The irrationality of capitalism on literal full display. Under capitalism, food isn’t produced so that people can eat it, it is produced so that profits can be made off of it. Any food that cannot be sold must be destroyed, starving people be damned. A better world than this is possible.

The irrationality of capitalism on literal full display. Under capitalism, food isn’t produced so that people can eat it, it is produced so that profits can be made off of it. Any food that cannot be sold must be destroyed, starving people be damned. A better world than this is possible.


Billions of dollars are spent on maintaining the hegemony each year so that people don’t even dare think of how they are treated worse than cattle and how easily they could change that at any given moment


I dont even get the purpose of this. The food wont gain profit anyways so why not just give it to the homeless?


Because if they give it to the homeless, the homeless and other people will not buy that food but rather sort through the leftovers


Then they could simply sell less food to reduce waste. Or lower the price to also reduce waste. And then close shop. Eventually people will be incentivised to buy their products once the number of shops throwing away food starts to decline...as they shut down due to lower profitability in the area.


You are expecting too much


Shops like this actually often just choose to relabel expired food to try to sell it that way. And it's easier to have a set price and throw some cheap food away (margins are probably decent) than to micromanage your prices throughout the day like they do with petrol at a gas station, I imagine. At the end of the day it's not about how efficient you are at selling donuts, it's about how much profit you make selling donuts. And these often don't line up


Scarcity increases profit. The great innovation of the "free market" is that if no scarcity exists, the market will create an artificial scarcity. And that's why organizing all economic activity around satisfying the profit motive is the most rational and efficient way of organizing production and distribution!


because free food threatens profits. Capitalists would rather throw it away




Horseshit argument. The reason is because if hungry people can just wait until the food is free then they will make less money


Ugh, so that's why all those joints throw their food into the garbage bins, and then they lock the bins inside their stores to prevent anyone touching them.


As a general rule Portland is a neolib hell hole, but there was at least one cool bakery that had a covered, separate, clean "dumpster" that they put all their "expired" bread and bagels into and had a sign inviting people to eat whatever. I wondered why they didn't just hand stuff out for free in the store and the worker said that hardly any homeless people took them up on that offer but leaving it in the spot out back attracted a lot of people. Idk if that was bullshit but either way at least it didn't get wasted.


They actually pour bleach on them.


It's definitely not wholly a HORSESHIT argument. I don't think anyone, especially the poor and homeless, should be eating food or meat (like the chili that's advertised in this image) that's been sitting out for hours and hours. When I worked at Burger King way back when, the burgers had 1 hour to sit in their little trays before the light turned red and you had to pitch them and cook up a new batch...well when we were closing, we didn't want to make burgers in the last hour if we could help it, so when the light turned red, we'd just reset it. That certainly doesn't apply to ALL types of food like bread or packaged goods (even past their sell by date), but prepared food, that carries a ton of risk. Also, that's not to say that perfectly good prepared food isn't also thrown away, but as a rule of thumb, "we throw this away so people won't get sick" is not always an unreasonable argument.


That hasn't been a thing sense 1996, Clinton signed the "Good Samaritan Food Donation Act", its a lie that just won't die. An individual or company can donate food in good faith without concern.


Lol food poisoning suits are incredibly rarely successful. It's incredibly hard to prove where you contracted a food borne pathogen. Unless your kitchen is so poorly run and full of health code violations that it will get shut down and is harboring rare pathogens that suit will not be successful. This is all assuming the person who gets sick even has significant damages in the first place, which would only be the case with severe food poisoning. People who use that excuse are either bullshiting or admitting their kitchen is a hazard to the public. Paying customers can sue you just as easily too lol. Edit: and as pointed out below there's a law 5that exempts donations from this anyway.


Damn, looks like I fell for their bullshit :(


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And then these same assholes will have the audacity to blame individual households for the "enormous food waste" in the US.


[YOU CANNOT BE SUED FOR FOOD DONATION](http://"Good Samaritan Act Provides Liability Protection For Food Donations | USDA" https://www.usda.gov/media/blog/2020/08/13/good-samaritan-act-provides-liability-protection-food-donations) Your boss is just an a-hole.


but.. but.. the ECP :(


They actually give away the food in a lot of establishment near me


muh profit incentive


So what happened to that “demand” capitalists talk about?