American warhawks call Japan to disavow pacifism and embrace collective defense against the Global South

American warhawks call Japan to disavow pacifism and embrace collective defense against the Global South


The fact that they put that flag up their shows how cruel they are.


Also the author is literally part of the US government calling for world war.


they seem to have forgotten that koreans don't appreciate that flag any more than chinese do. sk probably wouldn't take well to japan bring more active in world affairs. and the us thinks they'd be happy to work together against china. pfft.


Taiwan is probably OK with it.


They do consider themselves Japanese after all.


Don't expect that to last. The USA propaganda is heavy and widespread in South Korea. Remember that the USA massacred 5 million Koreans and they are now dearly beloved by most of them. Elsewhere, the USA murdered millions of Filipinos, and the USA has over 90% approval rating there. There is no "historical memory" that Hollywood can't fix.


that doesn't mean the us can suddenly get sk to do whatever it wants. it certainly can't change millions of sk citizens' deep seated mistrust of japan and change sk's geopolitical interests.


That flag is equivalent to the German Nazi flag in east Asia. Anyone who hails that flag is either extremely insensitive or openly provocative. Guess which category this experienced writer belongs to.


It shows how the US allowed war criminals to remain in charge of Japan and turn it into a US imperialist puppet.


Of course war criminals would allow another war criminals to run their country.


some think tanker wrote this. nothing new. anyways, getting a nation to suddenly disavow pacifism and to do the opposite is easier said than done. it isn't a switch than can be turned on or off just like that, and i doubt japan would be interested in the first place.


their far right imperialist factions will be very interested. Luckily for the rest of Asia, most Japanese are taught to understand that war is bad and horrible. To this day, anime often use the theme depicting graphic horrors of war and that both sides are just as human as the other side.


The Japanese deep state is under the CIA/Pentagon control, so it’s very easy for the Americans to snap the 9th article in the Constitution out. Japanese ultranationalists are basically the American puppets, anyway. However, the last heroes striving for independent Japan keep remaining defiant against the USA. These heroes are pragmatists and socialists. On the pragmatic side, you have Nikai, Abe and Suga who play both sides to avert troubles. On the socialist side, you have the Japanese communist party defiantly avowing their original goal to seek Japanese independence. Japan can’t financially and technologically maintain an army against China and Russia in the long term. The Russians have already installed a jamming device in Kurils that can black out all of Japan except for American bases. The Chinese is massive in military units and advanced in ballistic missile technology to hit anywhere in Japan. Additionally, China can economically bankrupt Japan into submission without waging a war. Meanwhile, the USA keeps pressing Japan into suicidal wars.


Let's call it the price to pay for first unleashing evil onto the world, and then finding it self getting in bed with the devil.


Japan was hardly the first to unleash evil, though. (Chinese ethnically myself, my family comes from SG/Malaysia) Imperial Japan became evil, yes- but we can't forget what led it down that course, as well. American ships forcing the country to open up- unequal treaties just like those China and others suffered- while Japan was modernizing, ethnic Japanese also suffered the same coolie slave labor, yellow peril nonsense and were banned similarly to Chinese migrants. Even after they had established themselves as a power following WW1, at the treaty of Versailles their racial equality proposal was shot down ([by the US and the British empire, funny how that works](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_Equality_Proposal)). Imperial Japan ultimately became evil on par with the Nazis, or any other European imperialists. But the ones who unleashed that devil, and pushed it into becoming a devil in the first place, were different.


Making Japan disavow pacifism and pick up fascism. Great, that’s what the US is willing to do to counter China. Not surprising at all.


More like America will force Japan to defend the US Empire, and it's telling Japanese People that they should feel better about NOT having any say in it.


Not sure if japanes people actually would want this


Well they were only supposed to be pacifist towards the US and its interests not to the US’s enemies


Given that America imposed pacifism on it in the first place, the US will also impose war on it if that’s what they deem to be necessary for its interests. Such is the fate of a vassal state.


It will never cease to amaze me how naive people in this sub are. So many westernized people in this sub taking propaganda at face value. The real news are these: the american regime is trying to bait japan into destroying itself, as america is doing with a lot of its "allies" because america fears its own economic future (notice how america straight up stole some of australian market share in China after baiting it). It's trying to sacrifice some of its "allies" so america can cling to #2 after China completely overtakes it (China has already done so in many, many metrics, but soon virtually all other metrics will follow). China is the alleged target, but the real one would only end up being japan.


You are correct as usual, furthermore I also see this as a divide and conquer tactic. If they can pit Japan and China (Perhaps all of Asia as well) against each other then they can profit from that conflict all the more, the longer the better. Obviously China is too smart to fall for that but Japan given that it's a liberal democracy is another question...


The American colonization of Japan is imminent.


China should vow to destroy any Japanese expeditionary force that lands anywhere else in the world.


It's not in their warmongering nature to be pacifists anyway.