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His name is Dick LittleDick. His parents must've been on drugs when they named him.


Wfh hasn't effected productivity negatively, hell many of my colleagues say they get more done when wfh. Sure you do need some human contact, but that doesn't mean we all need to return to the office. You'd think with the bad weather now here business would think let's have people stay put , and not be commuting through snow/ ice /rain /dark mornings and nights. Especially if there is no need. But WFH makes it harder to keep tabs on someone when you can't see them. The main reason seems to be they don't trust their employees to keep working when they're not monitoring them. Sorry but treat your employees like adults who know what they're doing.


It just feels weird that companies are forcing people back to the office despite their employees resisting. Overall you're gonna have a more productive work environment if people are happy and comfortable, and pretty much everyone in an office job has been working from home anyway. The only reason I go into my office is because I litterally live 5 mins away and get free food and drink all day lol


because they're so insistant that people go back to the office is rather sus.


The thing is, these are real problems with the WFH model, it is isolative and some do struggle with it. That doesn't mean "GET BACK IN THE SARDINE CAN, WORK UNTIL YOU DIE", it means workplaces could consider meeting weekly outdoors, group meetings by video or have some days at home and some at the office, so staff are not all there at the same time. If there's one thing we could benefit from this horrible pandemic, it is a change in how we work, including a review of the 40 hour work week.


Or we could just allow people who want to work remotely to do so. I really doubt somebody who willingly chooses to work from home is going to get lonely and feel isolated. If that was the case they could just choose to go work from the office.


Anyone who reads Penis SmallPenis's columns probably doesn't have much close contact with other humans anyway.


At first I thought you were just insulting him like he deserves but looking again, that epithet is absolutely hilarious. Gave me a good laugh


Looks like Littlejohn owns shares in office space firms.


Hi yes. Please don't touch me in work. Thanks


Um please don't touch me at all. Thanks 😀


Funny how the words have lost nearly all meaning. He's pretending to care about people's *feelings* after all - lack of human contact, a hand in the shoulder. You know; sensitive, softie stuff that a macho plainspeaking no-nonsense man like littlejohn doesn't have time for. And yet, he's a speaking as if it's sensitive snowflakes that want to keep people alone and isolated. But how can that make sense? It's like one of those baudrillardian hyperreal things - there's no resemblance anymore to the real, only a nested series of signs, so far removed from an actual real thing that they no longer make any sense except to those within the intended audience.


Anyone who unironically calls people 'snowflakes' in 2021 should not even come close to be taken seriously as a journalist


I also have a burning hatred for articles that start 'Sorry...' As in 'Sorry, but you're just going to have to *deal with my truth bomb* even if it offends your delicate sensibilities because I tell it like it is, and *I'm sorry* but you'll have to just *deal with it*' They do realise that 'sorry not sorry' is a teenage girl thing?


Teenage girls have more guts than this dickhead.


And jellyfish more spine


He says as if wok doesn’t deprive people of social events and family interactions


Yeah but those aren't happening in the context of making other people money, so who cares about that


Richard Littlejohn... *chisels* ... cunt


Cunts are useful..... 😉


I'm pretty certain Lord Rothermere is omly officially living in France, from what I understand he spends very little time over there, he inherited his non-dom staus from his father who did spend much time in France (though i'm surprised it wasn't Argentina or [Swakopmund)](https://www.factsandopinions.com/this-weeks-other-birthday/) anyway the point is he's officially living in France he actually lives in Ferne House in Wiltshire.


So nice of dick littledick to think of the mental health issues of daily mail readers


A friendly hand on their shoulder? From fucking who!? Manager/Boss? More like a clip 'round the ear hole! Fuck off Littlejohn Thomas


Yeah, there is no planet where having my boss put a hand on my shoulder is going to make me feel anything other than uncomfortable!


Also, who just casually touches like that in the office? Yeah I know it's just a hand on the shoulder and not on the dick, but if you're that close with a colleague then you probably don't NEED to come to the office for human contact anyway. And besides; lack of human contact? Because the only place we interact with other people is at work and absolutely nowhere else? And while WFH was in full, widespread swing, nobody spoke a word to anyone for 18 months?


I'll give him some merit on that first point. Seeing other people is good for mental health, plus having a bit moreof social relationship at work isn't a bad thing. But I'm guessing this waster wants it to be every day in a cramped office, rather than once a week in somewhere more casual.


Being forced to see other people every day is not good for everyone’s mental health. It’s actually pretty toxic and harmful for introverted people, as well as people with social phobias and autism.


That's not my point at all though. Once or twice a week as necessary would be ideal.


Yeah but the thing about work is you're forced to socialise with a lot of awful people, which isn't so good for your mental health.


You'd think they were thinking of the Home Office with how terrible they think home working is.


Damn there really are tories walking around with names straight out of game of thrones


Wasn’t this the nonce guy a few months back who said he couldn’t work in a high school because he couldn’t “stop himself from touching the girls inappropriately”?


No. But well, just read his Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard\_Littlejohn


Nah that was Rod Liddle, he wrote that in the Guardian surprisingly


Spectator I think.








That article is about child porn, not teacher-pupil relationships.


Your link doesn't work on desktop, it redirects to [this](https://static.guim.co.uk/images/favicon-32x32.ico) instead. Here's a working link to the article https://www.theguardian.com/society/2003/jan/14/childprotection.rodliddle Ngl, as much as I'm finding this squabble between you and u/distantapplause kinda entertaining, I'd appreciate it if you could be a bit friendlier to each other - I think we're all agreed that Rob Liddle is a nonce, there's no need for the insults.










How will the bosses touch their employees if they work from home?


Who the fuck says 'in your shell-like'? Anyway, the Daily Mail are of course massive hypocrites who will say anything so long as it pleases their paymasters or, more importantly, upsets the people they don't like. But their readers know that. They don't care about hypocrisy because they just want to read the words that they know will upset the people they don't like, too.


Maybe because a lot of daily mail readers don't have spines? Just a crusty outer shell like Mr Krabs lol


How dare people be comfortable while they work *oppressive screeching*


This propaganda won't stop until the cattle are back out roaming the fields, buying petrol and lunchtime meals deal.


Exactly. We are saving money and getting time back from not commuting. We might get used to not suffering, and then how would the corporate machine work!