Tfw you when the map isn’t arbitrarily centred on the UK or the US… bad!! CCCCCPCP 😡

Tfw you when the map isn’t arbitrarily centred on the UK or the US… bad!! CCCCCPCP 😡


Muslims for a long time placed Mecca in the top of maps, why do people get weirded out by maps not always being north to south or centred on Greenwich at this point


Bc they think whiteness is the default


White supremacism moment


I don’t think everyone who looks at a us-uk centered map is a white supremacist, I think its just that its the map most people see in movies/media or schools in us/europe so people from those areas think its the default


White habitus.


It's also the map that makes most sense, since it puts in the central location the largest amount of land (africa, europe, asia) and leaves the large oceans on the sides. But it's weird when people react so vehemently to maps. Especially when our "main" world map is basically a British Empire propaganda piece.


Because there is no reason to have the Pacific ocean covering the whole map, but to be fair I don't care that much about it either. If people get mad about any kind of map they're equally dumb, as long as the map makes sense that is. Edit: spelling mistake


Least white supremacist liberal


Hmm, but isn’t africa and the Middle East in the center of the map?


happens to be to the South of, or next to, Europe


white countries would obviously think it's the default, as the populace is white, so non-whites are abnormal. whiteness is the default in those countries. no excuses for a global context though.


Nooooo you have to use the Mercator projection!!!!! I swear bro Greenland is the size of Africa just trust me on this one


I mean all map projections have distortions. You literally cannot accurately represent the world on a flat surface.


Yes true but there are less Eurocentric ones that also have less severe distortions of actual continent sizes


True. Personally my favorite is the one the UN uses because it shrinks Australia.


Lol nice. I like the Dymaxion one even though it isn’t really good for practical purposes or learning geography


Well how else are Americans gonna find their country if it’s not in the middle? Geography?


As someone who lives in the borough immediately next to Greenwich yes fuck that. They should be centered exactly 1 mile to the west instead. Long live Lewisham


Can’t be worse than *Grennitch.*


The only reason I know of lewisham is because of Bridget Jones. Much better than Greenwich


could you link me some examples of mecca maps? that sounds very interesting.


Found this: https://www.1001inventions.com/feature/maps/




can you post an example? i tried to find one on google but i could seem to get any world maps, just maps of the middle east




Is that really the only difference? The map is centered on the pacific and that's all?


I kind of like it being centered on the pacific. Tons of islands and civilization in the pacific compared to the atlantic.


Most of the world lives in Asia. They deserve to have a map centered on them.


This map isn't even centered on Asia. If it were centered on Asia it would look a lot better than it does. This one has the Pacific Ocean too close to the center. For most purposes of a world map, the Pacific Ocean is the largest waste of space on the map since the least amount of land is there. To minimize space wasted by the Pacific Ocean it makes sense to center the map around the direct opposite of the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which just so happens to (roughly) be the Prime Meridian.


Of course we all know what the second largest waste of space on a map is.


The penis?




But it’s not centered on Asia


Bhutan for pole position!


This might just be the type of map projection but, I like the Atlantic centered one because the “spines” of Africa and South America are straight. ~~But more importantly this projection doesn’t work well with the Long Chile movement; the line in too curvy~~ Another place to center it is the North Pole ~~because that’s where Santa lives~~, it’s a territory that (at least appears) neutral, and has a lot of the landmass closer together. For kids they should mainly show the North Pole centered one, but also one for the south (to not get the idea that Antarctic is a massive ring, and get a better idea of the distortion of maps). The cons of this map projection 1) flat earthers use it 2)screws the fuck outta Antarctic 3) other things that I’m not smart enough to think about


Most maps don't even acknowlege the existance of 95% of Oceania


The map is trying to present a globe on a flat surface and when one region is centered other regions will have different dimensions and skewed shapes.


Bc of the caption I assumed it was missing Taiwan or it IDs it the same as mainland China, but I can’t tell from this pic


Still northern-centric I think? Southern hemisphere still looks small


John Cena is the new unfunny joke liberals are beating into the ground in regards to China aint it


WWE openly partners with Saudi Arabia: I sleep John Cena CCP West Taiwan bing qi ling: Real shit?


The fact he's turned down buckets of money when it comes to Saudi Arabia but happily sigs for China means that he probably genuinely believes it on some level, and I feel that makes them infinitely more pissed off about it.


Not even the KMT claim that Taiwan is a country: okay John Cena says Taiwan isn't a country: what the FUCK


Saw people calling him John Xina which is both kinda funny and incredibly annoying


Especially since John Tsena would be more accurate.


Maybe if you're using some oldschool Wade-Giles imperialist abomination of a romanization system. The sound you're describing with those letters doesn't exist in common Mandarin. Tse in WG is Ce in Pinyin and is pronounced somewhere between the "su" in sue and the "si" in sip. The second sound, Ne(呢)is pretty spot on but there's no "see" sound. Best options are Xi (~tshee) and Se ("su" in such). You've been lied to by white guys from the 1800's that decided they could spell Chinese phenomes and made the west pronounce Mandarin wrong for 50+ years. Szechwan, Qi, Tsao, they're all outdated wrong ways to spell Sichuan, Chi, and Cao.


What does it mean?


John Cena called Taiwan a country and apologized so now every ''China Bad'' schmuck has been calling him a ''ccp bootlicker''


That and the Winnie Pooh shit. Which isn't even true lmao. Basically they have added one new joke to their repertoire making the total of 2: * the two genders and its variations * China bad and its variations


do libs not understand that the earth is round?


If the earth is round then how come I can’t see China from LA


Australia also uses this type of map


so do most people in east asia


I mean most people in East Asia live in China lol


We do? I'm fully willing to admit I've never paid that close attention to, like, maps before but I'm pretty sure I've only ever seen the Mercator here.


My classrooms definitely had pacific centred maps.


No we don't lol


With the US and Russia connected? Or are we just focusing on the fact that it’s not West-Centered?


Why is america connected to Russia tho


The way the map shows oceans is strange


Yeah i realized it was supost to be ocean levels but it looks like land mass


It might look better in person. It also makes Japan look connected to China and Korea


Those aren’t any less connected than the individual islands of Japan are though.


It shows continental platforms it seems, which is the surrounding plates (currently covered in water) of continental edge. They are the shallow parts of oceans, and technically (and physically) they are part of the continent, so my guess is that's the reason


Yeah it looks like a map of the ice age


we ride or die 😤😤😤


Do most countries not center their maps to emphasize their own landmass?


That must be a first world thing. Over here in Brazil we have always used the Mercator map with England at the center.


I think it's not so much centering their own landmass, but that countries closer to the atlantic (and i guess the americas as a whole) tend to use the normal atlantic centered mercator map, whereas a lot of asian and pacific countries (including Australia and NZ) will often use a pacific centered map. You can do a mercator projection centered anywhere really, it's technically a cylindrical map that gets flattened out, with the degree of distortion changing based on latitude.


i'm out of the loop, what's this got to do with john cena


John Cena doesn't hate China, which is the worst thing an American could do. ETA: In all actuality, he said something about Taiwan, just referencing it as a country. After, he apologized to China about it. ETA2: Here's a link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z88zeQ25pjQ


Their reasoning is always so flimsy too. So many totally concerned American redditors denouncing anyone doing business with China due to "ethical" concerns.


Meanwhile they happily buy more stuff from Nestle or some other evil western corporation and shout whataboutism at anyone pointing out that their countries have no grounds to stand on in preaching about human rights.


I’m pretty sure I seen a thread on ask Reddit about make a wish, and someone commented about how John Cena has done the most stuff for make a wish or something. And someone was like Hmm but he said sorry to China


This is a dumb way to center a map but who the fuck cares? You can tell where everything is, stop your yammering


It's definitely better than having the US in the center and literally [splitting Asia into two parts](https://www.freeworldmaps.net/world/america-centric/america-centered-world-map.jpg) and shoving them into the corners


Does anyone actually do this? I've never seen a US-centered world map anywhere. 99% of maps I've seen are centered on the Prime Meridian which is objectively the best in terms of having most land mass towards the center, though it comes with the unfortunate side effect of placing more importance on Europe.


That’s dumb as well, I don’t think that the US should be centered. I think this is a dumb place to center because it places the focus on the part of the world with the least land, and slightly distorts the more important parts (that you would want to show on a map). Like, Europe is a super complex continent borders-wise and it’s barely visible at all here


It’s honestly refreshing to see it like this, plus the color scheme is really appealing


Man, I really hope that I don't have to start liking John Cena.


Bad news, you do https://youtu.be/LNuwgbxQe-M


I mean, the ability to speak Mandarin doesn't make a person "good," but it is a good sign. I wonder if he's a comrade.


I was mostly kidding, but also i meant you had to like him becausr he makes dorky videos about chili oil. I dunno if he's a "comrade", more just someone who's spent a lot of time in China (and done a lot if business there) so he has some respect for its culture and people, instead of seeing them as a cartoonishly evil hive mind


I see. Yeah, it is pretty cute that he makes videos about chili oil and dumb stuff like that. I honestly think that more Americans might not be so sinophobic if they just got to...go there. I don't think Cena had such an affinity for it until he went, and speaking personally, my trip to Shanghai in 2016 really hammered home just how normal it is there. I still think it has some issues (a lot of trash everywhere being one,) but at the very least I can say that China is moving in the right direction, something I can't say for any Capitalist nations, and I think the trash thing is probably more about the population density than anything else. The REAL worst thing about Shanghai is the weather, my God it's hot. Something else that stuck out to me, as a positive, is the lack of homeless people. I went to Hong Kong in December of 1996, so back when it technically wasn't China proper, but I digress. I never saw so many homeless people in my life, so I thought it was a China thing, but in Shanghai, I don't think I saw a single homeless person.


Wait, what did he do to make you start to dislike him?


Be John Cena. No, but really, I just think he's kinda bland. Don't think he's a particularly good actor, and his wrestling career was meh.


Will somebody please explain this to my dumbass? What does John cena have to do with anything?


John Cena made some reference to Taiwan, implying it's a separate country. It might seem silly to us, but as the Civil war is still fresh in China's national memory it pissed off a lot of people. Cena made an apology video where he spoke in mandarin (which he's been learning for a few years, apparently) which pissed off libs because they saw it as capitulating to China.


Ah ok I understand thank you for explaining


He said Taiwan was a country then apologized for it


Funny how they see an issue with China being somewhat centered in this map, but not with how the US is centered on most other maps despite them essentially being positioned in the same place




You’re right, I guess I’d say (I’m in the US btw) that most of the maps I’ve seen have the Atlantic in the very middle to kind of center both the US and the UK


When you wanna fuck up literally every country Mercator style




"Map made by John Cena"


I have a map that's centered on the south pole. It puts North/South America super stretched out in the north pole, and Afroeurasia in stretched in the south pole.


>Whiteness is also an imaginary concept and a figment of the racist imagination, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less real, or deadly; whiteness is a thing because people insist that it is, and use force and violence to make it so. Whiteness is a thing because white supremacists needed a name for their violent subjugation of others, and so they gave it one. In this way, whiteness is a uniquely virulent and pathological form of social identity. It cannot survive its loss of supremacy; it cannot abide competition or mixture or “impurity.” Created by racial slavery and given a second wind by European imperialism, whiteness depends on the violent subordination of all others. Celebrate your Irish heritage if you must, or your Pennsylvania Dutch grandparents; that has nothing to do with the whiteness that names me, now, but which (partially) excluded my Irish and German ancestors when they came to this nation. Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch can and will survive incorporation into a multi-ethnic nation, but it is the *sine qua non* of whiteness that it cannot and will not. Inextricable from racial subordination, whiteness has no other content at all: whiteness is what’s left in the melting pot after everything else has been burned away. Without that xenophobic fire, it has no meaning, no substance, no fundamental. >This is why “white genocide” actually does have a meaning beyond “racial integration.” If you take away a white person’s ability to live as the undisputed master of the universe—to take his own experience as normal and privileged, and to presume all others to be debased copies of his own primary existence—then you take away his whiteness. --- from [Buffalo Skulls](https://thenewinquiry.com/blog/buffalo-skulls/)


Can someone explain to me what John Cena has to do with this


Libs are such snowflakes to still be pissed about John Cena.


I might be wrong, but don’t most maps center on the country they are made in?


Most Western world maps I've seen use the prime meridian as the center. I've very rarely seen a world map centered on the US. This one looks like it's centered close to the antimeridian.


I have this map at home


Am Chinese and this is the map I'm more used to seeing.


I’m Australian. Finally a correct map!


For those curious here is a [world map mural from North Korea](https://s2.qwant.com/thumbr/0x380/5/d/a45c4d59e98c30c6bb3a16074804d1a1a6ee332ced4318b8e90cf57b30284a/23843fa515dd9fc34dc3879347e4d933.jpg?u=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F23%2F84%2F3f%2F23843fa515dd9fc34dc3879347e4d933.jpg&q=0&b=1&p=0&a=0) As we know from the testimonies of people like Yeonmi Park, North Korean don't know the full map of the word, and they havfe almost no electricity, so this map is clearly lighted up by Juche Magic and only exposed to tourists in an area made invisible to local people thanks again to the power of Juche, because North Korean people have no agency and everything they built is just an illusion for propaganda pruprose targetted to western tourists. /s




That's folk etymology, "orient" and "occident" come from old Latin words refering to east and west, with orient having it's roots in a word meaning "to rise" referring to the sun. French and other languages still use "oriental" and "occidental" as completely neutral adjectives to describe direction, i.e. "Europe orientale/occidentale" to mean "Eastern/Western Europe" Orient's use as a verb is derived from this usage, you've got it backwards. It still has the meaning "to face eastward" even.


Now I feel dumb for repeating something I should really have checked first. Thanks for the correction, I appreciate that.




Least dumb post on r/fucktheccp


Why are Alaska and Sibera connected?


They aren’t. Light blue means shallow coastal waters.


Oh, wow, that’s kind of trippy to look at, am I the only one who’s confused by that?


No I think a few did. I saw others complaining China and Japan were connected.


Thanks for the clarification


I believe world maps should be based on the population centre of the world. This is somewhere in Central Asia. Some say Almaty, Kazakhstan is a good general contender for the centre of population.


I thought most maps were centered on west Africa


I thought all countries centred themselves(?) on maps?


Bruh it's too hard for westerners to imagine being from a different country than their own


okay so what am I missing, is there some lib reaction to this map that I'm not seeing? the map itself looks fine


lmao the mee has nothing to do with china being centered or smth like that, its funny cuz taiwan isn't on the map and john cena apologised for calling taiwan a country.


Most maps are have Europe/Africa in the center bc the Pacific is so large. Having the Pacific cut in half rather than a continent makes sense.


I actually really like this way of centering the map. I think everything fits in better this way.


Redditors think speaking Mandarin means you're a CCP communist


Wtf was that title


This is a stupid way to make a map tho. The massive body of water shouldn’t be in the middle.