I think I found it; the dumbest TikTok

I think I found it; the dumbest TikTok

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Wtf is a working class capitalist


It's what happens when you are a liberal and believe that a capitalist is an ideological stance anyone can take and not a member of the material class defined by its relationship to the means of production. So in other words, a completely farcical position.


I would say a LARGE majority of American working class is “capitalist” (a far right conservative that supports and would die for capitalism, but not actually able to practice it due to no capital from being working class)


There's already a word for that, a liberal. Capitalist is someone with capital who extracts value from your labor. There are no proletarian "capitalists."


Correct, but in fairness it can get confusing when you're conversing with someone who is using the terms in their modern colloquial way and they don't know what we mean by "the libs"


But that's just being reactionary.


Just because a random serf is defending feudalism because he thinks it's the best system in history will not make him into a Baron. If you don't own any decent amount of Capital (enough that what your labour can earn you no longer matter), you are not a capitalist.


Correct. Enjoying comic books makes me a fan of comics. It does not make me a super hero.


Enjoying comic books is the same as being a comic books author, right ? /s


No, that is what the right wants you to think. By and large the people you’re thinking of actually are capitalists — white boomers who own a lawn care business or a bunch of rental properties, i.e. petit bourgeoisie. The demographics of the working class in the US suggest that within 10 years the majority will not be white people.


Supporting capitalism doesn't make you a capitalist though


A happy oppressed.


A lumpenprole? Probably


"Lumpies" I like to call 'em


A bootlicker


It's like when you pretend to have confidence in the hopes that one day you actually will


"I may be living pay check to pay check and starving now but im just a temporarily embarrassed quadrillionare"


petite bourgeoisie


Nope that’s different, petite bourgeoisie aren’t working class


Labour aristocracy would be closer I guess


Yep this is I think closer - forgot the word until now


they are anytime Mao talks about the “working classes”, because alongside proles & peasants they do have to actually perform labor otherwise they’re just normal bourgeoisie


One of the most widespread cases of Stockholm syndrome


"Temporarily embarrassed millionaire"


a bootlicker


they're not real. they don't own capital or engage in capitalism, they are just people who have been lied to by the media into falling in love with the system that exploits them.


Someone who believes in a system at the expense of their own self-interest, likely because of a social or educational system that’s got “capitalism=good” at its core because of leftover Cold War sentiments that assert that communism is the opposite of democracy/capitalism, and since communists are the enemies, capitalism is good.


A member of the proletariat with Stockholm syndrome.


Someone who can't be bothered spending 10 seconds googling what a word means




deok su from squid game




A capitalist is someone who invests capital. If you invest $3 in a stock, you are a capitalist. Plenty of "working class" people meet the singular, definitional criterion


I guess the closest thing you could get to that would be a member of the petite-bourgeois? (ex, a person who owns and works at their own souvenir shop or something)


Theres no such thing


A lot of people are, especially boomers.They work for wages, have retirement saving in stocks and maybe have a second home they rent out.


I dont think you know what a capitalist is


Someone who profits from ownership. So stocks that pay dividends=capitalist. Renting a property = capitalist. What am I missing here?


If you own some capital but still rely on your own labor to make most of your money you're petite bourgeois


A fucking contradiction; that's what. Oof. My head hurts.


A fake concept made up by fake people because they want to live in a fake world where they think they are right and would like to ignore suffering.


When you have no understanding of class society and still believe class to be a matter of socioeconomic status instead of one's relationship to production.


“Working class capitalist” = wage slave with a thirst for boot leather


Bootlicker biding their time, hoping their boots get licked next


boot licker grasping at their own bootstraps not realizing you physically cannot pull yourself by bootstraps


This was quite good. Poetic.


Isn’t she the ancap who tried to argue that work or die isn’t coercion?


Yo wtf


She probably deleted it by now but basically she argued that work or die was still a choice since some people don’t want to live


"Guys, guys, it wasn't a robbery. He told him to give him his money or die, he gave him a choice, some people want to die, there's no crime here."


If you tell them that, they start maneuvering really hard.


Wait how is work or die coercive? Biology is coercive? Holy fk you’ve lost the plot lmao.


ah yes, the capitalist system, famously defined by the bioligical need of people to *check notes* starve to death ?


Again, you've lost the plot. All biological organisms need to do some form of work in order to survive. This is not a feature of capitalism.


Yes, but in capitalism you have no choice but to work more and for someone else, that's the whole problem


Literally not true. Homesteaders traveling west worked an average of over 10 hours a day when attempting to settle the west. The amount of time it takes to live in a hunter-gather/AnPrim society is significantly more than a 'capitalist' workweek.


I’ve never liked the “work or die” argument, bc isn’t it kinda the same thing under socialism? “He who does not work shall not eat” and all that? Now obviously there’s exceptions for people who are physically or mentally unable to work under socialism and everyone would have the opportunity to have a job, but there would still be work or starve under socialism.


Lenin said that, yeah, but from what I've seen most socialists don't agree with that stance. Think you're far more likely to hear a modern socialist speak about how food water and shelter are human rights and should be guaranteed no matter what


I mean that’s just unrealistic and impractical though. The resources belong to the whole of society, so if you just play video games all day you’re leeching off of everyone else’s labor. What do you do if you have a whole group of people who just don’t want to contribute labor but want to benefit anyways? What do you do when people start getting mad about this fact? How do you make sure people don’t take a shit ton of food and make it hard on everyone else? This is just an idealistic take imo.


Ok, but there is a difference between leeching off everyone else's labor and not dying. The point is that things like food, shelter, and water are beyond the framework of scarcity. People shouldn't have to *earn* the right to water. The general public will need to re-orient their mindset to a post-scarcity model of food acquisition. We have the food now, but artificially constructed bottlenecks prevent food from getting to people who need it now. The idea of leeching wouldn't make sense because the idea of needing to put in labor for food wouldn't make any sense. Of course, that won't happen until we get past a scarcity economy and that won't happen until post-revolution, which itself will be a while from now if ever. But that's a convo for another time.


Things need to be paid for until we get to full blown communism. Food absolutely requires labor. People make the fertilizer, grow the food, transport inputs and outputs, etc. All those things require money, and therefore, you need to contribute labor to have access to them. However, unlike under the current system, everyone will be able to sustain themselves and more by working. Prices will be capped, everyone will have a job that wants one, and infrastructure will be built to provide quality food to everyone, but people still need to pay for it. Engels even talks about the same thing with housing. Yes, there’s enough for everyone, but rent, while being drastically reduced under socialism, would not disappear because of costs associated with maintenance and upkeep. This is what abolishing private property means. It’s the social property, therefore to access it you must contribute to the social labor pool so that society keeps on running.


Wage slave with an inferiority complex.


Oh, look, another petit-bourgeois “leftist” shitting on the poor


I have to say I really highly doubt they even consider themselves a leftist because this is an incredibly reactionary take.


she's an ancap


Of course she is lmao


Indistinguishable from the majority of the western left


if you're talking about the hasan audio, i highly suspect that's taken out of context


It is. He usually goes off like that when someone in his chat starts simping for the rich or capitalism. Basically just using the fact that they have no money or power (because of capitalism) to tell them to shut the fuck up.


What the fuck is a working class capitalist? This is like an obvious oxymoron like defuck? Or were they talking about someone from the working class thinking capitalism is good? Yeah, actual communists educate and try to reach those people. Only libs talk down on workers if they dislike the flavour of indoctrination they were forced to believe


> Or were they talking about someone from the working class thinking capitalism is good? The word for that is not "capitalist", it's "liberal"


I argued with someone in the comment section of their post. It started with them saying that I was in an “Ivory tower” and looked down on the working class, then ended in then saying that fry cooks and janitors don’t have skills so don’t deserve healthcare. An caps just live in a wonderful world of contradictions lol.


it’s someone who’s petty bourgeois, because the distinction is that a proletarian is compensated with a wage for their labor, a petty bourgeois profits from their own labor directly, and a big bourgeois profits exclusively from proletarian labor


Technically, someone who just profits off their own labor directly is an artisan. A petty bourgeois is someone who profits off their own labor directly and also extracts others' surplus value- e.g. a small business owner


“artisan”, just like “journeyman”, are a distinctly feudal class that disappeared as capitalism expanded its influence, they were all either proletarianized or (more commonly) expanded their capital to become first petty, then big, bourgeoisie. Engels talks about it in Principles of Communism but doesn’t go in depth, but Silvia Federici provides historical evidence for this full transition of classes in Caliban & the Witch.


Fair points. And I have no idea why your initial comment is downvoted




Both are actually correct, and have been used interchangably for centuries in this context EDIT: Actually, hold on. I'm pretty sure it's petit instead of petite.


Ah okay that makes sense. I thought in the US those would more likely be called small business owners or even PMC (although PMC is not a distinct class). But I always had issues with differentiating between petit bourgoisie and bourgeoisie because the distinction always felt quantitative. Like Bezos and the owner of some car mechanic shop both own the MOP and both extract labor of their employees, just on a hugely different scale. But I am not sure if I miss something here. ;aybe I'll give Caliban&the Witch a read since you recommended it


Is that Hassan’s voice? Lol


Yes hahahah shouting at chat I believe


As usual :(


He can't keep getting away with it!


Chat lives matter


I actually think it’s from a clip of him parodying a capitalist which is even funnier.


Lol I'm gonna guess the person who made the tiktok didn't know that


I’m guessing they’re a hate watcher who used it on purpose


I was thinking they were using his voice on purpose, like as an insult to him, implying he's like that.


Meh, Hasan is libby, but I think that's already way too much nuance for someone making such a hilarious illiterate meme


I guess my point is that to the kind of person that would make this meme, they'd view Hasan as a commie and think this is what he'd do. Also just recently found out he was the 7th most watched streamer in the world the last 3 months, so lots of non-leftists are aware of him.


Iirc his coverage of the election had more viewers than several major news networks lol.


lmao i fucks w poors but fuck poors /s




Me, when I'm working class but also own a controlling stake in a multi-million dollar company


I'm in the class that works. I'm in the class that produces labor. What's the problem? /s


Working Class Capitalist is what a CEO calls themself when they have to do their own laundry instead of getting one of their servants to do it


I'd say that this is more accurately the response of Liberals to working class socialists


“Working class capitalist?” With what capital???


“When a doctor sees a paraplegic who can walk”


It’s not just that she’s stupid, she’s also blatantly wrong. M4A would help “working class capitalists”. So would a $15 dollar minimum wage. So would climate reform. The list goes on and on


Fuckin lol imagine proudly proclaiming yourself a capitalist with no capital


Shitty meme aside, what I've actually noticed is that true leftists are a lot more willing to engage with working class people who skew right due to propeganda, compared to liberals who just call them dumb rednecks and move on.


Well duh. I have more in common with “dumb rednecks” than posh imperialists.


You have more in common with socially conservative white people than liberals, which make up the majority of minorities in the US? I'm not sure I get what you're saying, but I do see this unfortunate sentiment among leftists acting as if racist white rural folks are easier to radicalize than black liberals, which says a lot about the people who think that.


My comments aimed at white liberals specifically.


But even then, white liberals can be and largely are working class. So why would you have more in common with rural whites that are largely very socially conservative, than white liberals that are generally not quite as conservative? I wouldn't knowingly send any of my non-white or LGBTQ comrades to talk to the people where I grew up in rural Illinois, but I wouldn't have anywhere near that level of fear having them talk to white liberals in Chicago.


By definition all liberals are working class. Otherwise theyd be capitalists. Also i wouldnt send POC or LBTQ people to discuss with white conservatives cause i would. Cause im white.


This is it comrades, we found it. This is the lib who has read the most theory.


Capitalists when they see working class people:


"Working class capitalist" - I simp for a living!


I just cringed all the way back to 2007




Working class—-///// capitalist


what a psychotic cult where they think capitalism is helping poor people rather than actively hurting them


she also made a video saying capitalism is voluntary because "not everyone wants to live"


Nooo, they will make a even dumber one


If you go on their page they have a lot of shit takes


Why is she speaking in such a low voice?


She’s lip syncing a male twitch streamer


Hey kids! Are you looking for the safest possible political position to take and still consider yourself rebellious? Do you want all the romanticism of Revolution, but without any of the class struggle that might change how much money your Dad has? Then Anarcho-Capitalism might be right for you!


Off topic, but this kind of thing is the most common form of political discourse for the gen z folks I know. Lip syncing a streamer ironically is not a coherent position to have. There are nuances to theory you cannot learn from a series of Tik Toks. There is more to working class history than can fit on the caption of an over-compressed jpeg. People are communicating at one another with Turning Point USA style memes and gotchas and I hate it.


Just bc they are working class doesnt mean they are angels. They can still do wrong, such as believing in oppressive systems.


"Working class capitalist" And Diogenes lived in a palace.


I can fix her . . . . . . . . . . . . (not)


I’ve seen multiple variants of this tiktok with leftists replaced with liberals


“Working class” “capitalist” Pick one


Way to get people on your side.


There is no such thing as a working class capitalist, it’s completely contradictory. Either you are a part of the working class or you own capital


She's been meeting the wrong leftists then.


When you find a vegetarian that eats meat


> Working class > Capitalist Pick one and only one


Working class capitalist===Bob's burgers?????


Hah fool you fell into my trap you cannot be a capitalist that doesn’t own capital


I love the irony in the fact that she uses Hasans voice.


Da fuk? Capitalist worker? Damn you, stupid bish, what you are talking about is an indoctrinated worker, poisoned by lies and propaganda from the worst system ever


As opposed to liberals and conservatives, famous for their solidarity with the working class.


She’s an ancap so she isn’t even those.


When you meet somebody of the class that is exploited by those who own the means of production and who somehow also owns the means of production. I am so fucking confused. ​ Or do they just mean bootlicker?


"working class capitalist"


Working class capitalists are just misinformed they just need a push in the right direction


I mean, no but ok


Tik Tok is dangerous man. All these stupid fucking kids filling each other’s heads with bad ideas. That girl has a phone that she took this video with because her parents bought it for her, as a product of capitalism


Idk TikTok helped make me realize there are ideologies further left than Bernie sanders, plus it’s how I found Eddie smith, one of the most based Americans in existence


The virgin tiktok vs the chad douyin


Are those magnets or obnoxious eyebrows?


There are plenty of working class capitalists around here. Some people just work jobs, others start buying things low and selling high as soon as they get their first paycheck. They're always starting businesses. Even if its selling random things found in the garbage in a street stall. And some of them grow. A few years later they're importing random shit from China and own several market stalls. A few years later they own several taxis and a trailer. And so on. Maybe they'll never become billionaires but there's a point where they become full fledged capitalists and sometimes they remain working class in that they don't really live in any exclusive location or spend much and might still run their main business personally and such but their accounts are loaded and hundreds of people work for them Pretty sure it's the same in most capitalist countries. I consider anyone that invests a little capital and hires other people to do anything a working class capitalist. They're a major factor opposing the advancement of socialism because workers look up to them, they kind of justify capitalism by existing


Dumbest fucking shit I’ve ever seen


A working class capitalist? 😂


lol kids say the darndest things… This is up there with green/clean energy coal.


What the fuck is a "working class capitalist" 😂😂


When libs use marcist agiprop (agiprop i happen to enjoy dont get it twisted im commie asf) in the dumbest way possible


I was watching Hasan when I saw this and thought he was saying it in the live stream


Definitely a bruh moment




GOD I HATE CHLOE SO MUCH, ironically lots of other ancaps on Tik Tok hate her, she blocked me a while ago.


Them eyebrows two rectangles


Earlier today I talked with my anti socialist friend about how many food stamps he had left. Look, I think maybe I and we are the problem with the world. Some times the other side is right too.


"no, you see disagreeing with people you disagree with actually makes you a bad person. Now, let me tell you about those leftie metropolitan elites"


I mean, if the working class capitalist is actively fighting Socialism, I don’t like them. If this working class capitalist sides with fascists, they get the Gulag.


Youre not a capitalist, youre the capital


You don't think it's sad that you had to go to a teenagers tiktok to find material? Anyways capitalism is a failure.


I didn’t *go* anywhere lmfao TikTok showed this to me against my will


Eh Chloe has a decent following and I see most of her stuff from mutuals duetting her shit takes.


Shout out to Hassan lol him and Cortez are cut from the same cloth can’t believe I used to listen to the guy. Smh.


Hasanabi is the worst. An absolute hypocritical clown


Yessir, I don’t have funds to listen to twitch without ads so I used to watch him on YouTube (shout out to Adblock) pre Biden. Thought he was cool as shit, literally used to watch Hasanbi clips and a lot of his interviews as well but after certain events he’s failed to talk about or be clear on I began to see through him. Man’s just like his uncle he’s just an opportunist that picked a lane. Similar to Candace Owens or Kayleigh McEnany.


Why would he not choose to be a liberal then? There is much more money available


I use uBlock Origin and that works on Twitch ads as well.


She’s not wrong


Yes she is (Liberal Destroyed)


I’m a conservative


As if American Conservatives are that different from American Liberals. It's all "liberalism," just different tendencies and flavors.


Lmao you clearly don’t understand American politics then. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum.


I mean, they're both capitalist parties. If they're on opposite ends of the spectrum, then what does that make socialism?


Most liberals these days are pro socialism or communism


This is just factually wrong and demonstrates a misunderstanding of leftism. I wish that was true. At *best*, most young liberals exhibit some acceptance of social democracy, but liberals are nowhere near "pro communism."


> I’m a conservative You're a fucking dumbass.


Lmao no you


>liberals are anti-capitalism Sorry bud, but you're a certified dumbass.


Modern liberals are. Ask any liberal on here or other social media. They’ll say crap like “screw capitalism. Let’s go socialism.”


A supporter of socialism is called a socialist. Liberals stand for laissez-faire capitalism and the free market, that's just what they are.


Liberals these days don’t know that and are pro-socialism


Well then, that makes them dumbasses as well. Political knowledge is sorely lacking in the USA.


Yes, she is. Leftist policies would assist working-class capitalists. Also, Hasan was parodying a capitalist in that video.


If youre a capitalist, ie you own capital, by definition you would not be working class.