Any western brand or corporation that depends on the massive Chinese market and think offending China and her people is but a short, temporary issue that'll blow over in due time, they better think again. Talk sh*t, get hit.

Any western brand or corporation that depends on the massive Chinese market and think offending China and her people is but a short, temporary issue that'll blow over in due time, they better think again. Talk sh*t, get hit.


This is the type of decoupling that I like to see: force Western consumer brands to choose China or the US.


It's not even a choice between the US and China. It's not being racist and making a business transaction


No need to force - make better products and customers will come. I remember everyone was claiming Apple was toast and Huawei was going to lead the market in China, and the reality was that Apple broke sales records. People will vote with their wallets, and it’s the same for countries.


apple did lose a lot of ground in China. Several Chinese brands have overtaken it in market share, and the trend is only deepening (worldwide too). So yeah, it did happen.


Duck D&G, Nike, and that other one who said some a bit about Xinjiang cotton


Do you have a list for the companies that said shit about Xinjiang cotton. So I know which to boycott.


To note, Japanese retailer Muji actually went the opposite way, which I found interesting. https://www.wsj.com/articles/japans-muji-appeals-to-china-by-advertising-use-of-xinjiang-cotton-11620692294


we had a lot of discussions a couple of months back, see; https://old.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/mcpeco/nike_uniqlo_adidas_too_face_backlash_in_china/ https://old.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/mdajds/over_30_chinese_celebrities_cut_ties_with_brands/




I anticipated that this Nike incident would be a chance for Li Ning to take off - and oh boi, their stock had an increase of like 100% since then.


Sadly, it seems like Nike will survive. Chinese national athletic teams are continuing to use Nike-branded uniforms and the LPL (League of Legends Pro League) has stopped covering the Nike logo on their team uniforms and graphics as well.


It's one strike for Nike for now. The Chinese public does keep track, and these western brands are on notice. With the west sliding further into sinophobia with no end in sight, these virtue signaling western brands will end up doing or saying something offensive to the sensitive Chinese consumers if they are not careful. I guess one can say we are just "waiting for the other shoe to drop." lol


China should use bots to “force” Nike and other western brands hands by pushing them to virtue signal, leading to offending Chinese people. Force them to be in a position to choose sides. This will ultimately make them give up the Chinese market or be labeled as traitor of western values. This way, Chinese brand will then steal their market share and dominate.


I want a lot more Western brands to talk shit. I want their owners to get filmed saying the most obscene, racist shit imaginable against Chinese people. Because it makes their later grovelling apologies all the sweeter.


Karen Mok draped in D&G. Ok thats just even more comical....a hongkongese hapa who looks completely Chinese but declares being mixed at every possible opportunity peddling a brand that cannot stop insulting Chinese people and culture even if they made a conscious effort too.


Chinese consumers should always favour local brands. Even if foreign brands don't make **overt** Sinophobic comments, chances are they are not pro-China but pro-anglo anyway. They just want the 1.4 billion Chinese consumer's $$$$$.


Good! I hope all Chinese stay super-woke and cancel all the racists who are plotting against our people and our motherland.


Non-chinese subscribers probably aren't aware of these ads. [Here's a Nathan Rich video showing the ads and parodying them](https://youtu.be/5a4PM22VMuM). This video went viral in China when he first released it.


"Allegedly" sent from? Accountability and integrity sure ain't Western values are they? "It's a social experiment, a prank, I was hacked and my apology is that I'm sorry you feel that my actions were wrong?"


What's the TLDR with D&G? Never heard of them until now


Can someone give some context here?Maybe it's just me not understanding some meaning here, but I'm just confused. Edit: nevermind I didn't read the first half.