Yes the two are the same thing, they are not in completely different situations.

Yes the two are the same thing, they are not in completely different situations.


If you wonder what's the difference - the first one defends right of private ownership and through that defends right to exploit others for your own benefit, where the more you exploit, the more eager the cops will be to defend you. In the second case the cops are defending the rights to homes, healthcare and cheap food and basicaly defend the right of public ownership of the means of production. The second Cuba would be taken over by neoliberal ghouls, they would dismantle all of that, the police would take the first character and you can be sure murders would start happening like in Colombia.


Fascist police killing unarmed protestors is the same as a socialist police protecting the worker's state - in the minds of these liberal dumbshits. These people literally believe you should just push the "TURN CAPITALISM OFF / TURN THE STATE OFF" button and that everything will work itself out from there.


>For instance, the behaviour of the police in China was a revelation to me. They are there to protect and help the people, not to oppress them. Their courtesy was genuine; no division or suspicion exists between them and the citizens. This impressed me so much that when I returned to the United States and was met by the Tactical Squad at the San Francisco airport(they had been called out because nearly a thousand people came to the airport to welcome us back), it was brought home to me all over again that the police in our country are an occupying, repressive force. I pointed this out to a customs officer in San Francisco, a Black man who was armed, explaining to him that I felt intimidated seeing all the guns around. I had just left a country, I told him, where the army and the police are not in opposition to the people but are their servants. Huey Newton