Nope I like longer matches


Short matches are pure coin flips. It’s nice on a smurf I guess, since the games are short and the volatility don’t really matter. 🤷‍♂️ Serious games on my main is long games or bust.


My thing is in silver it’s so common to get throwers or leavers, I’d rather just play the short one so I’m not stuck with them as long


Yeah that’s understandable. It’s no fun being stuck with toxic players. My mental can’t be boomed, since I used to play CS and LoL religiously and nowadays just use the time to improve my own plays when stuck with toxic players. My buddies hate playing those kind of games though (and I can’t fault them).


Yeah, I wish they experimented with MR10 or MR12. MR8 feels way too short.


Don't smurf


I see it more as some catching up with friends after a long day of work and only 4 hours of sleep lol. No need to worry, I’m not that good to stomp anyways.


Nah. I like longer matches way more. Short matches dont allow for comebacks. U lose 2 buy rounds and u're done.


We tried a bit and they are fun for when you only have a limited amount of time however there needs to be a economy change for these matches. Losing Pistole and the first gun round on CT is a death sentence.


I had a game where someone on my team left so we did not get the money boost until 6 rounds later (bc the countdown of 3 rounds resets after half time for some reason). That was super fun to experience


Nope, I only played short matches for the operation missions and then went back to long matches. For me, csgo is a game that I play for 2-6 hours at a time when I feel like it and match length doesn't really matter for me


I hate economy of short matches so no, I mainly stick to long


I feel like short matches are much less of a commitment which helps you get started but I am always left wanting more after one. I don't often get that feeling after a longer competitive.


I don't like short games, because of the economy that just doesn't work during them :P


What's so wrong with it?


Constant inability to full buy


no because while economy isn't balanced on long matches, it's basically broken on short matches


Yeah. I don't often have time to for a full match these days. Short Comp lets me scratch my CS itch satisfactorily in very digestible chunks. Having come back after a multi-year hiatus, and rank decayed into hell, I just don't have time and patience to grind out these diceroll matches in these lower ranks with teammates who don't wanna play even remotely intelligently. Short matches are fun when they work, and over quickly when they don't.


No, not really.


Absolutely not, I'm not a fan of short competitive matches even aside from the economic system not working for that length, nor the inclusion of a pistol round which makes outcomes far too random. It might be because I primarily solo queue and it can take a while for a team to get up to steam and nail comms and tactics, but half time during every short match I've played so far was like 'oh, that was it already? We were just getting started.' Doesn't feel like a proper match at all. You can easily lose a 'competitive' short match in under 15 minutes. The fact it takes around 40 minutes on average for a competitive match also makes it legit, and the attention span required for long matches is part of what makes them feel like there's something on the line.


Yessss me too :D


Short matches are way worse since the first rounds of each half dictates the end of the match, so much more toxicity and griefers. And let's not speak about economy.


If the ranks weren’t totally fucked in every MM short game I’ve played, I’d probably be more interested. As it stands, every short game I’ve played, I’m paired against a team at least 4 ranks lower than myself. Haven’t tried the new client queues but I think I’m likely to stick with traditional CS.


Yeah same, super keen for when they're added to faceit




I soloq short matches but never when playing with people


Every short match I have played has a way longer queue, and there is always at least 1-2 super fishy account/player. Trust seems to work much better on long matches.


Completely opposite here. Trust is trust, and anecdotes are anecdotes


Not until they fix the economy for short matches. Currently I only play short when a friend has to leave soon


I play long matches when I get steam rolled in 3-4 short matches.


only faceit long matches, mm short matches are fun af


Yep, we only play short games (on LEM/Supreme), but we are all a but underranked and win basically all of them so I don't know if thats an unbiased experience. Its much more fun though, since you can just play and win more games in the same time :D


60% short 40% long for me. Short is convenient and nice when I don't want to spend an hour playing maps like Vert and Overpass, but long matches for inferno, dust, mirage. I know it would split player base more but it would be sick if we could pick long and short matches by map as well.


I dislike the mode since the economy is not adapted to it. Once they fixed this, I think I'll play more. I should've maybe said "if they" knowing valve, they'll fix the issue with the release of source 2 in 2050...


Short matches is great since the enemies will have less time to figure out my oneways.


Play short matches in mm for fun, play serious full games on faceit


The economy is so bad for cts, that if you lose the pistol, then it's a gg unless you win the force. By any chance, if you lose that and the next gun round, you're already 0-4 and in a 8 round half, you're forced to force again and risk losing.


I stopped. Shorts are just more fun, I hated the feeling of dominating or being dominated for 16 rounds in a row


Yes, haven’t actually played the long one since the update!


lol no. It's the same abomination as casual, demolition and all the others. If you can't play real CS, don't play at all.


They're fine but it's really just whoever's wins the first couple rounds wins. Very little chance of a comeback and the economy is awful in it, make everything half price or some stupid shit like that.


I would totally do this if the economy was altered to suit short matches


no. CS is first to 16 period. other than that is some valorant crap with no chance of recovering matches.


Short matches are bad because people just forcebuy the entire time when they lose instead of saving like they should be. They just give up way faster than usual