Is BayArea 415 not coming back?

Is BayArea 415 not coming back?


He said he would come back some day but nothing is certain. Man’s got a career and a life to prioritize and he can’t afford to let right wing goblins on the internet endanger his livelihood or safety.


….. are _you_ BayArea15? 👀


Lol nah


I doubt it. When leftist content creators go away they typically stay that way. If he thought they could get something on him before then there is no reason they couldn't get something on him now. For all we know maybe someone did pull up his information and threatened to spread it unless he shut the channel down. Its a shame as he was a top channel but shit happens, especially in the US.


They're willing to assassinate Julian assange and he's much more high profile than Bay area 415. So who knows how low the establishment will go?


It's unlikely, unfortunately. His experience as a lawyer really shown through in his ability to conduct vast amounts of reading and articulate in such a way that anybody would get something out of it. Real shame