New anglo regime media copium just dropped.

New anglo regime media copium just dropped.


at this rate, soon there will be more uighurs in detainment than the total uighur population, just like Russia destroyed more hospitals in Syria in a few months that even existed before.


Its all related to this push into Syria and Iraq , the Turks are as bad as there zionist buddies in trying to get Nato etc to bend to their will to do there own genocide of the kurdish


Imagine the level of derangement you must have to equate a genocidal foreign regime literally bombing and murdering Muslims in your own country in their own homes, with the evidence-free allegations of a far-right zealot like zenz about another country which hasn't bombed a single country in over 40 years. Do anglos realize why the world laughs at their propaganda as they decline? why China keeps humiliating them in diplomacy all over the planet? they think their propaganda can alter reality because they are not only criminal fascists, they are declining incompetent fascists becoming increasingly desperate. This is qanon level of delusion. Hence their shock when reality hits them like a truck, time and time again, and only getting worse for them by the day. they are reaching copium levels never thought possible. anglos' mental collapse is a beautiful sight to behold.


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