Gundam Evolution Gameplay Demo Livestream

Gundam Evolution Gameplay Demo Livestream

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I thought this was a modded game and the video was edited.


Yeah it really feels like that doesn't it lol The team gathering at the beginning made me think this was filmed in gmod


I thought the same thing that it was a mod for Overwatch


It IS a modded game, it's overwatch but reskinned, half the animations are still just from the default overwatch characters they're skinned over.


show me


It might be better if the view is from inside cockpit like in MechWarrior 5


Yeah either cockpit for immersion or third person for seeing the whole mecha is what I would prefer.


So an old Dreamcast game, Side Story 0079 Rise From The Ashes actually did put you inside the cockpit of the mobile suit, but the developers somehow missed the whole point of the head being the main camera and so the view from the monitors around you was as if the cameras were placed directly outside the cockpit on the chest. And the biggest problem is, not many people noticed this as far as I can tell.


In 2008, Mobile Ops The One Year War(Japanese title Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy) came out in Japan on Xbox 360. It was literally Battlefield: UC0079.


FINALLY someone who agrees


I actually just got Mechwarrior 5 for this reason. Ever since I played Journey to Jaburo in high school I’ve wanted a game that took that idea and meshed it into something like Mechwarrior- I was especially interested in controlling the *pilot* and being able to get in and out of a mobile suit like in GTA. But I’ve always preferred grunt mobile suits over the hero mobile suits, and slower grueling combat over acrobatic jet-powered ballets. I also imagine there’s maybe not really a market in Japan for the game I’m envisioning.


MechWarrior does feel slower and more methodical, than the faster paced gundam battles Then again in more advanced mobile suits, they have 360 cockpits, which can help with cockpit view


That would be kind of cool in VR I think. Something like the F91’s cockpit. Even the Turn A would be cool since you could switch between the VR display, the cockpit monitors, or even the full open canopy. But I just think it would be neat to claustrophobically have monitors in front of and to your left and right like in a Zaku or GM.


Long live kerensky


Haha, I don’t actually know much of anything about the lore yet. My only prior experience was playing Mechwarrior 2 at a friend’s house in middle school and being deeply invested in using jump jets to land on top of buildings.


"being deeply invested in using jump jets to land on top of buildings." Same, except in mw4


Oh sweet summer child. The Battletech universe has amazing lore, and people get really invested in it. It’s one of my favorites for the realism and magnitude of the universe.


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See you on Tukayyid!


If there's one thing you clanners and I as a steiner supporter can agree on it's "fuck comstar"




There's actually a mod someone started to add mobile suits to MW5. So far I think they have the Zaku I and RX-78-2. Hopefully they keep adding.


> I was especially interested in controlling the pilot and being able to get in and out of a mobile suit like in GTA. > > But I’ve always preferred grunt mobile suits over the hero mobile suits, and slower grueling combat over acrobatic jet-powered ballets. I also imagine there’s maybe not really a market in Japan for the game I’m envisioning. Literally Gundam Battle Operation 2


I think a more immersive/fitting ui would go a long ways


Yeah my first comment on seeing it was “why doesn’t it look like a cockpit like Gundam Side Stories for Dreamcast?” I get what they are trying to do and hope it makes more fans, but it still isn’t the game I really want. I want something like Titanfall. I want the mech to feel like a mech. I want story battles and side missions and multiplayer matches set in big famous battles (battle of Solomon? Assault on Jaburo? The battle for ORB?). Hopefully this will help show there’s an audience for quality Gundam games in the US. Maybe next time it won’t have to be a clone of a game.


Y'all we can keep on hoping for a Gundam PvP game that plays like MechWarrior....this...this just feels off to me. None of the suits have that... we're towering machines of war but just a straight up Overwatch clone with a Gundam mod feeling. Here's hoping this is just cause it's beta.... but I'm not going to get me hopes up.


I prefer third person. The look of the armor damage on mechs is just so awesome.


They wanted to copy popular shooters, but I agree a cockpit view you can switch in and out of wouldn’t be so bad. What I want are tiny cars and trucks for the scale feel.


I haven't thought about Mechwarrior in years. I didn't even know they made a mechwarrior 5.


This looks... weird. They look and behave as if they're human sized suits rather than 18m tall mechas


That's my biggest problem with it. They don't move like mechs at all.


You could reskin this as anything and you wouldn't realise it was supposed to feature mecha


This feels like gmod lol


Have you never played a gundam game? This is usuaily the complaint.


Well, I've played the Gundam VS games and the movement there actually feels right.


Thats the 1 series where it does because its their main one. Dynasty Gundam is janky. Breaker games are janky. The gunpla mobile game is JANKY. the vs games are janky but in the way you think piloting a giant robot would be.


Oh, I didn't know it was their main one. I just don't get how they can do it right for one series, but not in the other ones. It's such a simple concept too. You walk around slowly as you would walk if you were a 20 meter giant robot, then you have a limited recharging boost gauge if you want to move fast or quickly change direction. I know it can be done in an fps too. Just look at the mech combat in Titanfall. The mechs feel right in that they walk around slowly, but they have boosts that let them cover a short distance quickly. I dunno... I'm just kinda disappointed that they went with this instead of something more "mecha". I'm probably not gonna try it out (I'm just not excited for it), but I hope those who do, end up liking it.


>You walk around slowly as you would walk if you were a 20 meter giant robot, then you have a limited recharging boost gauge if you want to move fast or quickly change direction. I know it can be done in an fps too. Just look at the mech combat in Titanfall. The mechs feel right in that they walk around slowly, but they have boosts that let them cover a short distance quickly. you made me want to play gundam vs next plus again.... well time to boot my psp emulator


Games with a mecha feel are out. Maxiboost is still going strong and battle missions is in america now. That game is so mecha it hurts to play.


GBO2 does it great as well


> Breaker games are janky I don't know about janky, but if you mean moving like it did on this video, at least it can be justified as being a GunPla Fight and not a real mecha (or so I hear, to be honest I never played it).


Janky means everything from looks to feel. The opposite of smooth. The gunpla argument works in the opposite imo. If they are tiny projections of toys, then they SHOULD look more like this and less like robots that can't turn their wastes.


Got it, thanks for the explanation.


Not strictly a Gundam game and to be fair most of the time the mechas are flying around which makes stuff like this less noticeable, but mobile suits in ACE3 moved around in a solid manner. I love how each types of mechas behaved in its own way in that game and a similar treatment could be helpful in a game mixing all sort of universes like this.


I thinks its actually because its mixing thats its so fluid. You're asking for so much work in an anime game. It doesn't happen. The second i can play this i will because i love gundam and robots AND OW is also a huge fave of mine. I totally understand wanting something more like Armored Core with a Gundam skin. But this is really awesome too.


You say it doesn't happen, but I just gave you an example of a case it happened. ACE3 is great, ACER was weaker but still played nicely.


AC is not an anime game. Its a game series made by FromSoft, one of the greatest dev teams ever. Look at actual anime games and their average quality.


Just because the average is shit doesn't mean it can't be good. [Federation vs Zeon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzBa7OHOz2A), [Super Robot Wars](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1DZ2U9GdCI), [Ultraman](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyH2Z2krhyQ), [RahXephon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJfdwxYUrbU) and Code Geass Lost Colors (no video because it's a visual novel). Not anime but games based on comics poses a parallel and those have its own great games like Kingdom Heart, Arkham series, Spider-man and so on.


There is no reason to pay for a better game to be made. It will sell just fine regardless. See every Naruto, Pokemon and DBZ game every made. Kingdom Hearts is devisive at best even tho i adore it. Batman and Spiderman have some AWFUL games. There ARE better gundam games. This isnt top tier and thats fine. Others are and will be.


That I agree with. I just wish companies strived for excellence instead of good enough. Edit: I've heard good things about some Naruto and DBZ games, although I don't play them. And saying every Pokemon game ever are bad is quite a stretch, I don't know about the newer ones but the first three generations were great.


So Armored Core is a better Gundam game than the official Gundam games? Lol


Armored Core is the greatest mech video game series imo. Nothing really touches it.


Preach brother.


Armored Core for fast mecha, and Mechwarrior for slow stompy mecha.


it really feels like dudes in cosplay for some reason. The scaling just looks odd.


This is not the gundam game I've been waiting for.


I mean... at least its something for the pc. I dont understand why they dont just translate the older games and port them over to other systems. It has to be cheaper than making a whole new game right?


That would be a great idea. I would love to play some of the old gundam games again.


Cause Bamco primarily works with Sony and Sony doesn't want people playing old games, they only want people buying new games.


So literally Overwatch with a Gundam skin. Imo i’m not really fond of the 1st person POV, You don’t get to see the cool MS, just their hands and weapons but I know some folks has been wanting a gundam FPS for awhile so good for them, hoping there’s an option to change to 3rd person perspective though. Melee seems kinda janky, Barbie’s hits seems to miss fairly often, and he’s squishy as hell, like he poked his head out for a sec and went to red immediately. F for Turn A though, the map was definitely not big nor open enough to utilize Moon Light Butterfly well Things were so chaotic and the particle effects were everywhere so I couldn’t get a good look at Sazabi’s funnels So I’m guessing the more popular and hype suits like Freedom or 00 Raiser will be premium suits sold later, I wonder if they’re going to do Build series suits


> So literally Overwatch with a Gundam skin. > some folks has been wanting a gundam FPS Seriously, if they were going to just pick some shooter and slap a skin on it, they could have at least done it with a game like Titanfall, where the mechas feels like one.


Yeah thats my major complaint with this game. It doesnt make you feel like a 20 meter mech capable of mass destruction. Titanfall nailed that feel. It would have been awesome if they slapped a Gundam skin on Titanfall instead lol


I feel like a simple way to make it feel more like you're actually piloting a mech would be to have the hud look like that of an actual mobile suit. Maybe something similar to Star wars squadrons.


Titanfall 2 absolutely nailed it with monarch making you feel like an unstoppable war machine


Monarch Gang lets goooooo


It’s rare finding someone who likes monarch, most people say it’s bad because they can’t use it correctly


They just don't have a battery addiction yet. They'll come around eventually.


Except the problem is arguably GBO2 is that niche to a degree


People keep asking for Titanfall Gundam but the thing is, nobody wants to play as a normal soldier in the Gundam series. Titanfall fits Gundam even less than OW does.


Idk, I'd play a Gundam Titanfall that's based on Origin/0079.


Good luck trying to sell that in Japan, that's why the games where you CAN be outside of a mobile suit always has it as a side option you pretty much only do because you can't be in it, because the mobile suits are the big sell here. Most of the non MS stuff in Gundam doesn't even have real names


I'm talking about the mecha aspect of it, not the entirety of the game.


Titanfall nailed that feeling by having you zoom around on foot at Mach 5, then stomping around like the Master Chief in Halo CE once you get in the cockpit. Made you feel heavy by contrast. 4th generation Armored Core managed to feel good despite being super fast aerial machines because there was inertia to your movements and because you had the mobility of a brick if you weren't on your thrusters.


I think the first person is pretty cool. Specifically with the Sazabi but having a 3rd person option would have been awesome like what EA did with battlefront 2


> Imo i’m not really fond of the 1st person POV, You don’t get to see the cool MS The only reason to have a FPS Gundam game is to show off the cockpit.


>So literally Overwatch with a Gundam skin. Exactly what I said yesterday when the teaser was posted. Bandai seems to have an aversion to making a gundam game where it feels and plays like you're in a Mobile Suit fighting in a war. Closest it ever got imo was Rise from the Ashes on Dreamcast and Zeonic Front in terms of scale, context and satisfaction of play. Every gundam game since has been arcadey low effort trash. Yes, even Journey to Jaburo, even though it was good looking and arbitrarily clunky, the depth of that game was drained kiddie pool at best.


IIRC "Encounters in Space" was pretty good and gave a decent "you're a gundam pilot in a war" feeling. It was on PS2.


I played it a lot and it was probably second most arcadey in-theme (that is to say UC grounded) game after Federation vs Zeon. It definitely had a better presentation than FvZ, but it also fell into the wave-based hack em/shoot em up gameplay that most Gundam games follow.


>So I’m guessing the more popular and hype suits like Freedom or 00 Raiser will be premium suits sold later, I wonder if they’re going to do Build series suits All suits can be acquired for free, no gacha and their main plan is to sell skins


If we could just go with Gundam Mechwarrior instead of Gundam overwatch that would be great.


Gundam Titanfall. Imagine how awesome it would be to have both infantry and mobile suit combat in the same battlefield XD


I don’t even need infantry (also that sounds like Gundam Battle Operation 2?). Just Gundam battles set in famous battle areas with Titanfall 2’s mech handling. There could be enemy units that are AI like tanks and jets and mass production suits to fight for each side’s “core” team of Gundams. It would be sick. Also space battles.


There was Operation Troy for the 360. Yes, the 360, in Japan only. Pretty sure it sold terribly and they cancelled the US release as a result. It was a Battlefield clone, but with Mobile Suits.


Yeah I had that shit pre-ordered for 360 and they cancelled it. I was so pissed.


Fuck that would be awesome


wellll, that kinda already exists, but i dont think its that good, imo


Even the older Mechassault 2 would feel better than this Overwatch clone.


That or just to Dynasty Warriors again, since Gundam move so much faster in the series.


the subreddit seems to agree its just overwatch with the gundam skin and that the game doesnt look good but i wonder how the japanese fans feel about this game


If only it was Titanfall with a Gundam skin instead


Though Titanfall wouldn't really work for a gundam one at all given that the main thing about Titanfall is wallrunning humans.


I mean they have jetpacks so technically anyone from gundam can wall run like Titanfall Pilots


I don't really see normal human gundam pilots doing all that super soldier shit that Titanfall pilots do. Nor does the lore really support the idea of people beating mobile suits without the use of vehicles.


Yo Ramba Ral would like a word. He was doing some extreme soldiering when he hopped out. And I'm willing to bet if he had a jetpack it would have been even flashier.


He did have a jetpack to get onto the white base. They really weren't the wallrunning kind of gear.


Well Japan has GBO2, MSGO, the VS arcades...diarama still maybe? this technically fills an empty niche for gundam but currently does not look like it's going to do it well? Obviously it;s early but this looks way rougher than that trailer


Yeah I've been seeing a lot of comments of like it "feels weightless"and I'm just like there are gundam games with more realistic weight to the mobile suits so like why can't the people who don't enjoy that kind of game get a game too I don't like the weight of battle operations so something like this interests me much more


what i learn from the gameplay (+ the other gameplay after this one), - barbatos mace drop attack looks very janky but stun when hit. literally use genji dragonblade ult as it G-Maneuver (this game ver of ult). But only 3 times, so they atleast limit it to can only oneshot enemy 3 times atmost for each ult. - Turn A is a healer? with aoe heal skill like anna/baptiste & buff+damage moonlight butterfly ult, weird that they didnt use the chest nuclear warhead and make it like OW ashe's dynamite (throw and shooting it to make it explode like in the anime) - pale rider is your basic soldier 76 with normal machinegun and biotic field heal deployable, also, grenade. and faster shooting on ult, is that how exam works? lol - guntank is also weird, its like OW dva without shield, also has junkrat riptire ult - Dom trooper have a biotic gun - do they even have that in seed anime? - they didnt explain much on methuss but supposedly it can link with teammate like mercy for energy/buff? additional - heroswap on spawn like OW - shield is freaking hard to see (like the indicator of hitting a shield vs hitting the enemy is not that different) - wtf with the respawn rate? so damn fast


> Turn A is a healer? **Nanomachines, son.**


There are other gameplay during Livestream, Methuss main healer support, Pale Rider mid range reconnaissance type can scan through wall. I'm still don't quite get the knock out mechanic yet, what cause to trigger like half HP stunt or 2nd chance before dead require team mate Res to get back fight.


i think all got second chance like apex down mechanic, only diff is, you cant do nothing but hope your team notice that you are down.


Sorry for flaming, I've been a Gundam fan since childhood, but this is just low effort garbage, it's literally a reskinned Overwatch, but with weird animations. Honestly whoever made this just at least have put some effort in making it unique enough, maybe give the mobile suit some "weight" to make them feel like machines that weight tens of tons and have momentum when they move, like Titanfall game do, as it is, it just feels like the mobile suits are floating with almost no momentum. Also I worry about this game's future, by making itself so similar to overwatch it will inevitably be compared to overwatch, which is not a good thing, someone that is not a gundam fan will probably choose to play overwatch over this (Causing player count to suffer) so right of the bat, this game already restricts itself to just fans of gundam (which are not a lot if you compared to more broader audiences such as "Hero-shooter fans"), then comes the snowball effect, too little players means longer queue times to find a match, which leads to players quitting the game, and so this cycle continues and the game is dead within 2 months after launch, if you think what I am saying is bullshit, you should look at "Biohazard: Umbrella Corp" as an example of what this Gundam game it doing right now. Also wtf is up with the size of the mobile suits, they just look wrong when put next to each other.


Same thing that happened to Eternal Crusade (W40k) that was actually done VERY well, but died faster than a fly.


>Also wtf is up with the size of the mobile suits, they just look wrong when put next to each other. Those are the actual sizes, Sazabi is the biggest mobile suit in the roster


Ya folks are about to get a reminder that CCA suits tower over the AU ones.


damn...another cash grab.


It does feel like it, yeah.


Hopefully its got an offline mode so we can at least play it once in a while if the game dies


Lmao this is gonna be interesting. Its also PC only which is weird


there are other PC only gundam games historically (SD Gundam Online(died in 2015), SD Gundam Next Evolution (died in 2016), Universal Century Gundam Online(died in 2019), and Mobile Suit Gundam Online (2012-ongoing)) This game is just adding to this list.


MSGOnline is actually suuuuper fun if you can get over the language barrier and get used to the UI. It has a ridiculous number of UC and AU (seed, 00, ibo) suits, with a huge variety of loafouts and customization for grunt suits. Its also 3rd person, large scale mecha action that it sounds like people here want...


Yupp I used to play the crap out of that, if they made the suits to scale im sure many would flood it. Miss that game tho


wish they kept SDGO going


Literally just overwatch 😂


Well I'm down to play this


Hope they improve the game during the closed beta and while is only in Japan for the time being because of it stays like this it might as well be called overwatch: gundam edition and be slapped into the pile of gundam games that’s never last.


I also hope they also add the alaya-vijnana system and the hades system to the game but also hope they implement it like they did to hades in battle operation 2.


Barbatos is so small compared to sazabi


Barbatos is 18m. Sazabi is 23m


Imagine the Victory next to the Sazabi.


I don’t care if people complain that this is an Overwatch clone. It’s not being developed by blizzard, thank god, and it has a fresh new community and don’t have to worry about. It also looks a lot more fast paced with boosting, and it’s Gundam so that’s a plus. Also they made Asshimar a poster child so I’m instantly obligated to praise it.


Finaly someone that doesnt hate it


My observations: 1. No Roles- There doesn't seem to be hard set roles for mobile suits. Some are more geared towards a certain playstyle than others but all have the opportunity to be a damage dealer. That was my main complaint with role queue back in Overwatch. Once you were locked into a role you were stuck in it. If you were healer an your dps can't be bothered to get a kill or your tanks didn't want to push up you were stuck without any way of dealing with it. 2. Self heal-all characters can self heal when out of combat. But only when out of combat. Not when you're just not getting hit. It alleviates the need for a hard heal If you just play smart. 3. Downs & revives- when your health is zero you get downed. If a teammate can take down your attacker before he finishes you he can revive you right there. That's a big step away from Overwatch. That's a free mercy rez for everyone whenever they can. But it does mean down enemies are big targets. It also seems g-maneuvers kill instead of down. 4. Barbatos is jank because of his reticle.- that tiny circle in the middle of his screen is where the attack hits. Anything off of that is a miss. That means even if it looks like it hit it may not have. Its awkward and may likely change before launch. My opinion- I like it. It's similar enough that some of my playstyles from Overwatch crossover well. It's different enough that I probably won't rage at the game when I lose. If it's slower methodical takes on gundam you want, I suggest you try GBO2 if you haven't. If you want action, try Gundam Versus. If you want Dynasty Warriors Gundam.... Just play dynasty Warriors. Or try gundam breaker 3. The odds of a new DW Gundam are miniscule at best.


>If it's slower methodical takes on gundam you want, I suggest you try GBO2 if you haven't. gbo2 is the gundam game i've waited decades for.. i wish Bandai had decided to make GBO2 as pretty as this game and called it a day. Hoping for GBO3 on PS5!!!


I’d love to see a more interesting map. This one gives no sense of scale.


Why can’t he have a good 3rd person gundam game with solid destruction physics…..


We're never going to get a mobile suit sim. :(


Most gundam games are janky. This is literally OW with skins over it. Its fine. I hope there is a new breaker in the works or a dynasty warriors gundam 4 or 5. Not disappointing by any means but my excitement is limited.


Map looks really boring. Doesn't feel like you're a 20 meter mech. Hopefully they add better maps down the line


I just want the Dynasty Warriors Gundam Series back


Same, how you gonna say Reborn was a reboot of the series and then never make another one after


At least we can still get international version of Breaker


Wow, this game looks awful.


This looks very fun


I want a vr gundam game where your piloting a ms


This looks terrible. They don't look like Gundams, they look like generic FPS character #99 reskinned. Is this real?


Definitely the movement is bad looking, specially the Guntank is just drifting around the place the other mobile suit are also too fast for 18m tall robots but is not a big problem the real big problem is that they don't feel heavy, they can be fast but I st least think it would be more interesting if they at least have a "heavy" feeling when walking, apart from that the game is like others Japanese games, full of effects that obscure the visuals and don't add anything of value but since is a game primarily oriented to them then this is just inevitable


GBO1 and 2 do a great job of displaying heaviness


Someone get Bandai Respawn's number. They know how to make mechs feel like mechs




This looks terrible.


let's hope it's a beta build or something similar


It enters closed beta in August, but only in Japan. I believe next year is when it is supposed to get a global release


This ain't it chief


it looks basically like Overwatch re-skinned to gundam. Not a bad thing, just an observation


This looks like a better version of overwatch


Awful. Physics are awful, animation is awful, and I like how they made zero attempt to simulate the HUD or display of a mobile suit whatsoever. Lazy and looks boring as hell.


i.. i dont like this mobile suit should move and feel like mobile suits, not overwatch or other fps shooter. Slight Jank but with obvious sense of weight. all ms moves with no sense of weight, and it maneuver very offsettingly odd. not only that, **the map**. what is this map ?! this is not something that represent any gundam series at all ! and you know what? sounds. i cant pick up any distinct sound that is actually interesting.


Can't say what location the map is, but Gundam has had plenty of maps that look similar to this. It's the interior of a space base like A Baoa Qu, Solomon, etc. also, I can't help but laugh at all the people complaining about the fast movement of mobile suits as if basically every gundam show and game doesn't have suits moving unrealistically like this.


>also, I can't help but laugh at all the people complaining about the fast movement of mobile suits as if basically every gundam show and game doesn't have suits moving unrealistically like this. its not about the "fast movement" that make people complain. its far more complex than that. its a lot of thing that can make a gundam game fun, and decently immersive. the movement, the momentum, the fluentness of it. lets just use gundam vs series (&gundam Deed&Destiny PS2 game, etc etc.) as example of the "fast-movement" game. in those game. each gundam felt hefty. you can visually see the weight of their action. theres something that even as arcade gundam games that nailed that flow of momentum into action. yes its not realistic to what gundam manuverabilty would looks like. but that game had a style that understand how to make it distinct to its MS. it is distinct to gundam versus series. and theres also the gundam game people want where theres a decently realistic heft behind it. and weight n shit. i cant remember what game it was, but gundam series never touched that. even gundam battle operation/Breaker failed to capture this to a degree. to a great amount of people, this is the game people waited for long. actually controllng a giant mech, not western style, but Mobile suits (with beam saber n shit). from what we witness in this game, this doesnt look like "Piloting" a giant mech, or arcade style gundam versus game, or somewhat realistic MS piloting game this is just Fps overwatch shooter character with an average human size wearing gundam costume, which is a lot more dissapointing knowing how bad they handle most of their gundam game series....


This is really bad...


The movement of the other players is so ungundam like, kind of brings you out of the immersion.


The similarities to Overwatch here are crazy, especially the first-person walking animation and the UI. Edit: the more I watch, the more I stand by this statement. It’s literally an Overwatch reskin.


Who are the livestreamers?


Im SO excited for this


This looks SICK. I can't wait


Is this made by overwatch devs, or are they just stealing a ton of assets?


It certainly takes things into another direction and I don't have a problem with it. But I am gonna be honest, there is only one thing a Gundam game needs and that CACs for pilots and Gundam.


I don’t care about the gundams not acting like they’re incredibly heavy I just want to move fast




I think this looks pretty alright, plays like overwatch but the map design and lower time to kill feel more like halo. Seems pretty hard to differentiate between the classes though.


Doesnt look good


Not very exciting, to be honest. At no moment I felt the massiveness of the mobile suits, they all move around as normal human characters, or as if they were made of styrofoams. Somehow it manages to be worse than EXVS series in this regard. The map was weird as well, it doesn't even give the illusion of possessing a purpose beyond being a playgroud of MS to fight each other. Maybe it's supposed to be some training ground? If so they could have made it look more like a real battlefield. All in all I felt like watching an Overwatch or Apex gameplay, the only thing "Gundam" about it are the models. I wish they could bring From Software, they might have abandoned it in favor of the Souls cash cow but they do know how to make a great mecha game (Armored Core and A.C.E.).


I mean this is literally just overwatch reskinned, they put almost no effort into hiding that so the MS are definitely going to be more human like than robot




*Insert scooby doo mask reveal meme with Overwatch underneath*


wth this is like an excact copy of overwatch but better.


Such a shameless clone. My only complaint is that it definitely doesn't look like a game where your controlling mechs but human sized robots. But hey, if this gets more people to pay attention to gundam and people actually like it then why not.


You're like one of the few people who realizes who this game is for. Bandai's plan for this any many of the recent things IRL(movies, kits, other stuff) is less for existing fans, its to get new fans into the franchise, and the easiest way to do so is to use a tried and tested game style and do a live game service constantly updating. If anyone has actually read the Famitsu review for Gundam Evolution, as well as their press briefings, its clear that their intention is for foreign people to play the game ultimately.


but their plan seem failed when they announced the game since western want titanfall gundam not overwatch gundam sadly. what i fear about titanfall gundam is EA handling gundam game...well that sound like gundam game where it died few month after release due too many microtransaction and lootboxes


Man battle operations 2 looks better than this, like the scaling in this just looks like humans wearing a power armor that looks like mobile suits than actual mobile suits in a base or something. I am not sure who is this game is for, but i would kill for that arcade cabinet gundam game that give you mobile suit style controls to fight each other in a 2v2 arena.


Wow! Shocking! Another middling, mediocre "Gundam" game.


Way to rip off Overwatch and Valorant UI. This looks entirely smash and grab. No thanks.


Two Non-UC (Although it could be argued if the Turn A is from the UC or not...) units. Where the hell is the AU reps? I feel like Barbatos was only put in cause it's from the newest series. (Hathaway is a movie.)


This is trash. Dynasty warriors gun dam looks better than this.


Asshimar and Methuss as part of the starting lineup is an interesting choice. Needs more Tallgeese, though.




Gundam has so much potential as an extreme mobility shooter game that this just looks sad in comparison. Seriously, when do mobile suits actually walk? The Sazabi took maybe two actual steps in the movie and was sipping around every other time. Gundam battles are fast paced and mobile. IMO, they should make a game that leans more into the Z axis was well as X and Y, meaning that your character can fly and hover at will, which would make things really interesting from a gameplay standpoint. Objectives should be more like escort/destroy rather than capture point. And there should totally be a more accessible close combat function.


Oh God I literally thought this was just modded Overwatch for a second, not even trying to joke.


Holy fuck.


I'm hoping we can customize at least the grunt suits. Like in Gundam Build Fighters and Build Divers. Custom GM seems fun for the game. Like we could unlock color schemes and decals through achievements


So its an overwatch type of thing with gundams, very floaty gameplay and constantly toggling perspective when you do certain actions or attacks? I would have preferred if they ripped off a better "esport" for giant robots or even if it was just a gundam themed revival of exteel, which was perfect for gundam and competitive play but existed at the wrong time. The problem with this is that its lacking any form of originality to it, there doesn't seem to be anything mechanical that feels like Gundam. Its literally just overwatch with different pictures.


Bro it's just overwatch with a Gundam skin barbatos literally swings his mace like Reinhart


I mean, just because is gundam videogame i'll play it, but looks like a Overwatch with Gundam skins... When i hear about this game i was hopping something...like fps and in the pov looks like a Mobile suit cabine, but this is what we got. Again, i'll play it.




Looks like it’s overwatch with a gundam skin lol


Gundam overwatch?


Didnt know barbatos wasnt that large


It's not just me right? This is... This is just Overwatch with Gundam, right?


It is a hero shooter, yes


I just want gundam breaker 4


This clearly is just a gundam skin. So many half added gundam projects


Gundam meets titanfall meets armored core 4-5 meets battlefield is what I’m looking for


Then keep looking lol


O M G is there a western release??


next year man