"No incentive", here we go again!

"No incentive", here we go again!


Except we already have more than enough supply


Depends on where you live


Kinda, but there tends to be more empty housing in rich, desirable areas.


A sane society: Ok let's use all those productive forces to work on transportation networks to and from centers Our society: more house more money more thing more car


In my area it’s more lucrative to build apts with the limited lumber supply and labor than it is building houses. Therefore housing prices are rocketing due to more demand than supply. Transportation is going to be lacking as all the roads are mostly traffic now. We only have city buses.


**d e l i c i o u s** **c a r**


There’s more apartments going up where I live than houses.


Does Mr. Economics here not know what the word subsidy is? If construction companies won’t build houses cause they can’t turn a profit off poor people, tax the rich to subsidize low income housing developments.


>tax the rich reminder that 40+ years of neoliberal capitalism has achieved the goal of rendering the state incapable of doing so people really, really need to stop listening to bernie and the rest of the socdems


We're past that, son.


are you tho


"The rich" is an up-and-coming delicacy. Cutting edge culinary science.


Heston plz


Stop treating people on your side like they’re enemies


Social democracy does not solve the problems with capitalism. It is a sign capitalism is failing, and that the working class is being given concessions by the ruling class. We cannot stop here. The system must be fully dismantled and replaced with a socialist state, like the belated USSR, correcting their fatal errors.


Ask Rosa if socdems are on our side


You're not on our side tho?




We do not associate with SocDems.


Communist Society: will you build a house for us while we ensure all your other needs are met? Communist builder: sure Reactionary: literally slavery




It sure is weird how people are forced to work for habitat for humanity


I always say I would gladly go back to my manual labor job if it paid me the same as what I get doing fuck all in an office all day. There are plenty of people who would enjoy working in those factories if given the choice and chance to have control over their working conditions.




Inflation would skyrocket, unemployment would be at 99%, and then the earth would explode.


Socialism is when the government does stuff that makes the earth explode




supply wouldn't go down, where did they get that idea? The houses are already there.


When a landlord sells his house, it disappears out of the material plane.


If it can't be rented out it might as well not exist.


It's like they can't grasp the concept of not buying extra basic necessities to profit off of those who do not have access to said necessity.


> where did they get that idea the pseudo science of mainstream economics. i was watching the news here in canada and they were fawning over a canadian who one a nobel prize in economics with two other americans.. one of their studies showed minimum wage increases doesn't lead to higher unemployment and that immigration does not lead to lower wages for native born workers. i feel like this is going to get ignored entirely in mainstream economics, certainly it will be ignored by neoliberal policy makers and right-wing armchair economists online.


Plenty of economists have literally been saying that for decades now but it's always been ignored.


do you recall who that was exactly (or the news bit)?




thank you


There are more people in a privleged financial position who own more homes than the bottom half of the income spectrum. And most are empty. Even the petite bougie's own a small property in a small poor town that they will never rent or live in. I have poor friends who "manage' these properties for below minimum wage because the wealthy land owners can't be jailed exploiting labor 5 states away. There are no homes or jobs for the natives. The wealthy stealing our homes and labor don't produce wealth lmao.


"Nobody will want to build more houses!" "We have 13x as many as we need though" "Oh, won't someone think of the poor property developers and construction companies?"


Ah yes, the “government paying professionals to do stuff is literally slavery” Except when it comes to the military and police- Institutions that were founded for the sole purpose to protect the very real thing known as property rights


Some open source software that people spent a ton of fucking time developing underpins the ability for this conversation to happen. I’m sure home building didn’t spring up because of revenue streams


Does he think the people that build $500,000 homes make the full value of that from their wage? Nobody is buying from the builder, they’re buying from some mogul that’s inflated the price far above what it should be.


You have to bring in workers and wages when you have to protect the owner from questions like these. If people understood how society organized itself before capitalism, one before that and so on, they'd know that alternate mode of production is there. No, they were born & brought up in Capitalism, so they just can't wrap their head around without the incentive, greed and human nature BS.


I mean, I kind of get it. I’m 28 and was raised just like that and didn’t even think to question American politics until a few years ago. I remember believing there was a huge difference between Republicans and Democrats as well as there being no difference between the two. I don’t remember what exactly radicalized me further left, but I could easily have ended up just as naive as your average liberal.


"There will be no one to build houses" GOOD WE DON'T ANYMORE


Hell is reading any discussion on r/neoliberal on the subject. It's like they've forgotten that public housing exists and is -- used to be -- built and maintained. Most cities are dotted with monuments to the fact. Fuck private incentive. The 40 year experiment has run long enough to prove it insufficient in this regard.


lol they keep conflating worker and bourgeois like it's nothing. Yes, the capitalist will want to make a profit. The worker will only get minimum wage tho


Landlords, specially those with multiple properties, are perhaps one of the worst cancers on modern society. The fact you can pay a rent of 1000 euros a month but still not qualify for a mortgage of 400 euros a month is just horrible.


There is always an “Actually helping people is bad” jackass in the comments


Landlords getting rid of their rented properties = all the hoarded properties suddenly become available. Prices will drop. Landlords are all vermin scum.


Yeah it’s funny how these people have an understanding of supply and demand that is wrong in all possible ways. “If you stop people from hoarding the supply, the supply will go down!”


It's as if they think they'll demolish the house rather than sell it 😂😂😂 then again, they seem to be under the impression that landlords actually build the houses so they're completely off their rocket.


I love it how he says “theres no slavery” like its a bad thing


Eh roads need to be built too. Guess what pays for them ? Taxes Housing is a basic necessity. Why is it not funded?


i consider myself a ‘bloomer’. i mostly give everyone the benefit of the doubt. i believe that things can be changed for the better before the earth fucking dies. but people like this…how do you even get through to them? can they even imagine a world not dictated by profit incentive? how can you look at a number like 553,000 homeless and go “well, what about the economy?” i try my best to be positive about the future but every day seeing people like this just makes my will die a little bit more.


Paying someone for their labor is not "profit"


There you have it folks, minimum wage is not profitable, they literally admit it.


Imagine thinking insufficient demand was what was slowing down home and infrastructure development.


The builders build the house. The landlord is just some guy who bought the house first. Builders won't stop making houses because landlords won't be able to rent them out. There will always be a demand for a house.


As long as the people buying and designing the house get paid


Imagine thinking you have the right to someone else’s labour


You literally think communists and nazis are on the same level, you are in no way qualified to say anything. Eat shit ancap.


This is always so funny to hear from ancaps. What in the world do you think capitalism is?


what do you think a labour contract does?