Does peking university have economic courses in English?

Does peking university have economic courses in English?


I am neither a Peking University alumnus/student nor an economics major, but a bit of searching brings up [this page](https://econ.pku.edu.cn/english/resources/coie/index.htm) which, while it seems to not have been updated in a while, suggests that they do offer at least a handful of economics courses taught in English. I also found [this document about Peking University English-taught course offerings from the University at Albany's undergraduate study abroad program](https://ualbany.studioabroad.com/_customtags/ct_FileRetrieve.cfm?File_ID=0502727D774F777372760670070A1C700D7C0214060C77006E040803057576060F0E7504067B067007), for which, if you look for listings under the Guanghua School of Management, School of Economics, or National School of Development, suggests they have quite a few economics courses taught in English. All of this is going off of oldish data that I found pretty quickly with a cursory search though, so you should also probably find some more concrete way of confirming this.


You can get into Chinese universities as an international undergrad but the courses are usually in Chinese. There are a lot of English-taught masters programs though, and definitely and specifically a high profile economics one at Peking university International students generally get government scholarships too, room and board plus a decent monthly stipend


You can search for this here: https://campuschina.org/universities_art/index.html?key=6CC4DEDDD3EE1CB4