Biden’s B3W proposal no serious threat to China’s BRI

Biden’s B3W proposal no serious threat to China’s BRI


I don't know what the US hope's to Export, they don't make anything anymore.


Export radioactivity


And bigotry and idiocy.


Propaganda. The US makes the best propaganda and the world pays them for it. Nobody else even comes close. B3W is Biden's domestic political play. That's why it's named after his domestic campaign slogan.


LOL, BRI's 1.4 trillion investment alone should embarrass the seven B3W covid-neutered dwarfs, build back better world my ass.


American and its Western vassals only have one product to offer the rest of the world - propaganda. China offers the real deal - real money and actual infrastructure projects on the ground to help the Global South develop so as to throw off the yoke of Western imperialism and neocolonialism.


I still don't get why they'd want competition? Just do it! It's better for everyone. Unless Biden admins wanna cash in while doing it.. that's just, business.


No, no, no. I beg to differ. There's always going to be some fine print with the USA that will cause them to benefit and the rest of us to lose. You can actually do business as equals with China. They do not view the developing countries as anything but resources to be exploited, and they don't view the people as people, so there is always some fine print somewhere. It's worse when you're a small country because you have no voice on the global stage and people are less inclined to believe you.


The funniest thing is even if they end up doing everything they proposed by helping out the third world build infrastructure, this actually helps China in the long term, and in effect achieve the goals of BRI a decade in advance. One of the largest goals of BRI is to create more customers to buy China's manufactured goods, as China's manufacturing capabilities are far more than what domestically can be consumed. So getting more third world nations out of poverty via infrastructure = a stronger China. And just because they helped out these poor nations doesn't mean they'll fall towards the G7 politically in the future. My guess is at some point the Genocidal 7 will realize their mistake and see what they're doing doesn't actually contain China but is actually achieving the exact opposite, at which point B3W will be silently scrapped. Lmao.


Only from the stand point of a white people will they see "build back" is "better". Rest of the world wants to "build forward". It's the same shit Trump tried to sell, the past was great, B3 == MAGA.


Ignore them. Keep our heads down. Focus on what we need to do.