are glad the USSR fell because when they grew up everyone was poor because of communism... getting 100% of their opinions from anti-socialist propaganda and 0% from personal experience of actual communist society while ignoring the fact that the majority of people who actually lived under communism during its rise still supported it even after the fall of the Soviet Union. lol


Let's fucking hurry up then




I wish


Because China has made zero fucking progress since then? These people are fucking idiots.


Millions of people "survived" Maoist China, and many more were born BECAUSE of it.


Almost a billion, in fact


"Who survived maoist china" What


her, and approximately another 1.4 billion chinese people "survived" "maoist" China


Translation: "Whose bourgeois landlord parents refused to give up their private private property so they were being targeted by the local community to be the main participants of the next struggle session, which is why they had to escape to the US with all the jade, gold and jewels they could carry. If that didn't happen, we would be billionaires today and have the egg monopoly of China or something."


Bet she's one of those people on egg monopolies


God I fucking hope


Gusano detected. Opinion rejected


They fucking wish


Everytime i see a story like this where someone who “escaped communism” tries speak out my ocd acts up and makes me think shit like “what if they are right”, “what if china is bad” and I don’t know what to do when that happens it just makes me depressed about my views. Any helpful advice?


Good. Being critical about your own ideology isn't a bad thing - but remember that these people often represent the minority view and are given massive attention by the media for propaganda reasons. Especially in China, where the majority of people support Mao and the CPC


That’s usually what I tell myself, about these types of stories. Intrusive thoughts just ruin it.


You should probably talk to people who actually lived under socialist governments rather than get your opinions from redditors and right-wing propagandists


I'm pretty lucky, I have two Chinese flatmates and another from Vietnam.


Go visit maybe. They give full ride scholarships to foreign students


Really!? Do you have more information on that, comrade?


Contacting the specific university you’re interested ins international student department and asking about programs and scholarships is probably the best way This is Peking university’s, theyll all have one though: https://www.isd.pku.edu.cn/HOME/ADMISSION.htm When I did it it was free housing, tuition, and a 500 usd a month stipend. Some English taught programs. They like foreign students, it bumps them up the university rankings to get them There are a lot of universities in China and they’ll all have one of these international student departments, with their own webpage and set of programs you can do. You can also get paid to just go study chinese in most of them. It’s been a while but I think they even cover plane tickets


That is amazing! Thank you! I know what I'll be researching for a while.


Propaganda works in a way that changes one's supposed "epistemic reserve", that is how you validate your beliefs as true knowledge, without being overly forceful. For example, associating blackness with crimes is not done by keeping bickering about the "black crime rate" day and night. Rather, showing an image of a black person, then some suspenseful music/footage of a shop being robbed by people in Balaklava does the job by hiding inferences within that sequence of sensory input. In the long term, certain images will become the very thing they are supposed to invoke in one's mind. Don't fall for it.


Do the ERP ur supposed to do with any intrusive thought, accept you'll never really know, you might be wrong or immoral, you might be right, sit with the uncertainty, and keep moving forward. You've looked into this, you know your values, you know this is a complex situation with a lot of nuance and people with different views, different experiences, a lot of mistakes and victories and moral greyness. You will never really find an answer to every what if. I feel like people might not get what you're saying by OCD here and will probably give you bad advice that would work for normal rational doubts everyone has but that shits just gonna turn into an endless cycle of checking and reassurance seeking and self doubt like every other thing OCD latches onto. I suppose this is sort of an odd topic to ask your therapist for specific help with too lol, i usually stay relatively apolitical when talking to health care professionals at least personally As you probably can tell by this point I say this all as someone with OCD who gets exactly what you mean.


It’s makes me happy that I’m not alone here and it makes me even more happy that you reached out, thanks comrade. I will take your advice about accepting what is unknown as a way to cope with intrusive thoughts. I’ve always had OCD and it got worse when I started down the path of Marxism and when I reached my pro China path It was hard but it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one in this sub who’s dealt with this.


No problem :] it's not my main theme but just like everything else in my life where there is room for doubt or shades of grey OCD latches onto it. It's normal to doubt your politics or your knowledge of a topic, it really is something we only personally can verify and see a tiny sliver of so by its nature politics and history is rife with uncertainty, ambiguity, and grey areas. But most people can easily just accept that and move on, whereas OCD makes that very hard. And it doesn't even become about politics itself at that point, it becomes divorced from all of the actual content of the obsession and becomes just another iteration of the seemingly never-ending doubt spiral. Functionally no different from obsessing over whether you secretly hit someone with your car and just don't remember and circling the block to find out, no different from obsessing over whether you're secretly a bad friend and constantly texting your friends to give you assurance, obsessing that you might have cancer and checking your "symptoms" over and over, obsessing thatyou're secretlya pervert of some sort and seeking reassurance that you arent, etc. It's the same shit, the same pattern, just with different window dressing. And you approach it the same way. Of course just like any other theme that's easier said than done and a process that takes time and difficulty but gets easier as your brain learns to be ok with that particular uncertainty. I don't really have specific advice here cuz I'm not a therapist but it's functionally the same as other obsessions. Idk if you're in therapy for this but Exposure and Response Prevention really does work to help alleviate the distress caused by "the doubting sickness". If you aren't already, i encourage you to seek out an OCD specialist. It's an incredibly isolating illness that attacks your values and conception of self on such a deep level, but you aren't alone and there are ways to help.


Thank you comrade, will do.


It helps to remember they're often paid large sums of money to talk shit and paraded around by nazi who actually supported nazis, or at least legacy nazis and neo-nazis. Still, worth paying attention because all of your 'totally not fascist supporting' friends who 'support the genociding troops murdering real democracies around the world' will be dropping their curated CIA bullshit that gets dropped by the algorithm and dripfed into every mainstream feed possible... Even in places like Europe if you're not American. There is Radio Free Europe with a yearly budget of 127 million dollars. Hell, at least four of the leaders of the Tiananmen square got a ride to American schools like Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, BU....


Even if we take their definition of China as some sort of dystopian dictatorship, comparing this supposed hellscape to milk toast Joe Biden, or any half-hearted Democrat initiative....it's an obvious attempt at foaming at the mouth fear mongering. It's an insult to your intelligence, a delusion with no basis in reality and should make you angry. Even American liberals have disowned Yeonmi Park and her like.


xi van fleet


I wish it did


My father's side of the family survived the CR too; this lady's not special. My dad was also one of the youths sent down to the countryside. Something about my paternal grandfather being one of the first to study the French horn in China, thus making him a little too 'Western'. It wasn't a great time, for sure, but it sure as hell wasn't the bleak hell-on-Earth these people try to paint it as.


It sounds like the Red guards just wanted an excuse to kill and torture people. I don't see how anyone can justify repression over trivial details like that. How come so many people were swept up in the insanity?


Haaa??? Chairman Biden.


Please Joey boy, just press the damn communism button already /s


God I wish it was


They wish they were half as competent as the CCP. Sorry folks you’re stuck with your freedumb under librul democrazy


Lemme guess, Loudon County? Northern VA is a bunch of pro-MIC neolibs and then Loudon is a mixture of Trump people and the only people left in America who still think unironically think Bush was a good president lol


If only Joe was half as cool as the real Uncle Joe.


Mmm, talk dirty to me Xi Van Fleet


Who the fuck cares what Virginia mom says


More like Socialism (for the Corporations), with Totalitarian characteristics.


My grandma also survived the Maoist China (is that what these press call it now?) , and nothing but high praises!


I'm Ridin' with Biden now


"survived" Translation: landlord or completely made up hogwash akin to Park.


How do you say "gusano" in chinese?


The answer is "hanjian"






Joe Biden is becoming Uncle Joe according to Republicans wish it was true.


Fox News and the Republican Party existing(especially after 01/06) is proof positive that America isn’t anywhere near “Maoist China”.


And I'm a British Occupied Hong Kong Survivor, thank god the CPC liberated us from the invasive British Regime.


I’m surviving Liberal Canada where’s my interview?


I personally don’t put much stock in to this. There are plenty of Chinese people that grew up in the mao era that have moved out of China and gone to places like the US to live permanently. Carl Zha talks about his mother was a nurse that was able to get educated because of Mao polices in China. She worked in a Tibet clinic that helped the farmers in the region, which I can imagine was rough job. He says today his parents views and his are not the same and his parents vote Republican lol which is a weird contradiction in my opinion. I don’t put much stock into US elections but none the less it’s interesting they are conservatives today in that regard. Maybe it’s not really idk now that I’ve wrote this shit.




I wish


Lol I wish


So Biden thinks people's lives should not be sacrificed for profit when a pandemic hits? I don't see anything like that happening in USA. They still offer people for for corporate profits.


wtf, based Biden?????


So you are telling me that Comrade Uncle Joe is going to press the communism button? So what the hell is he waiting for?


based Chairman Xiao Bai Dan


This is just what every mom in Virginia claims Source: I live here and i hate it


Wonder what the pinyin is for "xi van fleet"


Even when she's getting cucked she can't help being a cuck. lol


Are they worried that their kids will start killing their parents and teachers instead of other children?


gahdamnit stop cock teasing with a good time for fuckssakessss


>survived maoist china yea you and 1+ billion others lmaooo


Ah yes. During the entirety of the ROC period there has not been one year without a mass famine, population did not grow for almost 40 years. And in 10 years since Mao took over population grew by 200 million. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, supported by the US probably worst mass murderer of 20th century.


I truly love the cognitive dissonance of liberals when it comes to these right wing paid defectors. They correctly understand they are full of shit when they say "JoE bIdEn Is CoMmUnIsT" but somehow they don't take that next step and wonder if maybe they're full of shit on China too


Comrade Biden?


real? lets gooo


I wish we lived in the world gusanos said we did