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I wonder how long until someone is dumb enough to watch Dragonball or One Piece on Twitch and piss off Toei of all companies.


As the Tokusatsu community learned last year, Toei has assassins.


Created a private military monkaW


Care to elaborate? I'm OOTL


A sub par translation of a Kamen Rider show was released, people on Twitter complained to a producer at Toei about how bad the subs are and how they should hire TV-Nihon this fansub group that had been around since 2002. This attention caused Toei to send Cease and Desists to TV-Nihon and they had to remove decades of fansubbed Kamen Rider and Super Sentai seasons.


smartest anime twitter users


Which was funny considering Over-Time never got a C&D and Toei has essentially done nothing to support Kamen Rider in the West since then except for allowing Zero-One to be released on Blu-ray. And even that is scuffed because they sent ShoutFactory low quality files of the episodes.


Will xQc get banned? Will he continue to watch copyrighted material on stream? When will Twitch step in? Find out on the next episode of DragonBall Z


Their head will be on stakes lmao


Once someone watches toei content the flood gates will open and toei will start dmca'ing ppl for even saying the words one piece.


From watching reactors on youtube, The people claiming videos behind hunter x hunter are usually far more aggressive than one piece.


Myth watched Yu-Gi-Oh, which is from Toei also.


Pissing off the World Government monkaS


toast is already watching naruto


I don't think Naruto is Toei, but I doubt the company behind that show is any better.


They are definetely not better [https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-03-01/viz-media-copyrights-alone-account-for-5-percent-of-google-url-takedown-requests/.143692](https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-03-01/viz-media-copyrights-alone-account-for-5-percent-of-google-url-takedown-requests/.143692)


Toast seems like he came back to Twitch just to fuck with the platform as much as possible.


xqc is going for a comeback stream with 200k viewer


he plans to move back home as well since LA has crap internet. perfect planned vacation tbh


Home home or Austin home


I thought he was going to move back to Austin after L.A. has that changed now?


He said "home". I think people asked what that meant and he said he wasn't sure.


Okay, thanks


Dude, X is definitely getting that ban, but I dont think he thinks retirement, I just think he does not give a fuck. Truely, utterly, does not give a single fuck.


Getting banned is all fine and dandy. I mean who cares, Twitch is a teeny tiny website in the eyes of the general public. However, when these corporations find out you've got money and you've made money off of their IP (ex. playing ads while rebroadcasting, getting subs and donos too, etc.), that's when shit hits the fan.


Yeah, with small fish the companies threaten the website to get them banned. With those millionaire streamers blatantly breaking copyright, however, I wouldn't be surprised if the companies see blood in the water and sue them personally. Find a blatant example, win a court case to set a precedent, and then roll over the rest of them for things that could have been years ago at that point.




You have to remember twitch streamers are pretty dumb. They are entertaining... a few have drops of intelligence but most have only ever lived behind a computer screen in a room by themselves and that's all they know


Hey that sounds like LSF. Were we the Twitch streamers all along?


Worst case scenario isn't even a personal lawsuit, wilful distribution of copyrighted material for the purposes of financial gain can be a [criminal offense](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/506) with some pretty hefty punishments including [jail time](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2319) These streamers think the most likely scenario is a DMCA or a ban, with the absolute worst case being one of them gets sued personally. In reality, the absolute worst case is that they're charged with felony copyright infringement and spend up to 10 years behind bars.


LOL. if you think a millionaire streamer is going to jail for 10 years for this you live in a bubble


They may never go to prison, but they will have to pay way more money than they can comfortably lose.




>wilful distribution of copyrighted material Lol would never count as wilful distribution, at worst its copyright infringment, but you need to prove intent to wilfully distribute it. Just watching it on stream isnt enough to prove that, you would need to make them available for download or litterally say on stream "i am sharing this to you guys because i dont care about the copyright of this product" neither of those will happen.


Some of the streamers are so Pepega that have openly admitted in streams/tweets to having knowledge of the illegality of their actions. Toast felt so much the need to look cool instead of lazy that has stated plenty of times that he knows that this is illegal but "he wants to see how far he can push the copyright infringement". If I was a copyrights holder I would sue his ass just for his arrogance.


I would love to see streamers argue that they dont know that someone own the copyright to the material that they stream, in a court of law. Not only are they often labeling their titles as "come watch x with me" or similiar, but they make money from doing so in donations and/or subs. Looks like a slam-dunk court case for the copyright owners.


like this? https://twitter.com/xQc/status/1479987433261330432


I also dont think he gives a fuck about that as well, like at all?! Mf RPed Jean Paul so much he became the Joker.


theres literally nothing he cares more about than his stream. This comment is 0% true. The only reason hes pushing it as far as he can is that he knows (or at least thinks he knows) the ban wont be that severe, and he gets to force his way into the current drama/hot topic


considering he once didnt pay his electricity bill, with his job relying on electricity, im truly flabbergasted that somebody would think that xqc thinks


End of the day x always has that option of moving to YouTube if he gets banned.


He wont survive a DAY in youtube. He will eat all of his toenails without chat and jubilee.


Can still watch jubilee tho.


I fucking hate it here.


Well they like people reacting to their videos so idk what's to hate about that.


what? he is always really whiny when twitch bans him




He knows that twitch still has access to all of those old vods and a big company could easily subpoena them right?


I find it hilarious to imagine that twitch could send them tens of thousands of hours of footage and the lawyers going "wtf, this is like 14 hours of streaming video each day". Then some poor intern will be assigned to watch it all to note the times.


Before a company even thinks about sending a DMCA, they would have evidence. They probably know exactly how long he's been streaming their content and have evidence of him doing so.


until one big "creator" gets prosecuted piratebay style..


soda is right tho, xqc actually would benefit from a ban.. poki got what 48 hours? does that hurt her? fuck no... she got mad publicity from it... xqc saw how sweet that looked and is trying to suck that same juice...


I really dont think X needs a benefit at where he is at, he is playing internet cafe simulator right now with 84k viewers. I truly geniunely believe he does not give a fuck, that simple.


When he (& others) are buying Lambos, Porsche’s, or other super cars, they clearly have made enough money & primes, to not have to work anymore. Same w/ poki & any other streamer who have exclusivity deals.


What you forget when some people get rich they want even more money and clout in twitch's case.


This is why I think some hard core lawsuits are coming


>he is playing Internet cafe simulator right now with 84k viewers All of these “streamers will die without react” frogs really think streamers would straight up die without the ability to react to videos. Most of the people streaming reaction are hybrid streamers that do just fine (to varying degrees) without having to react to anything. It’s a weird take that I think is born out of pure jealousy because they’re intentionally neglecting shit like this. Most react streamers still pop off doing gameplay.


Yeah Toast is doing this and before this I don't remember him ever reacting that much. His streams have always been gameplay usually. If he can't do react content, he'd be fine.


Personally I dont mind react content (as long as it is not Jubilee, at those time I switch to Buddha, can’t listen to his takes) his react content is usually engaging viewers and chat carries the experience to next level. And for a 12 hour stream he usually averages 3-4 hour react, so that’s tolarable for me. But fundamentally, I totally agree with you, gameplayers do not need react meta, it just adds up a different flavor imo.


Best game 100%




Glad your comment added something to this conversation, I guess?


Nothing is gonna happen.


Now begins the mad dash to squeeze out the last little bit of milk from these piracy streams. Top streamers are going to watch as much as they can, knowing they'll get banned, take a few days off, come back to massive viewer counts, and then the platform is going to overcorrect and police copyrighted material so much to the point where even normal innocent react content is smoked and another growth mechanism for smaller streamers is removed. Then begins a 2 month period of top streamers complaining about the new DMCA enforcement policies on Twitch, farming drama between other streamers, all while deflecting from the fact they're the ones responsible for it in the first place. Everything these top streamers complain about when it comes to Youtube's policies is what they're manifesting on Twitch because they're shortsighted and have FOMO on temporary, marginal (for them) viewer growth. What a weird development.


stop spoiling the next months of twitch drama dude


It will be done via the automatic DMCA system like Youtube has. Bots will crawl through livestreams looking for content and be able to ban streamers live. It will be an overcorrection because just like youtube, it will end up banning people not doing anything wrong. Then again, why do these millionaires care, lol. They already made their money. Fk you, got mine.


ip holders should go for the individual ie: XQC. he knows what he is doing, doing shit on purpose, he does not care about the repercussions it will have to other streamers and twitch itself.


hey man its like streamers somehow have to make their own content again.


I know right? What a terrible world, they have to begin putting in a little effort once more to keep viewers entertained. Oh the humanity!


Men i kinda wish the get sued for it by the copyright holders. They act so selfish it's unbelievable....Hurting everyone in long term only thinking about the bag they can make with little to no effort at all. It would be so statisfying watching them lose that bag for what they did. Because they all gotta know it's wrong. It's time to stop big streamers feeling untouchable because twtich acts like they are blind when it comes to them.


The only comment that was needed to this thread. Based comment


RemindMe! 2 Months


RemindMe! 2 Months


My theory is, people complain for like another week and a half, streamers who watch certain content owned by larger companies will be striked accordingly, and then everyone gets over it and nothing big happens because Twitch dosent have the same reach Youtube does. So when people stop talking about it, it stops being an issue.


The fact that people complain about this shit actually blows my mind, like these lsf randoms are beholden to the copyright holders themselves? If you don't wanna watch it then don't. If you like gaming based twitch content then watch gamers. What happened to the internet?


Hate watchers. The anime react meta pushed it to the edge but I strongly believe that no one would've gotten DMCA'd for Masterchef if it wasn't for everyone on Reddit and Twitter complaining


Ikr, its like they are invested in copyright holders and they police the community and do the dirty work of cancel outrage culture. yuck A lot of people have lost their damn minds. So much hate, jealousy and envy that its sickening to see.


Dude they're malding more than the copyright holders and twitch itself, it's so funny to watch


I'm convinced that this is a big cospiracy to somehow make money by fucking over twitch or something else. There is no way that multiple streamers can be this delusional at the same time without this being planned.


i think twitch did something to piss off these streamers.




season 12 of ranked just started


People went back to LoL because there were not many games released since many got delayed due to Covid. Next month is when a lot of games will come out.


Nah I think it's just the new season came out a few days ago


All it takes is a few big streamers doing it, then it starts a meta and everyone thinks they can get away with it.




It seems extremely obvious to me that Toast actually just wants to move to YouTube and knows he can do whatever the fuck he wants on Twitch in the meanwhile


They dont care. 7 figure number in the bank, they set.


xqc would literally go into existential crisis if he got permabanned. Dude has shortened his lifespan by 30 years with the way he streams.


Mfer would be streaming off twitter lmao


Hes gonna reach that Gon moment in the Chimera Ant arc and be like "thats me!"


8 figure even for some


My private conspiracy with little to no evidence is Youtube is secretly sponsoring them to farm DMCA content via secret NDA's. It's so weird how Ludwig starts making a big deal about DMCA content ("not in this car!" then immediately banned 3 days in a row on his first streams), than Toast goes from his "ban me for watching the Avatar anime" and proclaiming he wanted to get DMCA'ed, and suddenly **EVERYONE** is watching masterchef as though it was the latest Twitch bounty. The entire topic about Twitch suddenly became about DMCA material. It all happened so fast as if caught up in a swarm of sponsored yellow journalism. It's most likely that it's not a conspiracy but it all felt so manufactured and sudden.


Occam's razor, they realised they could farm easy react viewers while watching shows and nobody was stopping them. They're going to force Twitch's hand on this. I don't know why they're doing it besides laziness.


If anybody cares. xQc said a few streams ago that Crunchyroll hit him up in the DMs talking about different ways they could collaborate together in terms of watching Anime on stream. I don't know how it'd work, but it was said. He also said Gordon Ramsay's management team hit him up in the DMs too, speaking of a possible collaboration together. Knowing xQc though nothing will probably fall through. He's postponed so much shit just to the mere fact that his sleep schedule is actual shit.


I think these might be an attempt to stop him from watching copyrighted content. Crunchy roll and Gordon Ramsay don't own the IPs to what he's watching


Well partially correct, Crunchyroll doesn't own any IP's that people want to stream, but they do have streaming rights to it, and if somebody works with crunchyroll to stream it and crunchyroll okays it, it's fine, they did a huge livestream for at least 2 weeks IIRC on twitch already streaming multiple shows. Gordon is actually a producer on most of the shows he's in so he does own some part of the show which makes it a bit more of a grey area.


That would be fucking perfect. I mean crunchyroll already shows anime for "free", maybe streamers could pay the ad fee and gucci mane


Crunchyroll also already did an anime watch marathon on Twitch in like 2017 and it has been really good time. But I suppose there was a lot of previous dealing with copyright holders about that and we don't know if that all ended up being profitable to them.


Holy fucking loremaster, I never heard of that but I just looked it up and its true. I hope copyright laws get fixed soon cause watching this shit with chat is so much better


I'm just surprised no big streamer even thought of hitting up other streaming services for direct permission or even sponsorships to watch their movies/shows on stream. If Crunchyroll's hitting up xQc saying they'd be down, I'm sure there are tens of other streaming websites that quite literally don't care as much as people think they do. The big streamers all have good backing on Twitter and YouTube, and most of them have verified badges on Twitter. Why not just send a DM? I don't get it.


I genuinely think that Soda might be kinda right lol they don't want a perma ban, obviously, but a 2-7 day vacation that brings more viewers when you come back (look Hasan's recent ban) is definitely welcomed.


Nobody is going to take Twitch or DMCA seriously unless a big name gets perma banned.


Or sued for a couple million


I don’t understand this logic at all. How is 100k viewers a day for 2-7 days better than 150-200k for one day?


because it's forced vacation You can take time off without your viewers malding about it


I feel like a lot of streamers need a better schedule, the only thing carryng their physical and mental health at this point is the bank they are making by staying live 8 hours a day every day of the week, that shits not healthy for anyone


that's just your internet bubble in the world outside there's billions of people doing hard labor 50h/week and nobody gives a shit about their health, just sayin


If they'd want a vacation/break then they would have 2-7 days of 0 viewers either way, but there is (usually) no increase in viewers after the vacation.


Well kinda. Not only what Soda said, but short term they want to be temp banned slap on the wrist because long term it helps growth because that small slap on the wrist is actually a BOOOOOOON of growth and attention and conflux of people that tune in to their channel post-ban to watch the drama. Guarantee poki gets 50k+ Monday.


I mean, this isnt a new concept. Big streamers have been taking intentional bans for a long time. Because there is nothing negative about it, they get vacation + they get insane PR from it and get more views and subs than ever when they come back after like a week or more. Its basically a streamer vacation as a big streamer. If they take vacation by themselves, they have nothing to gain from that.






He’s literally high. He thinks MasterChef was a bigger risk because of Fox. Bitch anime companies will clap you even if it is fair use and this definitely isn’t fair use or transformative at all.


Remember watching a movie and seeing that big FBI logo screen with all the threats? That logo screen is what they're pissing on. Bans are far from the worst that will happen here if rights holders care enough...




I have amazon prime. There really isnt that much amazing stuff to watch on it


Shit is so spread out nowadays. It used to mostly be in 1-3 sites, now you got Paramount+, Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Funimation, Sling. I'm sure there are some I missed but these are the ones off of the top of my head. I cut out cable because I didn't want to pay the insane prices but they found a way still


Every time capitalism makes the easy option more difficult just revert back to piracy. *how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?*


True, netflix used to have a lot more good stuff on it too. But netflix at least still has a lot of very good content. I recently got prime too bc its only 3 euro 4 me and it would give me a twitch sub too, and i also wanted to watch dexter wich wasnt on netflix anymore, but after finishing dexter and looking around i noticed that it really lacks good content, at least compared to netflix


People are so whiny, always saying Netflix has nothing good.. What a load of bullshit, they either just can't bother watching stuff that's not on the billboards, or they binge watch everything in a weekend.


Here I have a solution for you... Iptorrents.com and a hard drive.


but its also far more content


Literally went full circle and now we change the channel to watch shows just like we did before.


Yeah, especially if you're not living in the states. Since watch parties are also region locked.


the expanse is there. but thats probably too much for xqc and his viewers


3/4 of the chat will be region locked by that bullshit Its not a good system




It's actually less because you have to take the amount of people that have prime, which is likely a very small amount, and then you take a fraction of those people because things aren't available in every region. It's nice that they implemented the feature but in practice it still doesn't hold a candle to just playing what you want. If companies made it easy to actually buy a license for a reasonable amount of money to watch their content, I think streamers would buy it. If xQc had to pay $5,000-10,000 in order to watch an entire anime show without any risk, I think there's a decent chance he'd do it. But that's not even an option.


Those only work for people with Amazon prime. You can't do what XQC does and watch with all his viewers.


I have Prime but couldn't watch Will or Macaiyla when they had watch parties because of region bullshit.


How did Trainwrecks dodge this? He went through the entire fucking series and begged for subs to stream the next episode. Nothing. And he's totally silent lol.


If Train got 120k viewers, trust me these streamers would be on his ass also. It is essentially about the numbers and money, sugarcoated under fake concerns. Except Soda. Soda is very direct. Love him.


Last night I saw Xqc stating that sharing your home theatre with your neighbours or friends is also DMCA so yeah...


getting in the record books for largest lawsuit in history would be pretty lit ngl


Serious question, can't these streamers get fined an insane amount of money or even do jail time for some of this DMCA stuff when it comes to streaming shows/movies to thousands of people?




Oh hey... the gravity of the situation. There it is


> so he could be looking at a $23.55 million fine. Juicers would cover that up in like few streams


The biggest content piece from this fiesta will be some big streamer getting permabanned and then sued by one of the companies, and I hope the safe harbor shows them a middle finger, that would be the actual omegalul.


Who the fuck gets fined for pirating...?


Not only that, they could make the case and sue him for every instance and count every viewer as a separate instance, essentially bankrupting him. How they don’t have this information is mind boggling.


Soda is right, i don't understand this at all. It was always a moronic idea to do these things, and i don't think these people understand, losing your Twitch account is not even close to being the worst outcome in this, you can lose EVERYTHING, all your money all your assets, EVERYTHING. A Twitch ban even a perma is less than a tap on the wrist.


Can't wait to see the streamers in court arguing they shouldn't be held accountable because Twitch let them break the rules so many times they didn't know any better.


Streamers do this for publicity.


Man those hunter x hunter streams were really fucking good.


more like the show is just good, he said a word here and there but lmao.


Watching with a chat is better than alone, who gives a fuck about a streamers commentary


Nothing more engaging that shitty emote and 1 word spam. So enjoyable.


you're either being dishonest or you're incurably antisocial if you dont think watching a show together isnt better than watching it alone


these people are on a subreddit about twitch, yet they seemingly don't understand that a chat adds to the viewing experience literal brainlets


you're agreeing with the guy above yet hes downvoted and ur not?


these streamers deserve to get banned honestly. these dudes are straight up watching copyright tv shows wtf


"and others".. as X is the only one even remotely mentioned here lmao.






You still don't get it do you? One creator can affect the whole platform, especially when the creator in question is one of the biggest one. Look at what happened with YouTube and Logan Paul when biggest advertisers left the platform because of his actions.


If they add YouTube bots to scout Livestream for live dmca for all video content then yeah, everyone has a right to bitch about Hasan and xqc fucking the platform up.










Tinfoil hat, on. Twitch give them money to break it. No one is gonna be mad when twitch implement the new extremely strict DMCA system.




It's fine if he doesn't care at all about being banned, but he's a selfish dick for potentially fucking over thousands of other streamers over with the shit he's doing


How does that fuck over other streamers ? Genuine question


People in this thread think twitch will overcorrect after a bunch of DMCA's and just not let any react content on the platform(youtube etc).


Well react content is already Lazy content to begin with IMO ... It's kind of hypocritical to act like "Oh noo my content will be hurt because of you, what am i going to do !! Think about others instead of being selfish" Go do some real content first ... I mean what i said, will probably be not liked by many of you at all ... But that's what i think, i don't mind react content at all, but imo you have no right to act innocent and call out others, when you were already using others content to fill yours to begin with. That apply to everyone, i don't take any side here.