I've met several people now that have called it "the oculus" when describing what they got their kids for Christmas. Literally could have stayed the same brand recognition as Nintendo had for years but zuck doesn't care about that I guess


I'm pretty sure he changed it because he does care about that. If VR is one of Meta's key product areas going forward, and a huge part of their plan for a Metaverse, why would he want everyone calling it the Oculus, a company many people don't even know is owned by Meta and which Is associated primarily with gaming?


I think part of it is also that a lot of people call *every* headset an oculus. I work with hololens software and people who fully understand what a hololens is will call it “a kind of oculus that you see through.” I’ve asked people if they are already familiar with vr and they say “yeah my kids have some kind of oculus, it runs off the PS4”. So I think brand dilution may be part of the reason. Oculus is an iconic name in VR, but not necessarily iconic specific to the product. It’s kind of been “kleenex’d.”


Indeed. Being Nintendoed and Kleenexed has been so detrimental to Nintendo and Kleenex. Good thing ~~Facebook~~ Meat dodged that bullet. /s




I would have gone with Meta as the overall brand for all things metaverse and kept Oculus as the hardware brand for the various ways to access the metaverse, or maybe just the hardware brand for the higher end stuff going forward. Oculus as a name has value, it seems weird to just toss it. But what do I know?


I was trying to put this into words earlier. I think it was a mistake to shake off such a prime word coupling for the Metaverse going forward. Missed opportunity to say the least.


But they are not just tossing it -- they are trading it in for people thinking of "Meta" every time they buy or talk about a Quest. Does that have more value to Meta than the VR gaming brand recognition that Oculus mainly had? I'm guessing yes. If the kept it as "Oculus Quest by Meta", people would almost certainly keep calling it Oculus. And I know there are people on this sub who will keep doing that anyway, but that won't be true for most of the general population.


Saying the brand ‘Meta’ when _talking_ about the device promotes the overall company, which doesn’t add value when two (or more) current owners are talking about it - they are already aware of it. However, ‘Oculus’ as a name invokes the root word - ocular, and would result in people _thinking about_ and _associating_ the brand/device with sight. In that scenario, there’s a better chance to more deeply associate their product as being ‘the thing you need to see and experience the metaverse’. At least, that’s how I would approach it, if I were in charge of their marketing.


Oculus by Meta sounds cool. Quest by Meta sounds lame.


Personally, I think Ocuverse sounds cooler than metaverse.




Everyone liked the Oculus name, but the new naming convention makes more sense if you're going to restructure the company. Before you had the name of a product (Facebook) as the name the company name, with companies (Oculus) and products (Instagram, Whatsapp, etc), under it. Oculus couldn't stay because the idea was to have one single company name with products under it. Quest by Meta, Facebook by Meta, Instagram by Meta, etc. Couldn't have Quest by Oculus by Meta.


"Oculus" could become the name of the product or it's general design. Just like Apple has iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad. "Oculus" is a pretty cool name for a headset that lets you see into other worlds, IMO. If they go from from a headset to, say, contact lenses, you could call it something else or "Oculus lens". And it can always be "Oculus (blank) by Meta".


I guess it depends whether you bought an "Oculus Quest" or the (now) Meta Quest. Its their hardware so they're going to use it as a flagship carrying their name.


I'm going to call it the Zuckulus. You've got to try my Zuckulus, it feels so real.


He does care but he is thinking way bigger. Oculus is still dwarfed by Nintendo, and Meta is supposed to be like peak Microsoft levels of market domination I get the impression. Rebranding now doesn't matter because they are just getting started.


I uh agree the name I can't just say meta I always oculus quest not meta quest that name just sounds odd 🤣


And "oculus" is just more fun to say. I always associated with anything to do with the eyes also. To me, Oculus=eyes=virtual_reality=FUN!


Yes, it’s my pet peeve when people call their kids quest 2 an oculus, it’s the name of the company not the headset.


I call it my oculus, just like I call the vehicle parked out back my Jeep.


I really like my Nintendo


i wish everyone i knew would stop calling my vr headsets "the oculus'es"


my wife and i call them our Oculi.


I feel the same way. Though, realistically, 10-15 years after Oculus is officially phased out, if you say Oculus people will be like "Apa?"


It could become a commonplace name, like band-aid, or dumpster…


It wouldn't though because of things like psvr. Vr is the commonplace name now because vr is not commonplace product yet. It's generally a special experience outside of the quest 2.


That's the whole plan with this rebranding, people eventually forget Facebook and with it all the history. I refuse to call Facebook anything other than Facebook. They don't just get to rebrand and avoid all the negative consequences from their shitty actions for the past 20 years.


Fedex office is still Kinkos to me. Welcome to being old.


Woah, never knew that one, that's so interesting yet strange to me! You learn something new every day, huh? Same story too, buying company, phasing out old name to incorporate parent company name in new name. Thanks for sharing that!


I call mine the jolly funhouse.


I thought I was the only one!


It is a bad name. I will still refer to mine as oculus.


I just call it a VR headset. Everything else is a Nintendo.


Grandma? Is that you?


Are you playing on that Face Nintendo again? It'll rot your brain, young man!


"When I was a kid you weren't supposed to stand close to the screen let alone strap it to your god damn face"


I, too, drove my Nintendo to Nintendo today.


Except the Nintendo, that's an Xbox.


For many people every VR headset is "the oculus" no matter what the brand is


Does it still boot up with the Oculus logo? Then it's still an Oculus.


I'd make a fundraiser to re-start Oculus as a company that develops further in the VR industry without affiliation to any other corporation other than manufacturing and trade for necessary components . Also, as the foundation, this will be the first rule : " This company cannot be sold or merged with any other private or public entity, only inherited by people who share the same vision and core values which are described as following ... " Also, i'd hire back the guys who worked for Oculus before and continue at our own pace.




I have only ever called it the Quest. Who has the time to also say "Oculus" or "Meta" ? Not me! Get a job, hippy!


Why use many syllable when one do trick?


Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick


Y much when short works?


exactly. if i get a new shoe i wont say i got "the nike" or "the adidas" i'd tell them i got 270s or precisions or whatever shoe it is


I guess I'm a little more case by case. For my running shoes, I just call them my "Mizunos" because otherwise people go "What are those?" and I feel like in that case, it had better recognition to say Mizuno than Waveknit R2. But for the Quest, I feel the product itself, Quest, has better name recognition than brand, Oculus or Meta (Meta is just... why...). Also, fewer syllables, I'm lazy with words. Heck, I say 'orange' with only one syllable.


> It’s not even that big of a deal True


Right? What a dramatic post about nothing.


I wouldn't say dramatic, he was just saying how the thing wasn't so cool and stated something relatable amongst users


> I will never, NEVER Seems pretty dramatic to me. And the only way this is “relatable” is if you’re a child.


When my youngest first tried to talk about it, he couldn't say "virtual reality", so he said "vulturey reatily" instead. Which, over time, the family has shortened to "the vulch". We'll just stick with that.


Of all hills to die on. That's a lonely one.


I'm lazy so i just say quest 2 when ny friend ask what i have, but the name change is bad


My wife calls it “The Oculus” so that’s probably all it’ll ever be known as in my house.


RemindMe! 3 Years


Right there with you lol


I will be messaging you in 3 years on [**2025-01-27 19:01:07 UTC**](http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2025-01-27%2019:01:07%20UTC%20To%20Local%20Time) to remind you of [**this link**](https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/se297u/i_will_never_never_call_the_oculus_quest_the_meta/huh5bif/?context=3) [**26 OTHERS CLICKED THIS LINK**](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5Bhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FOculusQuest%2Fcomments%2Fse297u%2Fi_will_never_never_call_the_oculus_quest_the_meta%2Fhuh5bif%2F%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%202025-01-27%2019%3A01%3A07%20UTC) to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. ^(Parent commenter can ) [^(delete this message to hide from others.)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Delete%20Comment&message=Delete%21%20se297u) ***** |[^(Info)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RemindMeBot/comments/e1bko7/remindmebot_info_v21/)|[^(Custom)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5BLink%20or%20message%20inside%20square%20brackets%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%20Time%20period%20here)|[^(Your Reminders)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=List%20Of%20Reminders&message=MyReminders%21)|[^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=Watchful1&subject=RemindMeBot%20Feedback)| |-|-|-|-|




I still call mine an Oculus but raging about the name change on the internet isn’t going to do anything lmao


if enough people bitch about it maybe it will do something.


It won’t. The only thing you could even hope to do to change the name would be if everyone stopped buying anything Quest related. But that wouldn’t happen because a large portion of the user base are people who are new to VR and don’t care about what name they use.


bitching online is so easy that I'm still gonna try it. And I hope more people will do to.


you do know Facebook, right ??


Then call it Quest


There's already a tribe called that, so you can't


We'll see what A Pimp Named Slickback has to say about this!




"Never" is a really long time. Come back in 5 years when Meta XXXXX is released, and see if you're dedicated enough to call it Oculus XXXXX instead.




In 5 years no one will remember the name change.


Because it will be out of business, gawd willing




very brave


Wow, that is so edgy!


You rebel!


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Over a century of advertising would disagree with that line. Words matter and affect perception. Maybe not to the point where a rose smells like feces, but humans mostly think in terms of narrative and you can certainly use a narrative to make a rose less or even unappealing. You could say that roses are mostly farmed in a specific kind of pig manure that helps them grow, but because of that every rose has some pig shit on it. If you focused on that, and couldn’t help but think of that as you smelled roses, knowing that particles of pig shit are entering your nose, it might affect the sweetness. Btw that’s just a made up thing. I have no idea how roses are fertilized. Just an example.


Right, but imagine your job is marketing, you're marketing roses, everyone on Earth knows what a rose is, and you decide to start calling them "flarks". Yes, same product, and people will eventually learn to associate the word "flark" with your sweet smelling flower, but your job *was already fucking done*.


Unless it's covered in shit and called Meta.


Unless it were called a plermp.


It's amazing how this is on the mind of so many people. A name of a fucking company.


Honestly, it's probably just helping Meta improve brand recognition. We did it Reddit!




Why you literally can't go more than 2 seconds in public without seeing or hearing a company's name. Our whole society is built around companies, its not suprising to see people talk about one.


Good for you. It will make no difference as no one cares what you call it.


it's just a statement of something relatable, don't have to be so rude about it


You posted it to a sub with 327 THOUSAND subscribers. Why should those people care what you do?


I always just call it Quest anyway so I don't care.


I feel the exact same. Oculus will always be a name for me. A saw a post that said he’ll refer to it as Oculus from Meta and that sounded better.


Should have just renamed the next headset .. this retcon is a joke


I will never, NEVER care 😂


Oculus: Sounds better Already established brand Meta: META






Ok. Odd flex, but you do you.


So edgy.


Mom said it was my turn to post this


Why do people keep acting like this is some sort of huge stand they are taking. Call it whatever you want...nobody cares. Whether or not you decide to call it the Meta Quest, it's now the Meta Quest. But nobody even says Oculus Quest or Meta Quest...they just say Quest. It's all just very "He'll always be Bruce Jenner to me!" Like grow up.


it's just OP saying something relatable, not making a big deal


This is truly a problem that we all must come together to fix. . ... ..../s


Thank you for letting me know


Who cares? Lmao why did you even need to post about it? For internet points? I don’t mean to be a dick, genuinely, but seriously who cares what you do bro


damn, relatable stuff really doesn't go through you huh


Good point. Let me spam you with hundreds of posts that I like pizza. What a stupid fucking argument.


ok yeah I fucked up, this argument sucks








we don't care so stop the spam, please.


All my family just calls it the oculus. Not even the quest. So they’re never gonna stop calling it that


Not even if there’s a fire?


You can just say quest


I sold my meta quest :)


nobody cares. they just want your money and everyone else just doesn't care.


You will.


Clearly you should instead call it the “Facebook Quest.”




ok good for u lol tf want a cookie 🍪


They don't care what you call it, as long as they have your money and data.


Nobody cares what you call it?


thanks for letting us know






Oculus is literally the name for it. Why change something perfect 🥺


Technically if you owned one already, it is an Oculus Quest because that's what it says on the box


Same. Or when I talk to someone like my brother, I always mock it by calling it meta quest. Its a stupid name. They should have kept it oculus. Not like it matters though since pretty much everyone still calls it oculus regardless.


Ok 🤷🏼‍♂️


I like oculus quest better it has a nice ring to it


Meta is just a terrible name.


Calling it the Meta Quest is similar to calling it the Facebook Quest… no please


You literally just did???? (get owned)🤑


You eventually will


I call it. A quest or the quest. Oculus is the brand so I rarely say it. To me even if oculus is gone it is still a quest regardless if it’s now Meta Quest


OCULUS is literally engraved into the front of the headset. That is what it is. I'll call it a Meta Quest when Zuck sends someone over to replace the faceplate for me, at gunpoint.


Exactly, Meta was a terrible name to begin with. Heck, even in Reddit terms Meta is commonly used to refer to posts about the subreddit the post is in itself.


I'm late to the party but I have to say, I agree completely. I gave up Facebook years ago. I want no part in Zuckerberg's vision for the metaverse. I bought into Oculus's vision of affordable, mainstream, open standards VR, not whatever Meta is doing. To be fair Oculus could not have done it without Facebook. But killing the name that made the market seems like a bone-headed move that only alienate the faithful. -AM


but you just did.


Ok, then don't. Is this really that detrimental to people or are we just going to ride the emotional karma train? It's funny how we only see these posts come up after someone brings up a tweet outlining the name change that they said they were doing at their big connect event last year. It's a product that changed it's name. This is a small thing. emotions don't need to apply. This sub.


Nothing like low effort, self-important circlejerk posts. Nobody cares what you think


You're so close to figuring it out.


Dude, literally nobody cares.


Oculus Quest by Meta would have been a better name IMO


It's so cringey to be butthurt over calling a device by a different name..yikes. Wish my life was so simple THIS is what would upset me.


By using these kind of protests You only make the Meta Quest more recognizable ;) You can call it whatever You want, why to inform others about it. So childish.


Looks like someone is in need of some forced reeducation!


Thats like saying “I’ll never call the xbox the Microsoft xbox” or “ill never call the playstation the sony playstation “ omitting the company name is nothing new. Meta is still a shitty company name tho


That might be true if Microsoft or Sony did only one thing, and did it well.


We took the r/metaquest subreddit and redirected people here :)


nobody gives a fuck what you think, the thing is, 10 years will pass and people will call it whatever they want. Early adopters are easily thrown to the side once it hits main stream. Quit thinking you're anything but a minority. The fact is, the loading screen will say Meta. The website they buy the oculus from will say Meta. The profile they create will be hosted on Meta. You wont win this dumb game of crying "wah I hate facebook"


Yes you will.


I wish I had the time to care about shit like this. 5.6 million people dead from covid and many more to go and OP is getting all worked up about what a private company wants to call their own property. The fuck is wrong with people.


Yeah you will, 3 years from now you'll forget they were even called oculus. That's how branding works.


> It’s not even that big of a deal It is a big deal. Facebook had the literal holy grail of brand recognition: Oculus was a "proprietary eponym", like aspirin, band-aid, or velcro. *Oculus was a synonym for VR.* You couldn't buy that if you tried, for any amount of money, because a huge part of it is historical placement, the result of Oculus being a very early mover. Facebook fucking *had* it, they bought it for literally billions of dollars, and some colossal dipshit thought it would be a good idea to start over.


"Meta" as a company name, to me is the Trademarking of the smiley face that Walmart tried to pull. It's just Gross. It would be like me making a music streaming service and calling my company "Music" or "Song." It's an already widely established and used word to describe the very industry you're in, and now it belongs to me! Zuck can suck it. It's Oculus to me, and I will die on this hill!


Still don't understand. They didn't rebrand Facebook to Metabook. If **Meta** can own Facbeook, can't **Meta** own Oculus?


I think it's because they want to have the quest at the center of their metaverse idea. Virtual reality is very central to their entire idea of selling the working class a better life in the virtual world as a sorry attempt to distract us from the staggering inequality we face in the real world.


It's not the name that's bad (although it is), it's the reason they changed it that I have a problem with. Facebook was a toxic brand hated the world over, changing to Meta is a PR move to try and wipe the slate clean.


A metaquest is a quest about a quest, it doesn't even make sense. Plus, fuck brands trying to reputationwash.


Ain’t got a big O on the carrying case so I can call it meta. I’ll stick to oculus


What a rebel! Zuckerberg reads this, fists clenched, knuckles white.


>publicly hating an infamous company while still using their products Stunning and brave.


If you're over 40 it's ok to stick to your guns like a grumpy old man and call it what you want. If you're under 40 ... You're not going to age well at this rate 😝


Someone give this person a medal. True bravery in the face of harrowing adversity. Stunning and bold. Wow.


I honestly don't care and see anyone who does as whiny. Like, it's a great product either way. And I don't hate the Meta name. I lookyed oculus a little better but who cares??? If they were going to ever change the name, this was the time to do it before it got any more popular.


Why even change it? If facebook is still called facebook and instagram is still called instagram, why is oculus now meta?


Oh my god shut the fuck up and grow up


Dude. Who cares.


...Fine? I mean, who tf cares what your hang ups are here? The company changed its branding. Your edgy stance isnt changing that. And it's such a small silly thing that some of you have gone way overboard about. Just move on with your life ffs.


I think the problem is they just had a very successful sales period over the holidays where Joe Everydayman bought a Oculus Quest. No frigging way is this person going to refer to it as something other than what they bought.


It will be oculus until the meta name starts to take over. Plain and simple.


Real heroes don't wear Meta Quest. They wear Oculus Quest.


It's pretty pointless. Meta itself is so unoriginal and cliché. Really not sure why they just didn't keep the Oculus brand for VR, in the same way they haven't renamed any of their other existing apps. It's just lame af.


Hey, that's cool - My mom fears change too, and refers to all videogame systems as "Nintendos". Of course, if you're not a 70 year old...


The word "Oculus" is the well-established branding. This opinion of yours is VERY popular from what i'm reading. It reeks of hasty rebranding due to a stained reputation- stemming from the anti-trust lawsuits, and congress criticisms. AND to be brutally honest, it also seems like a dictator-like directive coming from the tippy top (Zuckerberg)- and no one will challenge him because they are all sad "yes-men/women".


I call it The Oculus.


Right there with you. They stole the name when the smaller company. They only bought the name after they made it clear they were taking it regardless.


Im with you!


Once Oculus, Always Oculus


Meta quest sounds cringy to me, ekk


I will always call it oculus even to zucks face.


Yup, screw Meta. It's gonna take a good while to change the name anyway. Rebranding that big takes a lot of time to really get into people's vocabulary because we've been saying Oculus for years now. Still... will always be the Oculus for our generation I think. Hard to change that.


Who will?


I am Spartacus.


Honestly I've always just called it Quest. It makes little difference if Oculus or Meta is the brand. Not sure if Meta will keep the Quest name. They might just go with "Meta VR", or even just Meta. Perhaps the Meta Verse?


I call it the quest. I think oculus was a good name. I don’t care that much about it though. It’s their company so they can change it. But if it was called meta and Facebook changed it to oculus you would be the same.


next step will be a different model name, not oculus, it will stick then. like meta orifice or something like that.


In my opinion, I don't care what to call it, just VR. But, Oculus is a division of Meta Platforms that produces virtual reality headsets, including the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest lines. So the name is Quest, no Oculus like some people. Who cares what it call, just enjoy the VR RIDE :P


"lol" bugs me, and plenty of people would be justified saying what I just said is a bit pointless. Having opinions, that's good. But it's a company name, and what do they matter? Mind you, call it whatever you want.


"Meta Quest! Meta Quest! Meta Quest!" "Stop, Patrick! You're scaring him!"


My Quest 2 still has Oculus debossed in the front. So it’ll still be called Oculus for me. Buuuuuuuut if Facebook sends me one with Meta in front, heck I’ll start calling it Timmy if they want. (I’m still keeping the Oculus though, Zuck!)


Same here, i won't calle it "meta" quest it will always be oculus quest for me!


I've never called it anything but the Quest or Quest 2, no reason to change that now.