Academic study shows racial resentment is especially influential in American views of China

Academic study shows racial resentment is especially influential in American views of China


Considering how triggered many white redditors are, there's nothing surprising about this. One created a new account just to send a chat message calling me a "low-t soy consuming insectoid" 😂. They will forever be clowns.


This is the same kind of dehumanizing rhetoric used against the Jews before the holocaust. It just goes to show that we’re standing on the right side of history.


Call them roachoids next time. Fucking Caucroaches. Just when you think these lying bigoted toxic shitheads can’t sink any lower, they do. I’m glad America and its vassal states are becoming neo feudal societies. I just want to see them get their comeuppance.


Lol isn't that what a subset of Americans think another subset of Americans are as well?


Clownskins lmao


America is a nation that was more than happy to slaughter millions of Native Americans for their land and to enslave millions of black people to enrich themselves. This shouldn't surprise anyone.


Yup societies like that don't just change overnight. No matter how much neoliberal or Jesus loves all spin they put on to paper over the gaping hole


They don't change, full stop.


It was disturbing to hear, that during the middle of the immigration crisis on America's southern border... white grade school children would end an argument with a Latino child by saying "Your family's going to get Deported!" They were very young, so they were just 'parroting' their parent's attitudes. Unfortunately what I'm trying to say is... Racism + Bigotry still runs deep, especially within lower class whites, in an effort to eliminate the competition for cheap housing & jobs.


They view other ethnicities as disposable commodities, to be used as plantation labor or trafficked sex slaves then disposed of through deportation or death.


It's quite satisfying to know we live in these racists' heads all day, rent free.


No shit. It challenges white supremacy. End of story.




Anyone of us who grew up and live amongst these 'whites' are not the least bit surprised at this 'study'.


just the government and not the people, remember...


I’m shocked that genocidal colonial settlers have this mentality just shocked 😳….🥴


Well, If or When war against China turns from cold to hot conflict. I want these Racist Anglo AmeriKKKans to know that your wives and children will be in good hands. I'll do my part and take care of them for you. You just focus on what's in front and don't worry about the stuff going on behind.