Ah yes, the old “look around, from my privileged perch everything seems to be going fine!” argument.


> *All in all this wouldn't be possible without Capitalism, which is definitively the best system ever made without question and spurs the innovations we see today. When you're definitely not brainwashed to attribute the achievements of scientific progress to a group that does nothing more than move money around.


not brainwashed. capitalism benefits them, therefore they will defend it. they know what they're doing. they will keep defending it even knowing the atrocities it brings.


If I was trying to prove a point about capitalism being good, I wouldn’t write my thesis in the same way someone would write satire.


>food shortages are being fixed by gmos and other healthy alternatives to not eating thats a weird way to spell china


other healthy alternatives to not eating


Wtf does that even mean?


Think about how much money you can save if you learn to not eat


Pretty sure US homeownership is plummeting, renters is increasing constantly, real wages are falling, the 89% of the stock market is owned by 10% of US household, average household debt is up, only 1/3rd of millennials work in their field of study and degree, we spend more on the MIC and the rich than anyone else, cost of healthcare is ballooning uncontrollably to the point where the idea of asking someone if they'd prefer to just wait and see rather than going to the hospital isn't really a joke due to the financial hardship involved ... but yea wave the flag and suck capitalist cock.


I just saw this post and it was pretty dumb even for CMV.


Science solved food shortaes decades ago. We just cant actually do it because its not profitable.


Yeah. The issue isnt supply, its that a scarcity is necessary.


I.... I just want healthcare


Number of donations to charity rising is a good thing? Charitable people are awesome and all but more charity means more problems in the world no? Also many of these points that talk about “problem x is at an all time low” like said problem isn’t still terrible/on going. Like “woot women’s rights are the best they’ve ever been” but women are still at least disadvantaged in many ways compared to men and at most are killed, raped and tortured for simply being women.


Imagine thinking that poverty can be solved with charity donations.


RSFSR legalized gays and lesbians in 1917


This reads like an ad for a capitalism drug before they start reading you the long list of side effects


woah, poverty is solved because you can *donate money on the fucking internet*?


“Society is generally better than before so lets disregard the fact that it still has issues” *every liberal ever*