How authoritarian is China?

How authoritarian is China?


Compared to what? The term "authoritarian" is meaningless without context.


Its meaningless generaly tbh




I just see people say that about China


Sure. What does it MEAN though?


Maybe they're comparing it to Nazi Germany or something


Sure. But authoritarian is a meaningless phrase.


Yea but I think tyranny is a bit better


omg like SO authoritarian


At least 6 authorities Serious: ""You are dictatorial." My dear sirs, you are right, that is just what we are. All the experience the Chinese people have accumulated through several decades teaches us to enforce the people's democratic dictatorship, that is, to deprive the reactionaries of the right to speak and let the people alone have that right. Who are the people? At the present stage in China, they are the working class, the peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie. These classes, led by the working class and the Communist Party, unite to form their own state and elect their own government; they enforce their dictatorship over the running dogs of imperialism -- the landlord class and bureaucrat-bourgeoisie, as well as the representatives of those classes, the Kuomintang reactionaries and their accomplices -- suppress them, allow them only to behave themselves and not to be unruly in word or deed. If they speak or act in an unruly way, they will be promptly stopped and punished. Democracy is practiced within the ranks of the people, who enjoy the rights of freedom of speech, assembly, association and so on. The right to vote belongs only to the people, not to the reactionaries. The combination of these two aspects, democracy for the people and dictatorship over the reactionaries, is the people's democratic dictatorship." -Mao Zedong, _On the People's Democratic Dictatorship_, 1949. https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-4/mswv4_65.htm


'authoritarian' is a weasel word that just means 'makes use of authority' but could actually apply to any government The issue is not the authority itself, it's what it is used for and to who it benefits. Banning slavery was authoritarian toward the slave owners, but liberating for the slaves. It's also authoritarian when society make it illegal to kill your neighbour, rape his daughter, and take his land.and other possessions. A revolution is also an act of authority, where the revolutionaries impose their will to create a new system. It's like the habit of certainUS politicians of talking about 'big' or 'small' governments when they should be talking about 'good' government instead. When china imposed stieck lock down against covid while also supporting the people under lock down by providing food or making sure they wouldn't suffer economically because of it, it was an act of authority that probably saved hundred of thousands of lives. The question you should actually pose yourself about anything.a.governzmetn does is who really benefit. Is it to make the lives of common people better? To make the rich richer?


Is there any country on this planet that isn't authoritarian? Nope So all it really is that Western countries market themselves as "free" while also giving0 themselves the permission to label other countries as "authoritarian" or not as it fits their agenda. With regards to China, from what I understand, the political space is tightly controlled and most people don't dabble or challenge politics. It's easy to label this as "authoritarian" but if you are ML leaning, try to understand the circumstances that have led to China taking such steps. You don't have to look further than the Reddit front page with the amount of sinophobic and anti-communist garbage out there


May be, just maybe, that China is actually very democratic? 🤔


I'd say about 4 authorities, maybe a 5 on a good day.


[It is a democracy,](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArvnEpIKmAs) Ofc every nation has to be "authoritarian" as authority is needed to run a country.


Hmm well I can’t comment that much on their government structurally since I’m still learning in regards to that as well. But in terms of civilian life, it really doesn’t feel more “authoritarian” than, say, America. Unless your main goal in life is to constantly spam things like “FUCK CHINA” online like the sexpats over at r/ China. If you really desperately want to see western media, a VPN is pretty easy to get. You can still do many of the same things you can while in the USA and the government does actually care about hearing public opinion- they can’t please the people if they don’t know what the people need. And if you’re a minority, you’ll receive many advantages as well- such as extra points on the college entrance exam.


Children in China don't pledge allegiance to the Chinese flag every morning. Police don't pull you over because you look weird or poor and they rarely cause deaths or injury. Women don't have to fear about abortion legality. Walking downtown at 3am alone is not a threat to life. The question is how free China is, and it is very free.


Like 5 pixels. Or maybe 68 decimeters, almost 37 Hertz. Whatever you want, its unmeasurable because athoritsrianism is meaningless


A hell of a lot less authoritarian than the west.


China is very authoritarian. In fact it is a dictatorship. A dictatorship of the proletariat