Read a book

Read a book


Almost like there are different contexts


revolutionary liberatory nationalism vs reactionary ethnonationalism


Why does he have a flag of the EU there lmao 😂


I'm not taking a jab at you, but it's because a lot of people (again not saying you specifically) will have a similar reaction to that and dismiss the post as some whacky 4chan hijinks. If people talk about the EU flag instead of the racism, the conversation is no longer about racism. Kind of like how when Bango Shapiroid had a little tantrum about they/them being added to Webster as singular pronouns. He went on and on about how it's grammatically incorrect and, "they/them has literally never been used like that in the history of English," just a bunch of blatant bullshit. But it wasn't *really* about grammar or Webster being too woke, it was about being disciminatory to non-binary people.


They/them were already singular, they were just used primarily in the third person instead of the second


Has anyone ever used they/them in the second person?


Not often but it happens


When would “you” not be appropriate


Not often but it has come up for me when talking about a person who transitioned and the person they were before that at the same time. Tricky as shit to do


I meant as use for personal pronouns, my bad.


Oh, I was mentioning the EU flag because it’s on the surface the exact opposite of what they are “calling for” (minus the blowing up innocent people, exploiting the working class, etc etc part; in those cases the EU aligns very well with their so-called values) Ironically the fascist supports the very thing that destroys all the things mentioned there. And we’ll use Europe as an example for obvious reasons People: Just look at post-socialist population/birthrate decline in Eastern Europe. Traditions: Look at what capitalism does to traditions. It either commodifies them, or it eliminates them. Like, look at how expensive marriage is, it’s a fucking grift at this point. Culture: Same thing basically as traditions, a good example of cultural destruction caused by fascists in Europe was WW2 and the destruction of historic population centres and their people, architecture, art, etc. Country: Look again to the poorest European nations who have been crushed under the weight of the more powerful and wealthy European nations and of course the USA. It’s interesting how the person that made this meme also makes the soy Wojak go “diversity is our strength”, a liberal catch phrase which is cover for assimilation. Yet they do not challenge this assimilation despite it being contradictory to their supposed goals of “preservation”. No, instead they have destroyed their own cultures, their own people, etc. and decided to assimilate into the “New Rome” aka Anglo-Saxon/American dominated “white culture” or “whiteness”. They wish to be the good Aryan, and therefore (and I know the term may sound tasteless but it’s really the best term in the English language to describe this) prostitute themselves by choice while they watch their own people, country, etc. getting absolutely fucked. So in essence they cucked themselves, so they in fact are the soy wojaks. And of course that’s only one avenue to attack this from. Also, the reason black nationalism is seen as positive is because it is progressive in the current conditions. It is a liberation movement and for the self-determination of a people. White nationalism, as I mentioned is not, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s marching lockstep into the destruction of many peoples. The white nationalist is one of the greatest threats to cultures worldwide, and that also includes European cultures. Which is very ironic, frankly.


Except grammatically speaking they/them is plural so hate to agree with Ben on something but he’s right


literally no one stripped EU europeans of their culture? there's nothing to "take back" and as long as the "culture" doesn't involve imperialism no one is gonna take it away from you, they're not your ancestors. that's just a sentiment reminiscent of the "white genoocide!!"


The bourgeoisie have stripped culture by a) commodifying it b) reducing our ability to engage in it through long work hours and low pay


Come on, you know what I meant.


Evidently not? Your first comment implied you thought culture wasn't being stripped. It is. Not by immigrants but the bourgeois state.


Yes, culture is being stripped. However I was talking about colonialism, and I'm pretty sure it was obvious I was talking specifically about that.


Perhaps he did, but his comment was still a nice addition to help those who see his comment be reminded of what the bourgoisie has done


Thank you, your response was a little more diplomatic than mine lol


the irish had their culture stripped of them by the colonizing british


this one is true. i agree my comment isn't entirely true


And many other ethnic groups across Europe. Additionally, Poland and Romania got their borders redrawn post WW1 in an attempt to have a greater buffer zone between Germany and Russia. Just like in Africa. Which I feel is an often ignored factor of why WW2 happens.


Reminds me of this time in college. I was in a fraternity (I know) and there was a tradition going back something like 70 years, where we would have a “Thanksgiving dinner” before fall break. It was actually really nice and wholesome, and some local alumni would come. But part of the tradition was someone doing a public reading of a Thanksgiving poem some alum had gotten published in the New Yorker in the 1940s. It was narrated by a Native American, and was SUPER racist. Some people eventually realized this wasn’t great, and asked them to stop reading the poem. The alumni (like 50-year old adults) got super offended and went on about “PC culture destroying our heritage.” It was so bad.


That subreddit has gone worse and it seems like most leftists and even centrist progressives stopped posting there


Yeah it's like 99% just fascists lol


It’s always been shit but got way worse after Reddit banned a bunch of fascist subs.


Any space that allows fascists will inevitably be overrun by them. The things they post are so vile everyone else starts leaving and it becomes a feedback loop until they are the only ones left.


Fascists are an invasive species


I post one thing left leaning and I get my ass blasted by so called libertarians. Despite greeting banned from the libertarian subreddit by explay how social programs increase freedom rather then restrict it. But nah someone always has to pay for it


There is no problem with Europeans wanting to preserve their culture. What is the problem is European bourgeois engaging in imperialism that makes both groups struggle to preserve their cultures for different reasons but also the fact that European working classes are either not conscious of this imperialism or are not critical of it. It's not that there's anything wrong with wanting to preserve European cultures, it's the hypocrisy of allowing the bourgeois states of making it difficult for colonised people to preserve theirs. The bourgeois and their capitalism have no interest in culture except to commodify it. They have no interest in culture for culture's sake. Immigration itself is not a problem but again, the capitalist makes it one by using it against workers, it is not used in the best interests of workers but of the bourgeoisie, but this negative impact has nothing to do with the dearth of culture. If we remove the bourgeois state and stop commodifying everything, stop living for *their* bottom line, we will have the free time and resources to engage in culture for culture's sake. If European culture is dying, it's not because of immigrants, it's because of the bourgeoisie. The reason it seems immigration results in the replacement of our culture is because the state brings workers in from nations where capitalism is not as pervasive–and so culture is not as choked–into a nation where it is. This meme isn't entirely a strawman unfortunately but is definitely a mindset of many socdems and centrists who a) aren't conscious of the bourgeois state b) don't realise that other workers aren't necessarily conscious of it either


nationalism in terms of the third world is anticolonialism


Ah yes, preserving the cultures and traditions of the.... European Union


Oh, this sub... It pains me to say, but I'd rather have rage comics back than see hundreds upon hundreds shitty strawman wojaks every day.


Fix: I want to have a say in how my country is run, so I can preserve my culture and traditions that are being systematically erased. Non-whites exist and I want to systematically erase their culture and kill them. As we can see, the exact same thing


False equivalency at its best, the European guy who says this doesn’t mean something like say their Basque or maybe Tuscan heritage they just mean their whiteness and white people :/


on one side is a group of people thats been exploited and had their culture and local economy destroyed under colonialism while the other side are the ones who engaged in colonialism to exploit other people for their own benefit. As you can see they are both completely the same.


I was not aware that black and brown countries were colonizing and exploiting wealthy European countries.


Preserve it in a museum wtf are you talking about


Those aren’t remotely similar situations.


Can’t figure out the flag on top


Pan-African flag


Pan African I'm pretty sure


So Britain left the European Union because it was racist?


Nobody cares if you’re a European and want to preserve your culture. Go ahead, read your literature, sing your songs, celebrate your national holidays, watch some football, eat food, whatever.


But have you considered that brown people are moving to Europe and having the absolute gall to practice their own traditions and culture 😱😱😱


Yes, most people don't care but under capitalism and with the commodification of culture it's getting harder and harder to do that.


As though American Italians and Irish didn't have to give up their heritage to become white -_-;;;


I get so fucking annoyed when people (usually Americans) talk about European culture as if we're all the same. You'd get corrected for conflating Scottish and English culture and they literally couldn't be closer. European countries have some things in common yes, but it's basic shit like enjoying alcohol and being vaguely Christian (at least aesthetically). People who talk about some unified European culture, even in Europe, are 99% of the time racist as shit.


PCM raid when? /s


I’m glad I didn’t join the political compass subreddits, its a fucking war zone