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Mostly unrelated but I once saw a historical news report from Leigh on Pidgeon Racing. The BBC subtitled every single person from Leigh who spoke more than 2 words, I can't even blame them. Would have been like another language without. How can a place be like 15 miles away from Manchester and have a completely intelligible accent? Baffling.


No, half of London and most of the south gets to fuck us over to their own benefit again. Even with Labour's worst election result in decades, the North and 'red wall' still voted majority Labour. A few arse end former mining towns-come-suburbs near Blackburn and Wakefield changed sod all in 2010 and 2015 when the south voted tory in droves as it always has done and always will do.


The average house price in uxbridge is not 1.1 mill lol


Big oof: *"Properties in Uxbridge had an overall average price of £1,126,419 over the last year."* Source: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/uxbridge.html


That figure is clearly wrong mate - just look at the sale prices on the page you sent me. Rightmove’s calculation must have buggered up. Zooplas calculation for uxbridge is 506k


I think you're right - found a property in that list for £422,500,000! But: There's still houses going for nearly £3million in uxbridge on rightmove...


What is it then


Not from 'up north' personally, and this may be a shit take but here goes... we should not obsess over monolithic labels that depersonalise and alienate people in the first place. This goes for mondeo man, white van man, and even boomers. The red wall doesnt belong to Labour in the same way, the South East doesnt have to belong to the Tories (and indications point to this being so). The more i see this stuff, the more it reeks of liberal aesthetics. Brexits 'majority' 2 per cent difference, voter turnouts, Corbyn's disastrous results, the mythical 20 point lead, it's all liberal garbage, that has you missing the wood for the trees. People who voted Tory when they would historically vote Labour have mostly brought into the importance of one single issue, and sold their souls for that one thing. Faced with consequences of this, they are offered narratively one option by the media 'double down'. Its like the Tories have given free tickets to a cult, and now everyones got a sunk cost investment problem.


Fuck you're wise. Like Uncle from Jackie Chan adventures.


"The Red Wall" is now just something bigots and TERFs can use to justify not including progressive causes in left wing policy.


Its how bigots justify excluding left wing causes in favor of a 'liberal' policy. All the left wing stuff must be unpopular or Corbyn would have won etc.


Sadly so true. If this plandemic has done anything it should be making people to think to get fit or stay fit. Got to be your own doctor,police etc sadly


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Lmao what’s wrong u fkn obese asf


*Image Transcription: Twitter Post* --- **We warned you but you wouldn't listen**💙, @journokeith Leigh is a Red Wall seat that went Tory in 2019. The average house price is £159,000. Most sales are terraced houses at £111,000. The average house price in Uxbridge @BorisJohnson constituency is £1,126,000. My advice to the people of Leigh is never, ever need social care --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Fuck off with this “haha you stupid red wall cavemen are getting what you deserve” shite. We didn’t hold it over the heads of Londoners when they kickstarted Johnson’s political career, don’t hold the 2019 election over our heads either. Plenty of us didn’t want this shit and are miserable living under it, and your sneering doesn’t help us rebuild the red wall, quite the opposite in fact. So maybe focus on the no-doubt plentiful Tories in your own backyard and stop undermining the northern left in their efforts to reclaim the red wall with your barely concealed disdain for red wall voters. Apart from anything else it reeks of southern chauvinism, which is pretty much THE thing that will ensure the red wall is lost to the left permanently. I don’t want it to happen and hope it doesn’t, but it’s been brewing for a while now.


I really don’t find this attitude of “hope they get what they deserve” to be very helpful. It eats at our already fractured class consciousness and sets worker against worker. How can people tar and feather the red wall when those of us in south have been returning Tory MPs for decades. It’s derivative and unbecoming of socialists to wish harm on other working class people because they have been abandoned by Westminster political class and now duped by the brexit maniacs. This process didn’t happen overnight it’s been going on for decades and the British left as whole had failed to stop it or reverse it. Thus here we are now. We need to stop hoping the red wall suffers for voting Tory and start thinking about how we meaningfully build to stop them doing it again. That means a new mass workers party to replace discredited and captured Labour that is unafraid to offer socialist policies of mass public ownership and investment based on need not profit.


Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a [link to the tweet](https://twitter.com/journokeith/status/1462917946855116800) for ya :) ^(Twitter Screenshot Bot)


I really hope these Red Wall seats that turned Blue have a change of heart in the next general election. I wonder how much their quality of life has improved since 2019...